Blame Capitalism For The Wrongs of The World

Blame Capitalism For The Wrongs of The World

Blame Capitalism For The Wrongs of The World

Media outlets now have a new M.O. for placing blame for the wrongs of the world. They’ve attacked (and will continue to attack) Trump. They’ve attacked anybody who supports him or anyone on a Republican ticket. But what are they doing now?

They’re now taking a stronger stance and gunning for Capitalism. Specifically, our country’s Capitalism. As if these people couldn’t be more confused:

And take this from Salon:

As tragic as our domestic mass murders are here, they are just part of the carnage around the world caused by weapons stamped proudly “Made in America.”

And while our politicians beat their chest about the United States being the bulwark to counterterrorism, we are the chief exporters of its tools out the back door of our loading dock.”-Bob Hennelly

But wait, there’s more:

As the Trump administration tortures undocumented families from south of the border, separating children from their parents and putting them all in cages and the San Antonio shooter took aim in Walmart, its gunfire from American made weapons used by drug-gangs that have migrants fleeing northward”

And who, pray tell, was partially responsible for this? Where did these “drug gangs” get their weapons from? My guess is writers at Salon won’t be too fast and furious to name any names (unless his last name is Trump).

Let’s blame Trump. And if that is not convincing, let’s blame Capitalism.

Meanwhile, Teen Vogue is promoting a $150 lunch bag as a hot back-to-school item and claiming “capitalism makes (them) complicit“. Blame Capitalism.

In a capitalist, brand-integrated world, our money often ends up in the pockets of people whose political views may not align with our own. The money you spend at your favorite retailer in a shopping center owned by a wealthy Trump supporter contributes to his wealth and, indirectly, his ability to help finance a campaign for Trump’s reelection. Against our will, just by getting a gym membership or buying a slice of pizza, we can all be unwittingly made complicit in the culture of divisiveness and hatred for which this particular administration stands.”-Jameelah Nasheed, Teen Vogue

This wasn’t the first time Teen Vague Vogue attempted to throw shade at Capitalism.

The media outlets will run with this. Capitalism is eating us alive.

For days now, since the back-to-back mass murders in San Antonio and Dayton the corporate news media has pondered ‘just what is it about the American character that lends itself to such random acts of such monstrous violence?’

Hmmm . . . just what could it be?-Bob Hennelly, Salon

According to our friends Bob and Jameelah, Capitalism is the root of all of this evil. Guns and political views that align with Capitalism is what is eating our country from the inside out. Deterioration of family units and family values play nothing into this equation. Teaching our kids humility and that the world does not revolve around them and them alone and not to be whiny, little wimpy brats has absolutely nothing to do with why we’re so jacked up (if we worked on this, Salon may lose some of its Bernie-supporting reader base). Sexualizing our teenage girls and boys from a young age has nothing to do with why we are FUBAR (bye, bye Teen Vogue circulation).

On a humorous note, we luckily have our celebrities to point us in the right direction:

We know what you’re thinking. He actually has a gym membership? Looks like Moore will just have to sit and spin on a stationary bike in his “log cabin” he purchased, (yay for Capitalism) on the lake. I’m sure his SoulCycle neighbors are secretly relieved. Or this (NSFW):

Hey Chrissy, you kiss your kids with that mouth? What this dim-wit former model does not realize is that she can make the choice to not frequent these establishments. Just like she can make a choice to sign a deal with Target to put her name on pots and pans and cookbooks (and profit off of the sales). Side Note: She’s so wholesome, don’t you just want her line of goods in your home?

Capitalism kills. I killed part of Tiegen’s profits by picking up a cute plate, and realizing that is part of her line, I put it down. I chose not to buy it because neither hers nor her crazy husband’s political views line up with my own. They are both foul-mouthed chuckle heads. Thanks to Capitalism, I can choose NOT to support them. Just like I chose to purchase my Sig years ago. I choose to lock it up and choose not to kill anyone with this weapon. Choice. See what I did there?

According to these puppets, Communism never killed anyone and neither did Socialism-physically or in spirit. No weapons were EVER used in Communist and Socialist societies. Ever. But Capitalism is the festering sore killing our country according to the uber-“intellectuals” at establishments like Salon and celebrities or celebrity spouses who ride on their husbands’ coat tails (AHEM-Tiegen).

People. People who kill people are the most Capitalist people in the world.

Capitalism is all to blame. For everything. Keep believing that and all of the crazies who recite this and we’ll all be dead. Pass me a Chick-Fil-A “Hate chicken” sandwich in the meantime. Hold the pickle.

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  • Scott says:

    its gunfire from American made weapons used by drug-gangs that have migrants fleeing northward””.. I now reading comprehension isn’t among their strong suits, and this is from wiki, but still…

    “Fuck my fucking face”.. is that an offer Chrissy? At least that’d be something she’s good at..

    “That’s it! Just cancelled my @SoulCycle membership! “.. yeah, that fat bastard has never seen the inside of a gym, unless they had an all you can eat buffet

    ” I chose to purchase my Sig years ago. I lock it up and have not and will not kill anyone with this weapon. ”
    I’m guessing you’d make an exception to that if you or yours were threatened… as any good momma bear would…Lisa, and spot on.

    Nice post

  • parker says:

    Never try to shoot anyone in the leg, especially a home invader. 3 to the center mass should do the job.

    • GWB says:

      Mozambique Drill.
      Two to CoM, one to the head if the first two failed to stop.

      But, yeah, never shoot to wound, always shoot to STOP.

  • Scapegrace says:

    I’m trying to think of just one great invention from a socialist nation that makes our lives better today. Drawing a blank. What have capitalist societies invented? Let’s see, just ten things off the top of my head: the printing press, steam engine, germ theory, scientific method, internal combustion engine, electric power industry, jet engine, integrated circuit, Internet and whatever mobile e-device you’re using at this moment.

    • GWB says:

      I’m trying to think of just one great invention from a socialist nation that makes our lives better today.
      Well, there’s the space race. Without that, we wouldn’t have invented a bunch of the cool stuff.

      And there’s the move to use poop as a protein source for making ‘meat’. I’m guessing the communists are ahead of us on that one.

      So, they’re not totally useless.

    • MikeyParks says:

      They invented years-long waiting lists to buy a car or refrigerator. Long lines first thing in the morning to buy a loaf of bread. They invented vegetarianism – by not having any meat available to the masses. Socialists are VERY inventive people.

  • Jim says:

    Lisa this article appeared in todays news in Australia today. The author had previously written ”a long, considered piece arguing that free speech, even that considered offensive or “hate speech”, should not be banned — with the obvious and explicit exception of any incitement to violence.” It seems relevant to your article:

    It’s clear to me that many from the infantile, screaming Green/left/socialist schools of thought have little knowledge of and appreciation of world history and the terrible things done in the name of ”justice” by the socialists/communists [and I include dear Adolph in this school] to millions all through the last century and continuing today.

    • GWB says:

      have little knowledge of and appreciation of world history
      One of the intended consequences of a Year Zero approach. People are bad at learning from the past, anyway. But, if you intentionally inculcate a Year Zero mentality, then you can cover up all of your dirty prior mis-deeds.

  • GWB says:

    our country’s Capitalism
    OK, I’ll put my little screed in here…
    What we have is NOT Capitalism. What we have is a semi-socialist, mostly-free-market economy.
    Capitalism is a Marxian construction based on a feudal society’s slip into industrialism. Because we never had a feudal set-up (discounting the outright slavery that we finally eliminated) we never had what Marx described as “capitalism”.

    We should avoid allowing the marxist-indocrinated to define our words and our system. Because marxist Capitalism is an awful arrangement, with no ability of the peasant to move or strike out on his own. America, on the other hand, always had that as a feature. As a matter of fact, it’s why so many people in feudal and formerly-feudal societies came here in the first place.

    weapons stamped proudly “Made in America.”
    As Scott mentioned, the AK-47 is ubiquitous. American-made weapons are much less prominent. (It’s almost like they’re using Soviet pamphlets from the 80s. I get reduce-reuse-recycle, but C’MON!)

    Against our will
    *looks around* *looks around again*
    Are the people forcing you invisible? Are they invisible, machine-gun armed kulaks forcing you to buy designer handbags? Invisible, machine-gun armed, MAGA-hat wearing kulaks and wreckers?

    These people are idiots. And they want to rule you. *smdh*

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