Biden Harris: A Foreign Policy Embarrassment

Biden Harris: A Foreign Policy Embarrassment

Biden Harris: A Foreign Policy Embarrassment

A foreign policy embarrassment. That is the epitome of the Biden Harris Administration. Never has it been so apparent as it is right now over the Russia Ukraine mess.

Russia on Tuesday moved to quickly secure its hold on Ukraine’s rebel regions, confirming that it would include areas held by Ukrainian forces — forcing Ukraine’s president to consider cutting diplomatic relations amid fears of a full-scale invasion.

New legislation introduced Tuesday — expected to be quickly rubber-stamped by the Kremlin-controlled parliament — aims to allow Russia to deploy troops and set up military bases throughout the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

All of this after Putin definitively said NOPE to a summit between he and Joe Biden, and then went on a lengthy rant during which he admitted he longed for the good ole days back in the USSR.

Vladimir Putin doesn’t believe that Ukraine has a right to exist as an independent country. He made it clear in his speech on Sunday that he believes Ukraine is an integral part of Russia and always has been. The speech, after a staged, televised lovefest where all of his top advisors agreed with his decision to send in troops to the breakaway republics, was the most revealing speech of his rule.

He hinted that Ukraine was only the beginning as he sets about the task of restoring Russia’s greatness by recapturing former republics in the old Soviet Union.

What was the Biden Harris Administration response to Putin’s encroachment into Donetsk and Luhansk? Economic sanctions for the win!

Except there is little trade between the US and either of those regions, so those grandiose economic sanctions are nothing but a farce. 

The Biden Harris Administration contributed to their foreign policy embarrassment by essentially handing Putin the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. At least Germany has the guts to yank the plug on the pipeline!

Germany halted the certification of the controversial Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline Tuesday after Russia recognized two separatist-held regions of Ukraine as independent states and dispatched “peacekeeping” forces to the region.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz described Monday’s announcement by Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “serious break of international law.”

That carries more weight than a toothless sanction from Grandpa Joe and Cackling Kamala!

Since the first day in office Joe Biden has done nothing but embarrass the United States on the world stage. We’ve seen his fumbles and that of Kamala’s happen in real time whether it’s a meeting with world leaders in England, meeting with Putin in June, stumbling all over oneself in Central America or Vietnam, or spouting unintelligible word salads in Munich! 

Oh the situation is definitely “dynamic!” So dynamic that Putin is moving more troops in and is laughing in our faces. 

Biden was supposedly the big tough guy! I mean, seriously, Putin should’ve been quaking in his shoes after this speech during Biden’s basement campaign!

Or this word salad from the incompetent Kamala. 

Supposedly this should’ve had Putin quaking in his boots. 


Wow, how things have changed. Oh wait, they didn’t. Putin has never had any respect for Joe Biden. 

Meanwhile, the State Department decided a MEME tweet would fix everything. 

For a supposed foreign policy expert, Joe Biden is only competent at one thing, grift. As for actual foreign policy, all we get is the horrendous failures in Afghanistan, and now Putin running rough shod over the Biden Harris Administration.

Suddenly the invasion that we weren’t supposed to call an invasion is…now an invasion! If you were able to follow that, congrats! That is exactly how the Biden Harris Administration is dealing with all of Putin’s moves. 

House Armed Services Committee ranking Republican Mike Rogers and House Foreign Affairs Committee ranking Republican Michael McCaul called the new sanctions “the definition of impotence” and said it’s “time for President Biden to impose sanctions that strike at the heart of the Russian economy.”

Their only response is, toothless sanctions, meme lectures, and word salads.  And here I thought that Obama’s Syria red line was Gumby-like! Biden has NO red line. Period. 

Right now, it is Putin who looks strong and the Biden Harris Administration who looks weak. Putin is playing a game of chicken, and our Administration keeps flinching before he even leaves the starting line. 

Our foreign policy is an embarrassment. The world is laughing at us. To everyone who voted for this Biden Harris Administration, thanks ever so much. You’ve only yourselves to blame for building this mess. 

Feature Photo Credit: Original artwork by Victory Girls Darleen Click 

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