Media Has A New Twist On The Trump Russia Narrative

Media Has A New Twist On The Trump Russia Narrative

Media Has A New Twist On The Trump Russia Narrative

The media just cannot quit the Trump Russia narrative. Last evening the NY Times rolled out a story regarding Russia working to interfere in the 2020 election.

“Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia was interfering in the 2020 campaign to try to get President Trump re-elected, five people familiar with the matter said, in a disclosure that angered Mr. Trump, who complained that Democrats would use it against him.”

And that’s just the start of the story the NY Times fish wrap is peddling. This was a full briefing to the entire House Intelligence Committee. Yet what does the Times say? Since Adam Schiff was there, the President got ticked off and complained that Democrats would use the news that Russia is once again attempting swing yet another election Trump’s way.

I love how CNN is trying to frame it as Trump is skeptical of the assessment. When it is more likely that Trump is concerned that Adam Schiff and his leaker pals would run to the media with this information.

And suddenly, we have a Trump Russia story! Keep in mind that the story is riddled with those wonderful UNNAMED SOURCES. Five of them to be exact. The conclusion is, this is why Joseph Maguire is out.

“Maguire had been considered a leading candidate to be nominated for the post of DNI, White House aides had said. But Trump’s opinion shifted last week when he heard from a GOP ally that the intelligence official in charge of election security, who works for Maguire, gave a classified briefing last Thursday to the House Intelligence Committee on 2020 election security.”

When reading through the Times and WaPo stories, one thing jumps out at me. Those unnamed sources that have lots to say about not much. Since those unnamed sources are so willing to run to the media, maybe, as David Marcus suggests, we should just give them a seat at the table.

Supposedly Trump was told that a separate private briefing was given to Adam Schiff. Except that the Washington Post makes it clear there wasn’t a private briefing, just one in front of the full committee.

With the rollout of these stories, a new twist on that Russia narrative is being peddled. You know what it is? Let’s slow roll or bury the news so it won’t hurt Trump’s reelection chances!

Sigh. I am oh so tired and infuriated that the media and far too many in politics cannot just LET IT GO!. Trump is President. Period. Hillary Clinton LOST. Period. Did Russia try to interfere in the 2016 election? Yes. Did that interference at the cost of a drop in the bucket, have any bearing on the results? NO. Has Russia tried to interfere in other elections? I’d say that is definite.

Would the Trump Administration consider Russia interfering in the 2020 election as problematic? Yes, anyone should. But is this REALLY the gotcha the media wants it to be? According to Elizabeth Warren it is!

You know, John Brennan should really sit this one out. Instead he decides to ring the alarm bell.

Everybody is connecting the dots and coming up with Trump Russia is happening right before our very eyes!

As I stated earlier, this entire narrative is getting incredibly tiresome. Yet they continue to bash their heads against that brick wall in hopes that their favorite narrative will suddenly be true!

Trump is polling incredibly well. Meanwhile, the Democrat candidates had a cranky slugfest last night with Mike Bloomberg as the punching bag. With the media running this new narrative, do they really believe that Russia wouldn’t try and target them?

Which Democrat candidate would the media and Democrats prefer? Are they so sure that Russia wouldn’t try to target any one of them? In their tiny little anti-Trump minds, it won’t happen because Russia only hates Republicans or something.

Where did all these leaks come from for this new old tiresome Russia Trump narrative? Here’s one possible culprit.

President Donald J. Trump was not supposed to win in 2016. Therefore we have been subjected to the Trump Russia narrative over and over again. Keep throwing that narrative against the brick wall folks. You’ll still end up with only a headache, and four more years of Trump.

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  • John C. says:

    The Soviet Union, and its successor Russia, have been meddling in U.S. elections for a century, mostly to try to sow uncertainty and distrust of our election system. They succeeded more in the last election cycle than they had in all their previous efforts, all the while not affecting a single vote cast, according to experts on both sides, and at little expense. Objectively, Trump is the worst President as far as Russian interests go, possibly forever, but what does objectivity have to do with politics?

  • Skillyboo says:

    Yet we never are told exactly what the ‘meddling’ is so we could recognize it. Nor is it ever mentioned how we ‘meddle’ in foreign elections.

  • Veeshir says:

    I’m sorry, I can’t take these, Putin (hearts) Trump! stories seriously.
    In 2016, Putin obviously would have preferred an often and easily bribable Hillary Clinton (he’s been bribing Clinton’s since the 90s) to an unpredictable and unbribable billionaire Trump.

    Trump has messed with Putin in Syria and eastern Europe while Dems would go back to the Obama/Hillary “reset/flexibility” where Russia is concerned.

    Just because their last 20 Get Trump!!!!!! gambits have failed, doesn’t mean another ACME Get Trump! package isn’t on the way.

  • GWB says:

    Except that the Washington Post makes it clear
    And they have credibility… why?

    Did Russia try to interfere in the 2016 election?
    You know the biggest interference in our elections? The drive to propagandize young Americans through our education system – upper and lower – to believe in crap like socialism and identity “rights” and lies about our history. And the Dems have been complicit in that for the last 80+ years.

    We are now in a full-blown national security crisis.
    Yep. Ever since you Reds got hold of the apparatus. (That’s “Reds” as in communists, not “reds” as in Deplorables.)

    Russia only hates Republicans or something
    Those two paragraphs seem… backwards from the Dem/media narrative.

    I think it’s funny that the Dems project the collusion narrative, and drop Russia in as the bad guy solely because they figure all those America First nationalists will vote against Trump because they’re all irrational Commie-haters. And they never grasp that we already know who the Commie Lovers are, and Trump is not one of them.

  • rbj1 says:

    So Putin prefers the American president who is exporting oil to a whole litany of Democrat candidates who’d ban fracking?

    Yeah, no.

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