Blame Billionaires: The World According to AOC

Blame Billionaires: The World According to AOC

Blame Billionaires: The World According to AOC

Just when one thinks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cannot exploit her lack of economic knowledge and her worthless college degree any more than she already has, think again. After defending Bernie Bros the other day, she took to twitter to throw billionaires under the bus last night:

AOC elaborated by stating that billionaires don’t “work hard” for their money. And that they “don’t have a billion dollars because they work harder than teachers or single moms”. Why are they billionaires, AOC? Enlighten us…

They are billionaires because the stock market makes that money for them, which relies on profiteering off insulin, low wages, scrapped jobs, etc.”-Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Twitter

Oh, boy. Duck for the incoming:

Not, millionaires, silly Americans! AOC is talking billionaires. If she were talking millionaires, she would be referring to her old pal Bernie Sanders and some of her other friends who make up the party of crooks we all know as the Democrats. It’s okay for a millionaire politician who is a Democrat to amass wealth, you see, even if he has done so off the backs of Americans. This is perfectly acceptable in AOC’s world even though they don’t do much of anything but sit on their asses and blow smoke about helping the working class.

And every ditch digger should also be able to afford a ten-dollar cup of coffee and a seven-dollar croissant at the airport, AOC. Moving right along…

Indeed, she did. The billionaires are getting in the way of all Americans (and illegal citizens, too) getting Medicare for All, A living Wage and Labor Rights, Public Colleges, Free College Tuition for useless degrees such as hers, fixing the pipes oil Flint, 100% renewable energy, not hurting immigrants and holding Wall Street accountable. Darn those billionaires! They threw a fat stack of cash at the NYSE and went out for steaks to watch their bundle of cash grow. Billionaires did not become billionaires by working hard, working smart, taking risks on investments and making calculated decisions with their marketing and money. They just-poof-amassed this wealth and are making it harder for others to make their “fair share”.

We’re in times of “economic desperation”. And because of this, billionaires are at fault. Everyone needs a “fair share”, they say. Or if not “fair share”, more money for AOC and her slovenly colleagues of like-minds to roll around in because the working class, who they claim to champion, will never see this. I do not care how great this may sound to some. Americans will never see a dime from them but instead will be taxed into oblivion in the name of seeing “programs”. I only wish I could explain this to some dear members of my family who are retirees whom I love dearly but are drinking the Kool-Aid. I only wish I could explain this to young, “oh-my-God-Europe-is-so-much-better”-types because they are not going to see it either. Those who sit on their asses might see something and those who sit on their asses are the same ones who think they are entitled to other people’s money and benefits. We have enough people milking the system of free medical leave based on “conditions” in our economy now. Not everybody…but there are a token few. We don’t need anymore. And those people will continue to sit on their asses when socialist “living wages” come their way.

Nothing will come out of AOC’s pocket, though. She’s got to shop at Whole Foods weekly. But she’ll gladly take it from the billionaires of the country because a single mom, a teacher, a ditch digger works that much harder. In all honesty, you cannot compare a single mom, a teacher, a ditch digger to a billionaire. But, single moms, teachers and ditch diggers alike are indeed free to invest in the stock market in this great country of ours. How does one create more jobs without business enterprise with billionaires of these enterprises at the helm? And who does the state take the wealth away from? White billionaires? Black billionaires? Men? Women, too? Billionaires are at fault. Billionaires are the reason for metropolitan areas run largely by Democrats being in squalor? This has nothing to do with laws and policies and budget cuts pushed forward by Democrats? Nope. Corporate billionaires create housing crises in large cities. (Damn you, Jeff Bezos.) And what I want to know is…how is the brainiac we know of as AOC going to take out the billionaires and “redistribute” their wealth, exactly? Kill ’em? Put them in reeducation camps? In truth, the kids running a lemonade stand on this sunny day in the Pacific Northwest have a better grasp on economics than Notorious AOC.

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  • Joe in PNG says:

    Okay, here’s the thing. Bernie and Occasional-Cortex have been yammering on and on about how their Democratic Socialism isn’t the nasty kind that destroyed Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, et al.
    It’s the nice, happy kind of thing they do in Scandinavia.

    But, if you look at Scandinavia, they have lots of billionaires. A simple Google search turns up tons of them, and even the assertion that Sweden has more per capita than the USA.

    Yet AOC, and her now disgraced communications director are hating on them. Why? It’s because while they are using Scandinavia as part of the sales pitch, what they are really selling is Venezuela, Cuba, et al. Pure skeevy scam here, same as a catfisher posting photos of hawt people, and pretend it’s them.

    • GWB says:

      They’re not selling Venezuela. They’re simply selling the politics of envy.
      “You think you’ve worked hard all day? You think you deserve more than the pittance the union secured for you? Well, blame the rich guys! Let’s gang up on them and take their money! How much better would your life be if you had a share of that billionaire’s wealth?”

      And how dare you insinuate I am not as hot as my avatar!

      • GWB says:

        Oh, and I forgot the math….
        So, let’s say there’s 100 billionaires in America (WAG). With an average worth of $20 billion (‘nother WAG).
        There’s ~325 million Americans. 69% of that (2014-2018 numbers) is in the workforce, so ~224 million. 60% of that (AOC’s claim) is less than 135 million. (Census numbers)

        So, $2 trillion, divided by 135 million….
        Gives less than $15k per working person. ONCE. Less than 1/4 that $60k wage.

        Oh, and to achieve that requires those billionaires to liquidate everything – sell all their investment stock, divest themselves from their companies, sell off all the assets of said companies, liquidate any philanthropic organizations, sell their houses and cars and goods, etc.
        Which means all the Bentley mechanics lose their jobs, all the people employed at their companies lose their jobs, some portion of the people employed at the places they invest in lose their jobs, Wall Street guys lose their jobs….

        Have we mentioned before that AOC (or any socialist) hasn’t thought any of this through?

        • Scott says:

          GWB, those sound an awful lot like facts, and fact is a four letter word!…(besides, AOC can’t process any words over three letters…)

  • Steve Sherman says:

    She sounds like a college sophomore who just heard this nonsense for the first time and fell for it hook, line and sinker

  • GWB says:

    fixing the pipes oil Flint

    Billionaires did not become billionaires by working hard
    Let’s make a concession here. Some number of billionaires did not work hard in the blue collar sense of that term. Some of them did play the market and became rich.
    But this attack is a standard low-info trope – that economic middle-men (bankers, investment folks, venture capitalists, retailers even) don’t DO anything to justify the money they’re making. Even that guy playing the stock market can provide boosts to publicly traded companies. The retailer provides a location and the supply chain to bring your neighborhood the clothes/groceries/whatnot. The banker makes interest off people with whom he risks his money because it is a risk. Venture capitalists help keep the ‘means of production’ in the hands of an inventor, instead of some giant multi-national conglomerate.

    Everyone needs a “fair share”, they say.
    Define “fair share”. I don’t mind “to each according to his need” so much if I get to decide what each’s need is. Heck, I would be able to pay off the national debt with the undistributed funds.

    Then MOVE there. Show me the strength of your convictions. Here’s $100 toward your boat passage, along with a box lunch (it’s a sandwich, trust me). Heck, you’ll be making room for all those immigrants you want to come here who are so hard-working. Sayonara. Bon voyajee. So long. Goodbye.

    there are a token few
    *points* RACIST!!!

    Black billionaires? … Women, too?
    Wait, WHUT?!? There aren’t any black billionaires! And no women billionaires! That’s unpossible! They’d be kept down by The Man and patriarched and stuff!

    Billionaires are the reason for metropolitan areas run largely by Democrats being in squalor?
    Well, that one is somewhat true, since these billionaires, to a large extent, back Democrats and their policies with their funds.

    In truth, the kids running a lemonade stand on this sunny day in the Pacific Northwest have a better grasp on economics than Notorious AOC.
    In truth, the neighborhood goat knows more about actual economics than the Boston College graduate.

  • Surellin says:

    Obviously the most useful thing for AOC to do is follow the Easy-Peasy Billionaires Plan, make a couple of billion and divide it among the poor people. She could make a thousand millionaires for every billion she makes. And it would be easy!

  • beau says:

    she is an ignorant harpy who is in place from a lotto. how much knowledge and work does that take?

  • Deserttrek says:

    Yes the aoc girl is a moron. One thing is correct, the system is not set up for the middle class or the little guy.
    Carried interest and other schemes are designed for the rich to get richer
    The tax code is designed to F**K the middle class

    • Joe in PNG says:

      What system ever is? The American middle class honestly lives better than the upper classes in most of the rest of the world- and far better than any royalty of just a century ago.
      Hell, a poor American in the 80s lived way better than the Soviet nomenklatura.

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