Believe Us Because We Tell You To

Believe Us Because We Tell You To

Believe Us Because We Tell You To

With Hutchinson’s testimony in front of the J6 Committee, one thing is abundantly clear. We are to believe them because they tell us to. No questions asked, no critical thinking, and for certain, do NOT go against the narrative.

Thousands of hours of supposed research, questioning, and supposedly multiple instances of ‘compelling testimony that will the the nail in President Trump’s coffin!’ And yet, here we are. Another grand witness whose testimony, UNDER OATH, fell apart in minutes. 

Toni pointed out the initial lies here. Then Deanna wrote about how gobsmacked the Secret Service was to hear her testify about something that didn’t actually happen! 

Yet, because we, rational critical thinking creatures that we are, stepped back and took a long look at her testimony and realized NOTHING added up and called her into question, WE are the bad guys for undermining the BELIEVE US narrative. 

BELIEVE US when we tell you that Trump demanded the system be gamed so thousands of votes in Georgia would magically appear. 

BELIEVE US when we continue to tell you that the Trump Russia narrative is for realz. 

BELIEVE US when we tell you the Steele Dossier was 100% factual. 

BELIEVE US when we tell you that the mob invading the Capital was one billion times worse than the ten months of George Floyd fiery but mostly peaceful riots. 

BELIEVE US when we tell you that Jussie Smollett was misunderstood and Christine Blasey-Ford was a credible witness.

BELIEVE US when we tell you that Cassidy Hutchinson knew everything and was in the thick of it when she testified that everything happened via ‘well, they said something to the effect of….’ 

Except that J6 Committee chair Jamie Raskin has ZERO clue as to her claims because he never participated in interviews!

Do you see what’s happening here? Look at how The Hill is framing this:

Former President Trump’s most vocal defenders in the House are working to undercut former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson’s explosive testimony at Tuesday’s Jan. 6 select committee hearing, calling it “hearsay” and pointing to disputes over statements she made.

Hutchinson, who was an aide to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, relayed fly-on-the-wall firsthand knowledge of conversations between Trump and top officials.

Oh, isn’t that just fabulous?? She heard some folks talking, and is now relaying the gossip she heard as if it is the gospel truth! BELIEVE US demands Liz Cheney. And the leftist Democrat media follows suit. As with The Hill framing the same story this way on their Facebook page. 

Former President Trump’s allies are working to undermine former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson following her explosive testimony at Tuesday’s Jan. 6 Select Committee hearing.

If all of that messaging sounds familiar, it is. The Washington Post is parsing the semantics of Hutchinson’s claims in order to protect the narrative. 

The parse: The Washington Post has noted Trump was in an SUV rather than the Beast limousine. The initial denials also didn’t dispute that Hutchinson was told this — merely that it had actually happened. (She never claimed direct knowledge.)

Please explain how one can lunge at a driver when there’s bullet proof glass in the way. I’ll wait.

How about all of this from a supposedly objective journalist?

When journalists tweet approvingly about a witness in a major issue facing our country, and then double down, red flags go up for me. We saw the same damned thing happen with Christine Blasey-Ford

No, it doesn’t help one iota. The committee is essentially the court, the jury is the American people. So to have one of the judges, Liz Cheney, walk up and hug a witness sends additional red flags up. 

Yet we are supposed to believe that all the mob who descended upon the U.S. Capital that day were armed to the teeth with …AR-15’s and handguns?

Many Republicans – including Trump and Republican Representative Louie Gohmert – have said the rioters were not armed, but Hutchinson’s testimony contradicted this claim. She testified that both Meadows and Trump knew many in the crowd were armed with AR-15s, handguns, brass knuckles and batons and equipped with body armor.

Except that I was watching that day as many others were, including all the leftist media. If ANYONE had been brandishing a gun of any kind the media would’ve been playing that tape for the next millennium! Yet there isn’t any tape and I’ve seen zero reports of AR-15’s being brandished by the mob that day. 

BELIEVE US said Liz Cheney last night …at the Reagan Library of all places!

According to Liz, a “conservative Republican,” Trump has gone to war with the rule of law.

Except that SHE is complicit in depriving J6 defendants their due process rights and trots out a witness who testifies to nothing more than gossip and hearsay. Tell me again who is at war with the rule of law?

The January 6 committee has presented “evidence” of Trump’s crimes. After millions in taxpayer dollars, thousands of hours, and carefully crafted video, along with supposed “bombshell testimony” where are we now?

We are in the BELIEVE US because we tell you! to action plan. 

It didn’t work for Jussie Smollett, it sure as hell didn’t work for Christine Blasey-Ford, and it won’t work for the January 6 committee after Cassidy Hutchinson’s breathtaking ‘I heard some people say stuff’ testimony. 

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  • mac says:

    Cheney is a liar, but we have known this for quite some time. She is going down in August and will, like Mia Love, show her true colors by shifting to the ‘Rat side. I am looking forward to seeing the voters of Wyoming give her the type of horribly embarrassing defeat she can never live down. She’s just one more sterling example of the old comment, “roll left and die.” I suspect she will be the most hated politician ever to run for office in Wyoming by the time it is all finished.

  • John M Casteel says:

    It should be noted that while Jamie Raskin is the titular head of the cabal of losers, it is Liz Cheney who is running the show. I’ll bet that Cheney and San Fran Nan are hugging a lot these days, too.

  • […] keeps ending up with egg on their face as witness after witness shows up and tanks their narrative. Cassidy Hutchinson is a prime example. Her assertions that ‘someone kind of mentioned that President Trump […]

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