The Russia Ukraine Issue Means Potential Invasion Or Government Overthrow

The Russia Ukraine Issue Means Potential Invasion Or Government Overthrow

The Russia Ukraine Issue Means Potential Invasion Or Government Overthrow

The Russia Ukraine issue is getting more intense by the hour. Late yesterday afternoon British Intelligence let the world know that Russia is planning to install a pro-Russian leader in the Ukraine.

The British government said Saturday that the Kremlin was developing plans to install a pro-Russian leader in Ukraine — and had already chosen a potential candidate — as President Vladimir V. Putin weighs whether to order the Russian forces amassed on Ukraine’s border to attack.


“The information being released today shines a light on the extent of Russian activity designed to subvert Ukraine, and is an insight into Kremlin thinking,” Liz Truss, Britain’s foreign secretary, said in a statement. “Russia must de-escalate, end its campaigns of aggression and disinformation, and pursue a path of diplomacy.”

The British announcement was the second time in just over a week that a Western power had publicly accused Russia of meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs, part of a concerted effort to pressure Mr. Putin to de-escalate. On Jan. 14, the United States accused the Kremlin of sending saboteurs into eastern Ukraine to create a provocation that could serve as a pretext for invasion.

Of course, as you read further into the New York Times article, they lament that the British don’t provide details to back up their assertions. Seriously, why should they? That would give away the game and their sources. 

One: Russia has amped up their game regarding Ukraine big time since early this summer. In fact, some of their massing of military, armament, and more happened during the Afghanistan debacle. While all eyes were on Afghanistan, Russia made multiple strategic moves. 

Two: What has the Biden Administration done to stop Russia from rolling right on into Ukraine? Not one damned thing. Instead, what Biden did the other day is give Putin a F***ing green light! Biden can take his “minor incursion” comments and stick them WAY up where the sun never shines. 

Three: The incredible strategic importance of where Ukraine is. 

Angela Merkel realized that the seeds of potential international conflict had been planted by a supposedly internal affair. “It’s not just about Ukraine. It’s about Moldova, about Georgia — if it continues like this, we would have to ask about Serbia; we would have to ask about the Western Balkan states,” she added, according to German news agency DPA.

Worse, geography means Ukraine is inevitably about Poland, the Baltics, and the future of NATO too. These NATO members, directly to the west of Belarus, where Russian forces now threaten to move south on Kiev parallel to the Dneiper River, are linked like a dumbbell only by a narrow section of Poland called the Suwalki corridor. Because they can be so easily cut in two, Poland recently announced it would double the size of its army. It is this linkage that makes the current crisis so fraught with imponderables because even if Biden does nothing in response to an incursion into Ukraine, geopolitics will guarantee that there will be economic, political, and potentially military consequences to any attempt by Putin to reconstitute the USSR.

Quite honestly, if we don’t help defend the Ukraine, then Russia has LOTS of territory to play with. Russia is moving more and more troops and munitions to the Ukraine border has everyone worried. Rightly so. If THEY are working on fortifying their position while engaging in military games with China and Iran… 

The other part of this is, yes, Putin is a gambler AND he wants his power back. By that, I mean, he wants the original Soviet Union back up and running. 

Even as Britain, many other NATO countries such as Spain, and the United States are flying in in thousands and millions of dollars of military hardware and ammo, how will that help?

WILL it help? Only if all the military and those willing to step up have time to train, which they don’t. 

Here’s the other thing about all the military/ammo armament power? THANK YOU OBAMA! 

Back in August 2005, when Obama was a junior senator, he was involved in getting $48 million in U.S. funding to help Ukraine get rid of a lot of their weapons, including a lot of conventional weapons. Not only did we talk them into getting rid of them, but we also used our own money to do it. They expanded the agreement that had just been for nuclear weapons to include artillery, small arms, anti-aircraft weapons, and conventional ammunition of all kinds.

And…then Obama did the same in 2014. Is it any wonder that Ukraine is now scrambling for means and weaponry to defend themselves? Biden with a side of Obama, along with all the Democrats who have left Ukraine twisting in the wind, sure as hell built this! 

Two major, and I mean MAJOR foreign policy failures in less than a year. The recovery time for this will take years, if not decades, and it doesn’t matter if Ukraine is invaded by Russia or not. The U.S., thanks to the Biden Administration has squandered all foreign policy credibility. 

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  • Bos'n says:

    As a military retiree , U.S. , twenty years in , having served in Desert Storm , Somalia , and Iraq , I must say your article is full of speculation and conjecture in spite of quoting sources . Crimea had a referendum in what? 2014? with a 90% or so vote to go with Russia rather than become another E.U. victim of dictates by a bunch of unelected assholes in Belgium . Eastern UKR , Donbass and Donetsk are mostly ethnic Russians and holders of RusFederation passports and have been bombed harassed and burnt out for years by Ukraines’ Army . Best to give Putin Donbass and Crimea and call it a day . NOT ONE U.S. servicemember should be involved in Ukraine . Not our Circus , Not our Monkees . Feeling Froggy ?….. Tote your Ass over there and join up with an ASOV Batallion , AK’s are plentiful and they could use some help . Nuland has gotten the band back together and here we are . It would be a fool’s errand to get U.S. troops involved , anymore than we are now . You views are not shared by a great many veterans , and you are on the wrong side of this , be careful what you wish for , and don’t poke the bear . Just my nickles worth , thanks for the article and this page I check almost daily through links .

    • AF JAG retired says:

      When the USSR broke up, the Ukrainians had nuclear weapons left on their soil that they could have used to deter Russian aggression. We, the U.S., talked them into giving them up, assuring them that we’d support them in the face of a renewed threat. Obama latter talked them into giving up their heaviest conventional arms. Maybe U.S. officials shouldn’t have done those things, but they did. So it is “our circus,” whether we like it or not.

      • Bos'n says:

        Ah yes , I suppose , in my best recollection , you are mentioning the Budapest Memorandum , and the Non Proliferation Treaty . Far be it for me to argue with a lawyer , but I think it worthy to note that many in the post soviet Ukraine leadership wanted to retain said weapons as “rightful heirs” , whilst others in leadership wanted to give said weapons up to get “diplomatic recognition” . It would appear they played a part in the decision , perhaps through coercion and misplaced trust , that now bites them in the ass . Although I don’t think nuclear weapons would make a huge difference in what they face now . Thanks for making me take a quick history lesson in things that I knew that I forgot , truly and that not being said in an impertinent or smart ass way . So much to say but I am a poor typist . You rightfully point out how good intentions can lead to foreign entanglements . I truly don’t wish to see direct U.S. involvement , and would like to see the heat turned down on the pot . I always thought the best foreign policy was one that dealt with situations as they are not how (we ? ) would like them to be . I stand by my statement that Donbas and Crimea should be relinquished to RusFed and call it a day . Putin has made his demands clear . NATO should’ve been dissolved with the falling of the Berlin Wall . Our current leadership doesn’t inspire my confidence . How does the saying go ? ….”can’t find their ass with both hands” . Thank You Sir for your reply and the history lesson .

  • Lloyd says:

    Obama disarmed Ukraine, but he also sent them blankets. Simply cannot make stupid stuff like this up.

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  • Nolan Parker says:

    I’m sure it’s just giving everyone a false sense of security, and the next bold move will cause the rest of the world to once again respect America. They said he would get them to respect us again.

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