Are Democrats Trying To Lose Races?

Are Democrats Trying To Lose Races?

Are Democrats Trying To Lose Races?

As we count down to Election Day, certain races are tightening up more and more. And if I didn’t know better, I would say that Democrats are actually trying to lose some of these extremely close races. How? By demonstrating that they are completely tone deaf and share none of the public’s concerns.

One of those close races is the New York gubernatorial race. Kathy Hochul, who took over as governor when Andrew Cuomo finally got buried under multiple harrassment claims and his wretchedly lethal COVID policies, is now trying to cast herself as the “underdog” in the race. Wait, the underdog? She’s a Democrat incumbent in New York state. Well, when you say stupid things like this, perhaps people take you seriously.

Lee Zeldin is gaining on Kathy Hochul and the polls have narrowed. Will they narrow enough on Election Day? If New York elects a Republican to a statewide office, it will be a political earthquake and inspire absolute panic in Democrats. And the only person to blame will be Kathy Hochul, who is so completely ignorant about the crime that New Yorkers are seeing in their own communities, that she can simply brush it off as unimportant.

Another governor in deep trouble is Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer. The lockdown queen got roundly mocked recently for claiming that schools were only closed for three months during COVID. That led the Michigan Freedom Fund to absolutely slap Gretchen Whitmer across the face with all the receipts they had saved.

But do you think Gretchen Whitmer was paying attention to the fact that her lie was absolutely shredded to ribbons? HELL NO! She has completely embraced the idea that Michigan schools did just SWELL during the lockdown! How do we know this? Michigan Democrats brought out Randi Weingarten to rally with Gretchen Whitmer just YESTERDAY.

I don’t think I’ve seen a bigger middle finger flashed at parents during this election cycle than Gretchen Whitmer’s attitude toward COVID school closures. Well, we all saw how effective Randi Weingarten was in Virginia last year! Let’s see if she can repeat that election magic again!

And Michigan Democrats also brought in Barack Obama. He’s busy these days. After all, who wants to see Joe Biden out on the campaign trail trying to make the case for electing Democrats?


Just listen to that clip. Joe Biden, who I can guarantee did not watch one MINUTE of the Fetterman-Oz debate, says that Fetterman “was really good,” “knew what he was doing,” “was strong,” and “Fetterman is everything that he appears to be.” Biden also says that “you know where he stands,” which is hilarious given the massive fracking flip-flop that we all watched during the debate. So yeah, Joe Biden is lying through his teeth here, right up to the end when he claims that Fetterman is “just getting better and better” post-stroke recovery. When Joe says John Fetterman is “my kind of guy,” I don’t think he meant on the cognitive level, but at this point, it’s about all they have in common. Maybe they empathize with each other on account of their wives handling them behind the scenes and in front of the cameras? There’s just a little too much solidarity here.

But Joe is really out there, pushing that last minute messaging that is sure to be a winner for Democrats! Just listen to him on how families are going to beat inflation!

As someone who grocery shops for a family of six, including two teenagers, I cannot tell you how enraged I was by this clip. If this is the closing message to the American people by the Democrats, then they are looking to lose. The sheer tone-deaf arrogance is simply breathtaking. This is the condescension of “The Big Guy” who knows that Hunter’s stashed away his ten percent somewhere (that’s if he didn’t snort it up his nose) and doesn’t have to worry about buying store brand ice cream. Just buy the generic brand, peasants! That’s a winning message on how to combat inflation??? There are so many things I want to say to Joe Biden, but nearly all of them would have to be censored.

The Democrats have truly committed to running on their platform of “we know better than you, and we ARE better than you.” All our little “problems” like crime and inflation and schools have no impact on them, and therefore, they don’t care about them. It’s time to get to the ballot box and make sure they hear us loud and clear.

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  • Skillyboo says:

    Could that be intentional? Tank the economy even further for the next two years and blame the republicans. Wouldn’t be the first time democrats put party above the citizenry.

  • NTSOG says:

    Biden about Fetterman: “He’s my kind of guy.”

    It seems to me that both have a kangaroo loose in their top paddock*!

    *Australian slang meaning both have bats in their belfries.

  • 370H55V I/me/mine says:

    “I don’t know why that’s so important to you.”

    Perhaps because he was physically assaulted at a campaign appearance on July 12?
    Perhaps because two people were shot right outside his house in otherwise bucolic Shirley, NY on Oct 9 while his two teenaged daughters were home?

    As for those “generic brands”, I usually go for them myself but WalMart seems to have all of them in short supply, although the brand names seem to be unaffected. Funny that.

  • Citizen Tom says:

    Gaslighting! They have been doing it for years. At this point, gaslighting is all they have left.

  • SDN says:

    They are counting on fraud, plain and simple.

    • buddhaha says:

      It worked before.
      In Maricopa County (Phoenix area), the Dem county commissioner s have sent the Dem sheriff to threaten drop box observers with “election interference”. They’re hoping that this will scare enough of them away that the mules can do their job of stuffing excess ballots, all marked straight Dem, of course.
      At this point, a judge has ruled that observation, per se, is legal. That means that as long as they maintain a 75′ distance (state law for election sites) and make no verbal threats or threatening gestures, there is no violation of law. Unless an appeal court rules otherwise, this makes the Sheriff’s task of chasing them away more difficult.
      That should drop the Dem ballot numbers significantly.

  • DonM says:

    On peut mange brioche.

  • Howy says:

    What was that non named brand ice cream Nancy had in her freezer during the so-called pandemic? Biden should have used that as his example.

  • Russ Tibbitts says:

    Off brand cereal. Now why didn’t I think of that?!

  • “Let them eat cake, er, generic cereal.”

    Next he’s going to tell us to put on a sweater …

    … which does align with the high prices/tight supplies of energy and the return to 1970’s “therapeutic” law enforcement and its abject failures.

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