Biden Admin Totally Unprepared For Afghanistan Evacuation

Biden Admin Totally Unprepared For Afghanistan Evacuation

Biden Admin Totally Unprepared For Afghanistan Evacuation

Totally unprepared. Something we’ve all known, but now documents verify it. The Biden Administration had no idea what it was doing regarding Afghanistan. Axios broke the story.

Hours before the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan’s capital on Aug. 15, 2021, senior Biden administration officials were still discussing and assigning basic actions involved in a mass civilian evacuation.

Outsiders were frustrated and suspicious the administration was having plenty of meetings but was stuck in bureaucratic inertia and lacked urgency until the last minute.

While the word “immediately” peppers the document, it’s clear officials were still scrambling to finalize their plans — on the afternoon of Aug. 14.

For example, they’d just decided they needed to notify local Afghan staff “to begin to register their interest in relocation to the United States,” the document says.

And they were still determining which countries could serve as transit points for evacuees.

Stop right there and read that again. The day BEFORE Kabul fell to the Taliban, Biden officials were still flailing around arguing about semantics or something. 

The day before Kabul fell, the Biden Administration had NO PLAN. They were totally unprepared. They didn’t know which countries to fly evacuees to, and there wasn’t even an evacuation notification plan in place for the Afghan staff!!

Read the entire document here.

Here’s another kick in the pants regarding this. The Biden Administration is claiming that no one knew that Afghanistan would collapse so fast. Guess what? That’s a planeload of horseshit! The Administration had been warned MONTHS earlier that that would be the case! 

Months before President Joe Biden announced the U.S.’s complete withdrawal from Afghanistan last year, Washington’s watchdog warned that the Afghan air force would collapse without critical American aid, training and maintenance. The report was declassified Tuesday.

The report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko, submitted to the Department of Defense in January 2021, underscores that American authorities had been alerted that Afghanistan’s air force did not have the capabilities to survive after a U.S. withdrawal. In particular, the report points to U.S. failure to train Afghan support staff, leaving the air force unable to maintain its aircraft without American contractors.

Sadly, there’s a military and contractor failure component here. Why the military over the years didn’t also put an emphasis on training not only the pilots, but all the support staff is beyond me. 

But the larger picture is that, with all the resources and people, why in the ever loving hell was the Biden Administration so unprepared??!!

Oh I’d say that’s more than shameful! People DIED! Our soldiers were killed and families have been torn apart by the Administration’s incompetence! U.S. citizens were left stranded or, infuriatingly, told by the State Department to stay away from the airport!

They can’t say they didn’t know. They were warned not only by major watchdog groups, they were warned by multiple people, including former CIA officer Matt Zeller. As he stated to Axios, he had been sounding the alarm since February. It became incredibly apparent in August that no one did a damned thing after all those warnings

As Axios reported, the scramble of meetings was happening just as the Taliban reached the outskirts of Kabul. The meetings, that didn’t solve a damned thing and only made the situation worse, were chaired by Liz Sherwood-Randall of the National Security Council. The NSC’s response when Axios inquired?

  • “Earlier that summer, we launched Operation Allies Refuge and had worked with Congress to pass legislation that gave us greater flexibility to quickly relocate Afghan partners,” Horne said.
  • “It was because of this type of planning and other efforts that we were able to facilitate the evacuation of more than 120,000 Americans, legal permanent residents, vulnerable Afghans and other partners.”

Which, again, is a load of horseshit. While I am glad that so many were finally able to be evacuated, the fact remains, the Administration was totally unprepared, which is truly why the withdrawal was such an unmitigated disaster. 

Byron Dean White was absolutely correct with his predictions. 

The Biden Administration just ordered over 3,000 troops to deploy regarding Ukraine and Russia. 1,000 of them are headed to Romania and the rest are heading out from Fort Bragg to Germany. Meanwhile, the Afghan people are being targeted by the Taliban, starving and running short on critical supplies, especially medicines of all kinds.  And what is the Biden Administration, who tried to brag about how GREAT the withdrawal was, doing?

Everything in their power to start a war with Russia. We cannot afford another military disaster on the foreign policy stage. Yet, that is where we are headed with the incompetents in charge. 

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