Cuomo Resigns But Gives Two Weeks Notice

Cuomo Resigns But Gives Two Weeks Notice

Cuomo Resigns But Gives Two Weeks Notice

The proverbial handwriting was on the wall. The Democrats had collectively decided that Andrew Cuomo was no longer useful to them, so his sins could no longer be excused.

With the signaling from on high that Cuomo was at the end of his political rope, the legislature in Albany was making all the moves to head toward impeachment, and even his top mean girl aide, Melissa DeRosa, had bailed. Well, on her job – not on Cuomo himself. Like Bellatrix Lestrange, she was loyal to the end, hitching a ride to the governor’s mansion semi-incognito. saw (Cuomo office director Stephanie) Benton, wearing a white shirt and lemon-colored shorts, pick up DeRosa from her parents’ home in the Albany suburb of Slingerlands shortly before 3pm on Monday. They carefully placed a comforter on the back seat of Benton’s white BMW — ideal for someone to lie on to avoid being seen — before driving off.”

Minutes later the BMW arrived at the Executive Mansion, going through the back gate hastily in a bid to avoid press photographers parked out front.”

‘It was a blur. I thought whoa, who’s that? They’re driving way too fast for that parking lot,’ said one witness. ‘She raced in there like she really didn’t want anyone to see her.’

Benton left the mansion — this time more sedately and through the front gate — around 6pm, apparently alone.”

DeRosa, wearing a baseball cap, arrived back at her parents’ four-bedroom home, a 20-minute drive from the Executive Mansion, at 7.40pm. She picked up a few items from the garage and then went on to her brother Joey’s home in Slingerlands. She was still wearing the long-sleeve white top, short denim skirt and blue New York Yankees cap that she had on when Benton arrived nearly five hours earlier.”

Cuomo’s spokesman Rich Azzopardi confirmed the undercover visit.”

‘Stephanie and Melissa were visiting with the Governor and his daughter and wanted to avoid photographers staked out around the mansion,’ he said in a text message.”

He did not answer when pressed on the purpose of the visit.”

Perhaps it was the preparation for Andrew Cuomo succumbing to the inevitable. His allies were being felled, and there would be no reprieve from his friends in the Biden administration. Time to leave, before he got kicked out.

But not before he can say that this is really all someone else’s fault.

What the actual hell is he saying here??? “I’ve always been a groping jackass, it’s just your fault for noticing now” is not the defense you think it is, Cuomo. But what would a Cuomo speech be without the attempt to blame someone else?

Cuomo will officially leave office in two weeks. The New York legislature is probably breathing a sigh of relief. They’re getting what they want without having to do any of the work of actually impeaching him. They should still move forward on impeachment anyway. Not because of the sexual harassment investigation – they should do it for the thousands of seniors who died of COVID-19, alone in their nursing homes and care facilities, all because Team Cuomo decided to order sick seniors back in homes with healthy ones and covered it up. That would be some measure of justice.

But even without that, those whose lives were devastated by Cuomo’s policies and the loss of their loved ones are rejoicing right now.

After everything that Janice Dean has worked through and stood up for, I can’t even imagine the overwhelming emotion of this moment for her, and all the other families.

The other thing we should remember right now? The media. As they now happily toss Andrew Cuomo under the bus, remember how much they just LOVED him when they could prop him up against Donald Trump The Bad Orange Man.

Two weeks from now (where are all the Democrats who loved snap impeachments just earlier this year? Albany could still do that, right?), Andrew Cuomo will drive away from the governor’s mansion for the last time, and not a moment too soon. His brother Chris “Fredo” Cuomo will probably do the driving, because, after all, his family will still be there for him. Maybe Andrew can start writing another book once he leaves office – though without aides to help him, it might take longer (though Melissa DeRosa will probably show up to do his typing, seeing as neither of them are off the hook yet for the book deal). Now, to think of a new book title for Andrew Cuomo’s memoir. “If I Did It” is already taken. I’m sure some clever wit out there will find just the right book title for Andrew Cuomo’s ignominious political end.

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  • Frank says:

    More importantly, the founder and leader of Time’s Up, Roberta Kaplan , resigned because the leader of the multi million dollar “non profit” founded to help women accusing powerful men of sexual harrassment was caught helping Cuomo smear one of the women accusing him.

    Let’s take that in. The founder of an organization designed to help women allegedly harrassed by Cuomo get justice was caught red handed working against them.

    Is there any doubt that they don’t care about women, they care about protecting democrats at the expense of women.

  • Lloyd says:

    Good news, but……I fear this resignation is really a butt-covering maneuver to protect Vito for criminal prosecution. In fact, he is a major dirtbag and should be treated as such. I am not satisfied with his resignation…The bastard should be punished severely !!!!

  • […] interview his own brother on air and gloss over any bad thing Andrew might have done until the roof collapsed on Andrew Cuomo’s time in office. Oh, and Chris Cuomo is suing CNN for “wrongful […]

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