Pelosi Attacker David DePape Is A Drug-Addled Leftist Progressive

Pelosi Attacker David DePape Is A Drug-Addled Leftist Progressive

Pelosi Attacker David DePape Is A Drug-Addled Leftist Progressive

David DePape, the man arrested for attacking Paul Pelosi, is one very weird dude. Is he a far right-wing QAnon conspiracy theorist as the Democrats and media are claiming?

Or is he just a delusional drug-addled hippie?

The San Francisco Bay area man arrested in the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband filled a blog a week before the incident with delusional thoughts, including that an invisible fairy attacked an acquaintance and sometimes appeared to him in the form of a bird, according to online writings under his name.

David DePape, 42, also published hundreds of blog posts in recent months sharing memes in support of fringe commentators and far-right personalities. Many of the posts were filled with screeds against Jews, Black people, Democrats, the media and transgender people.

Quite honestly, after tracking this story these last couple of days, I’m leaning towards drug-addled delusional hippie. It’s important to note that the Washington Post story on DePape leaves several things out. Including the background of the woman he was living with. According to WaPo, it’s only worth noting in passing that Gypsy Taub is a nudist activist who happens to be in jail for attempted child abduction and felony stalking after trying to kidnap a fourteen year old boy. 

Except there’s much much more to the relationship between Taub and DePape. It took Michael Shellenberger very little time to uncover specific details of DePape’s life in Berkley, CA. 

And, as I soon discovered, DePape lived with a notorious local nudist in a Berkeley home, complete with a Black Lives Matter sign in the window and an LGBT rainbow flag, emblazoned with a marijuana symbol, hanging from a tree. A closer look reveals the characteristics of a homeless encampment, or what Europeans call “an open drug scene.” In the driveway, there is a broken-down camper van. On the street is a yellow school bus, which neighbors said DePape occasionally stayed in. Both are filled with garbage typical of such structures in homeless encampments. People come and go from the house and the vehicles, neighbors say, in part to partake in the use of a potent psychedelic drug, ibogaine.

Neighbors described DePape as a homeless addict with politics that was, until recently, left-wing, but of secondary importance to his psychotic and paranoid behavior.

Now, I don’t know about you, but waving Black Lives Matter flags, plus LGBTQ flags doesn’t exactly scream right-wing to me. Also, the drug they were using? Very bad news. Ibogaine is essentially a drug that promotes additional delusions and is not prescribed by any credible doctors in the U.S. 

Furthermore, as is noted here, DePape filmed Taub’s wedding to a twenty year old man. The wedding took place on the steps of the courthouse in San Francisco and the couple were arrested soon after because they got married in the nude. 

Again, NONE of this even remotely resembles anything right-wing. None of DePape’s ramblings online specifically mention Nancy Pelosi. In fact, she’s not mentioned at all, even the Washington Post admits that. 

Yet the Democrats are totally on board with their narrative. The GOP is the party of violence! It’s Trump’s fault! 

For Rep. Jackie Speier, a Bay Area Democrat and longtime Pelosi ally who is a survivor of political violence, the fault lies unmistakably with Trump, who “hasn’t let up in the vitriol he spews out” and has ceaselessly assailed Pelosi as “crazy,” “corrupt” or the embodiment of Democratic wrongdoing.

“There’s no question looking at his social media that he was radicalized online” and “is a classic convert to the very Trumpian, very dangerous philosophy of taking people out that aren’t like them,” Speier said of DePape during a phone interview.

The problem with that narrative is this, the more that is uncovered about David DePape and his weird drug-addled life, the more questions I have regarding the actual events of that night. Especially since Taub gave an interview and specifically stated that BOTH she and DePape are left-wing progressives.  

While Joe Biden and others are quick to jump on the ‘DePape is a right-wing crazy and the GOP/TRUMP must be blamed’ bandwagon, there’s pieces of the story that raise MORE questions and answers aren’t forthcoming. 

David DePape forced his way into the home through a back entrance, Scott said. Officers arrived at the house, knocked on the front door and were let inside by an unknown person. They discovered DePape and Pelosi struggling for a hammer, and after they instructed them to drop the weapon, Scott said, DePape took the hammer and “violently attacked” Pelosi.

All the early narratives said and still say that Paul Pelosi was home alone when DePape broke in. Pelosi was able to make a cryptic 911 call for help. Yet Pelosi wasn’t physically attacked UNTIL the cops were on scene? And WHO was the third person in the home? 

Three things are clear here.

One: The scenario of the attack on Paul Pelosi is missing some key details.

Two: David DePape isn’t a right wing nut job, he’s a drug-addled hippie.

Three: The Democrats are trying to scapegoat Republicans for this attack which is looking more and more NON POLITICAL by the hour. 

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Feature Photo Credit: Paul and Nancy Pelosi in Italy via Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified

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  • Scott says:

    Pauls Grinder date gone wrong? … in the phone call to 911, he supposedly said that DePape was a friend.. there’s DEFINITELY a lot more going on here. Stuff the Pelosi’s and the dems don’t want revealed. As soon as the election is over, we won’t hear another word about this.

  • SCOTTtheBADGER says:

    Who is the ” Scott ” person that seems be in on the information as to what happened?

  • gnome says:

    And where does theh “where’s nancy, where’s nancy” narrative come from. If it was a reliable source perhaps that reliable source could clear up a few of the other questions. Of course if it was a pelosi there’s a bit of doubt about that too.

  • ChrisW says:

    Still waiting for Pelosi supporters to see problems with this. Why would a man who’s been very rich for a long time not have home security? Why would the Speaker of the House, third-in-line for the Presidency of the United States, not have home security?

    What’s the alternative?

    “Hey, there’s a guy in his underwear going around the neighborhood carrying a hammer!”
    “Big deal, he’s not hurting anybody. Hit me.”
    “Hey, that guy is going up to a house!”
    “Not our problem, we’re security. I said hit me.”
    “Hey, isn’t that the place where that lady in Congress lives?”
    “She’s only third-in-line for the Presidency, nobody cares. I know you’ve got that straight.”
    “Hey, he just broke into the house!”
    “Boy, I hope somebody calls the police. You gonna play or fold? Let’s go, Brandon!”

  • GWB says:

    We must draw the straight lines that connect violent political rhetoric and violent acts. The Pelosi assailant’s Facebook page looks identical to the Facebook pages of Trump, Taylor Greene, and Boebert.
    Hoo boy. If he weren’t a congresscritter, that would be the basis for a truly massive defamation suit.

    appeared to him in the form of a bird
    Uh oh, they’re trying to link Musk to this now!

    has ceaselessly assailed Pelosi as “crazy,” “corrupt” or the embodiment of Democratic wrongdoing
    Is it ‘vitriol’ if it’s true?

    As to the attack itself?
    There were 3 people there.
    DePape was in his underwear.
    Security was evidently off/at a distance.
    The couple are distributors of drugs.

    There is no way this went down as described. Sex/drug deal gone bad? That’s the only thing a lot of people can conclude from this.

  • Elmer T. Jones says:

    Then too we have Nancy on video saying she wanted to punch Donald Trump and was willing to go to jail for it.

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