Andrew Yang Sheds Tears in Iowa

Andrew Yang Sheds Tears in Iowa

Andrew Yang Sheds Tears in Iowa

Andrew Yang shed some tears in Iowa on Saturday, and it wasn’t because he bit into some spicy state fair food. No, he went verklempt after a woman told him how a stray bullet struck her four-year-old daughter. The little girl died two days later. Truly a tragic story, of course — as a mother and grandmother I can’t imagine anything worse. However, Yang let his emotions get the better of him.

“My beautiful 4-year-old daughter was struck by a stray bullet March 2011. My son, my daughter’s twin brother, witnessed what happened that day. She died two days later.”

The woman then asked Yang “as president, how would you address unintentional shootings by children?”

Yang went to hug the woman, and then broke down.

Did you catch Yang’s proposed solution to keep kids from accidentally getting shot? He proposes personalized guns for gun owners. What’s more, they’ll get a free upgrade:

“One of my proposals is to actually help gun owners upgrade their guns to personalized guns free of charge.”

Here’s more information from his campaign website:

  • Invest in personalized gun technology that makes it difficult or impossible for someone other than a gun’s owner to fire it, and ensure that they’re for sale on the marketplace.
    • Provide a tax credit for the full value of upgrading a gun to use these systems, or work through the buyback program to allow “trades” of non-personalized guns to personalized ones.

In other words, Andrew Yang would like to turn your dumb gun into a smart gun, kind of like your smart phone. So would it work?

Eh, don’t hold your breath. Various self-described firearms experts respond to Yang’s proposal this way:

“No, because this technology does not exist at a level it would need to in order to work for guns.”

“The DOJ (and pretty much every other law enforcement agency the world over) are adamant that no smart gun technology meets. . . minimum requirements for adoption, despite the bleating of know-nothing news personalities that constantly state “smart gun” technology is ready for prime time.”

“It just shows that he should shut up about something he knows nothing about. A firearm isn’t your iPhone. Please understand that.”

Andrew Yang also has an extensive laundry list of ways he wants to promote “gun safety.” You can read them here, and discuss among yourselves.

Andrew Yang


But wait! There’s more!

Andrew Yang wants to make Tax Day a national holiday. No, I’m not kidding:

“I would turn Tax Day into revenue day. I would make it a national holiday and we would celebrate the fact that we had another awesome year, hundreds of billions in new revenue, and we’d have a party and we’d have it a national party.”

“There would be a thank you video from Oprah and The Rock and Tom Hanks saying thank you America we did it for one more year, here’s where your money went.”

Um, no. For me Tax Day is nothing to celebrate, just another reminder of how the bloated leviathan government has made each April a nerve-wracking nightmare for us, especially since both my husband and I are self-employed.

But Yang also knows how to alleviate tax season stress — by having the IRS fill out everyone’s taxes! What could possibly go wrong?

“I think we should have it so the IRS fills our taxes out for us. Why are we all knocking our heads out trying to figure out our taxes every year?. . . They have the taxes every previous year. They can just like fill out our forms and you can sign off.”

Right. And the next time I go to my favorite restaurant I’ll just have the server fill in their tip. I’ll just sign off on the bill. Why should I “knock my head out” trying to figure it out?

You know, Andrew Yang seems to be a really nice guy — certainly more sincere than his fellow pandering politicos, but that’s probably because he’s an entrepreneur and not a politician. He loves his family, which includes a young son on the autism spectrum, so he also supports funding for autism intervention.

He’s clever as well. Get it — yin and Yang? And he’s Asian, too. See what he did there?

But no. Maybe suburban moms might awww at Andrew Yang’s tears, but I’d rather have a tough guy in the White House. It’s the yin for me, not the Yang.


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  • Mickey says:

    He has obviously forgotten Jeb!’s “act of love” comment.

  • Blackgriffin says:

    Man, I wish I could cry at will. I would have had a fine career in acting. Or politics, apparently.

  • GWB says:

    OK, very first comment on the questioner: She was reading from a script. And, because I’m a cynical b**tard, I’m going to guess she was handed those talking points by someone at These Moms Are Idiots (whatever their name is now).

    Second thing (and partly why I’m cynical) – her daughter was killed by a stray bullet. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that used of an accidental discharge. Yet her question is about kids actually playing with guns and causing accidental discharges. See the misdirection there? Her tragedy – used to evoke sympathy on your part – has nothing to do with the policy she’s asking about.

    help gun owners upgrade their guns to personalized guns free of charge
    Ooooh! I’d love that! I’d like the trigger lightened on my pistol, and would love some Triticon sights on it. Could we etch my name on the slide, too? Put a little silver filligree in that and it would look really nice.
    What do you mean that’s not what he meant?

    technology that makes it difficult or impossible for someone other than a gun’s owner to fire it
    And do you have any idea how infeasible that is? Why would anyone want to turn a perfectly good mechanical device into a reliant-on-batteries-and-hi-tech ready-to-fail-when-you-need-it-most monstrosity? Oh, I know! Progressives! *smdh*

    upgrading a gun to use these systems
    He doesn’t have ANY idea how firearms work, does he?

    I would love to ask him, “Do you know anything about firearms – their use and operation? Do you actually believe this technology would enable the person requiring the use of their firearm, or would it be restrictive? Do you understand the difference between a smartphone and a firearm, in terms of necessity of operation and safety of failures? Or are you just another unthinking bleeding-heart liberal? Or are you just pandering for votes?”

    I would turn Tax Day into revenue day.
    I would move it to the Thursday before elections. And I would require the payment entirely in cash, full payment (no withholding). Let’s let the average citizen see what he’s really paying.
    Oh, and I would gladly add to that idea a video showing what was actually accomplished. But I would let anti-taxers produce it.

    I think we should have it so the IRS fills our taxes out for us.
    I’m going to guess that Yang has never had a rental property, or been self-employed, or had to depreciate expenses. Or if he has, then he has an accountant do it.
    Oh, and we’ve already seen how the IRS views your contributions if you are expressing dissent. Yeah, I don’t like them having the information they already have. I’m sure as shootin’ not giving them any more of it.

    I’ll just have the server fill in their tip
    Had that happen once. I scratched it out and gave her a minimal amount. And I’ve never been back to that restaurant.

    Andrew Yang seems to be a really nice guy idiot

    But no.

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