Biden: Let’s Wag The Dog Over Russia Ukraine Conflict

Biden: Let’s Wag The Dog Over Russia Ukraine Conflict

Biden: Let’s Wag The Dog Over Russia Ukraine Conflict

Biden wags the dog over the Russia Ukraine conflict. Last evening we find out the situation, according to all the experts is more dire than we thought. If Putin rolls his troops in, Ukraine will fall in 72 hours.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told lawmakers that Kyiv could fall within 72 hours if a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine takes place, multiple congressional sources tell Fox News.

Milley told lawmakers during closed-door briefings on Feb. 2 and 3 that a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine could result in the fall of Kyiv within 72-hours, and could come at a cost of 15,000 Ukrainian troop deaths and 4,000 Russian troop deaths.

Yes, our vaunted leadership went there. Now, do NOT get me wrong, we have great people who are working their asses off sifting through what intelligence they can gather. They are trying to draw pictures of what is and what might be with the information they get. All of which is to inform the decisions that our fabulous leaders are supposed to make on behalf of this country, which included issuing orders for Americans to leave Ukraine post haste. 

HOWEVER, this is the Biden Administration. The very same Biden Administration that issued or DIDN’T issue orders which led to the entire debacle of the Afghanistan withdrawal. What and WHO are we supposed to believe right now??

Just the other day, a highly reputable AP reporter asked some key questions of State Dept spokesperson, Ned Price.

And at the State Department on Thursday, spokesperson Ned Price was asked by a reporter for the evidence behind the Pentagon’s claim that the U.S. has intelligence revealing that Russia may release a staged propaganda video portraying a Ukrainian attack on Russia to justify a war.

Reporter Matt Lee of The Associated Press pressed Price for evidence to back up the U.S. government’s allegation and suggested that it could be “Alex Jones territory.”

Price responded, “If you want to find solace in information that the Russian government is putting out, that is for you to do.”

Meanwhile others asked pointed questions of Jen Psaki and were informed that those asking questions are happily digesting and disseminating Russian misinformation. 

I tell you what. The propaganda push from the Biden Administration is going strong. We are supposed to believe everything that their spokespeople put out and ask zero questions. That is true Wag The Dog misinformation right there. 

Russia is the bad guy! Let’s save Ukraine! Question the narrative? You are all Russian stooges!! 

That’s where we are right now. 

I mentioned that very same thing in a prior post. It truly seems that the Biden Administration wants a war. Specifically with Russia. 

We had to get out of Afghanistan ASAP because staying there was going to be the absolute worst thing ever. But we are supposed to be super concerned about Russia planning to move against Ukraine and especially thrilled that several thousand troops are now being staged in readiness? 

I have sincere and very deep concerns about our troops being deployed as a method to stop Russia. Why? Because our troops ended up holding the short end of the stick when it came to Afghanistan. Which ultimately led to 13 Marines killed, others injured, and the Biden Administration running away. Quite frankly, it doesn’t give me confidence that U.S. Army Major General Christopher Donahue is now in Poland. Why? Because he was the guy who did the whole “We Were Soldiers” bit at the very last minutes of the Kabul debacle. Wag The Dog indeed. 

Oh, and another reason this is a potential Wag The Dog scenario? We are supposed to believe that China will cower when the Biden Administration issues a warning. One that, given the Russia/China statement issued AT the Olympics, is nothing more than hot air. 

They expressed opposition to NATO enlargement and called out “actors representing but the minority on the international scale” who “continue to advocate unilateral approaches to addressing international issues.”

In other words, Biden and NATO need to sit down, shut up, and take it. 

Look, there are a LOT of folks on all sides of the aisle who want us to stand down from helping Ukraine. I get that to an extent. Yet, lets look at where they are? They truly are a strategic necessity. Especially given Russia’s super duper new and improved alliance with China, NordStream2 with the Biden Admin 100% all in on that, and their undercutting a duly elected dare I say conservative leader of Ukraine. 

Why am I saying Wag The Dog on this? Anyone remember Hunter Biden and Burisma? Anyone remember Biden bragging about how he GOT THE DEAL during a talk on foreign policy? We certainly do. 

So WHY, after spending his entire basement Presidential campaign blathering on about how we MUST LEAVE Afghanistan, and now Americans must leave Ukraine ASAP, are we now gearing up for several thousand or more troops to go to the aid of Ukraine while doing lecture finger waving at Russia and China? 

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  • Timothy Kichline says:

    This is an extremely dangerous situation. Does anyone think that if there is an armed conflict it will be contained in the Ukraine? If the Russians feel pressure or loss they could hit the U.S at any number of points. Take out Prudhoe Bay Alaska for example?

  • AF JAG retired says:

    “Just give Putin what he wants and then he’ll be nice.” No, then he’ll demand more and more. This is like apologizing to Woke activists for some imagined offense. They just smell weakness and end up destroying you anyway. The US troops are not going to Ukraine; they are going to countries that are our allies under treaties ratified as required by the Constitution. Maybe we shouldn’t have ratified those treaties, but we did.

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