Dementia Joe Shuffles And Mumbles At G7

Dementia Joe Shuffles And Mumbles At G7

Dementia Joe Shuffles And Mumbles At G7

No matter how the media played it or how many nice words other G7 leaders said, Dementia Joe was on full display this week, sadly. The scenery in Cornwall was stunning. Windsor Castle is fully restored from the 1992 fire and the British troops were in their best bibs and tuckers. The G7 leaders did the mask cosplay in public and were not socially distant in private. It was politics as usual with a side of smug globalism.

Many world leaders had the same problems with President Donald Trump that the permanent bureaucracy in the U.S. did. Trump is NOKD. NOKD means “Not our kind, dear.” He’s not and will never be one of them. Trump is not a globalist. Trump is all about America First. Macron (France), Merkel (Germany), and Trudeau (Canada) are all presiding over tanking economies. They need the U.S. to prop them up. Trump would have been honest with them.

As I told you the other day, the British press is brutal and they have reported that the Labour Party (Liberals) are not impressed with Dementia Joe. Hopefully, soon the Tory Party (Conservative) will leak their thoughts. That should be fun.

At a luncheon on Friday, Joe wandered into the public portion of the restaurant. Nurse DOCTOR Jill had to come pull lost Joe away. It was thoroughly embarrassing.

It was bad enough seeing his shambolic walk in his senior citizen sneakers, but watching ambitious DOCTOR Jill pull the old fart away was painful. First Lady DOCTOR Jill Biden published a photo on her own Twitter account of her reading a G7 briefing book on Air Force One on the way across the pond. Jill wants to be President. Don’t doubt it. Jill is doing the Edith Wilson shtick now. She will run against Kamala Harris for the 2024 Democrat nomination.

In the tweet below, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as the host, introduces South African President Ramaphosa and then South Korean President Moon. Dementia Joe interrupts to say, “and the President of South Africa.” Johnson then gives Joe the “shush arm” twice.

I cannot imagine another world leader giving even Barack Obama the “shush arm”. No matter what the world leaders say they know Joe’s elevator doesn’t go to the top anymore.

In his solo press conference, Joe said “harassing” twice when he meant “harnessing”.

He also told the world press that a lot of people may not know what Covid is!

To truly understand how limited Dementia Joe is, watch this 12 minute video of Joe and DOCTOR Jill meeting Queen Elizabeth. The Queen is 17 years more senior than Joe and she looks far more hale than he does. He gets lost when he goes to inspect the Grenadier Guards. And, oh my stars, he keeps trying to take the Queen’s elbow when they exist the pavilion.

The Queen looks so well for a 95 year old woman who just lost her husband. Dementia Joe looks diminished and de minimus. I don’t give a farthing what other world leaders or the U.S. press say, Joe is an embarrassment and Jill should be charged with elder abuse.

By the way, Vladimir Putin isn’t fooled and he has the receipts.

Featured Image: White House/cropped/Public Domain

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  • Mad Celt says:

    Seems if they were going to steal an election and hand it to someone it would’ve at least been a sentient being.

  • Paladin says:

    The two most frightening words spoken in hushed whispers at the G7— Nuclear ☢️ Codes.

  • mark says:

    yes he was shuffling along but clearly more important is how Jill rushed in and stopped him from talking to any reporters.
    and her tone towards him, “Come on Joe.” she talked to him like he is. an old man with dementia. guiding him around.

  • Skillyboo says:

    Dems are hoping he’ll last two years and then Kamala will take over. And if they get HR1 passed she’ll rule for 8 more years. By then the country as we know it will no longer exist.

    • MD Streeter says:

      Kamala’s not doing any better. Her Central American trip last week was a disaster. Did you see her speaking? She looked hunted, haunted, lost. And then she dropped in on an LGBT thing in DC and got heckled. If she “rules” it’s only going to be the same way former Vice President Biden currently “rules.” Both of those fools are in way over their heads. But you’re right that the country would end up being unrecognizable at the end of it.

  • Howy says:

    If there was any doubt left that the BBC is anything other than a government mouthpiece supported by forced public fees, this video puts that to rest.

  • […] in the U.S. Putin in 10 years younger, more fit and at the top of his game. Plus, Biden has the receipts on Biden with the help of the Democrat Party and the legacy […]

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