Antifa: Don’t Blame Us For Bullying An Elderly Woman And Calling Her A Nazi!

Antifa: Don’t Blame Us For Bullying An Elderly Woman And Calling Her A Nazi!

Antifa: Don’t Blame Us For Bullying An Elderly Woman And Calling Her A Nazi!

According to the Antifa protestors at the Mohawk College free speech event, if the event had been canceled, the elderly woman with the walker wouldn’t have been bullied and called a Nazi. Yes, that’s their sorry excuse for their abominable behavior.

“Kojo Damptey, program manager at the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion (HCCI), was also at the college for the start of the protest. He stressed that the moment with the elderly couple was a “distraction” from the protest.

“I don’t think that harassing … old folks and people that have disabilities is a good thing,” he said. “[But] to talk about that one incident is a distraction from why we were even there.”

“If they (PPC) weren’t allowed to speak at Mohawk, that wouldn’t have happened,” he said. “I think people should be focused on the reason why residents need to come out.”” [Emphasis Added]

When I first read that yesterday, my jaw dropped in sheer amazement. It was one of those rare times where I just couldn’t believe what I just read. Let’s go to the video shall we?

That Antifa …so peaceful and calm aren’t they? Antifa claims they are all about free speech. Yet they wanted a round table discussion about free speech shut down. Why? Because Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party of Canada doesn’t want open borders, has dared speak critically about the climate change hysteria and Greta Thunberg, and has been labeled as Far Right by Canada’s political left.

Antifa hides behind masks while screeching about Free Speech. Antifa hides behind masks and physically attacks people while labeling all those they disagree with as white supremacists. Antifa hides behind masks while verbally accosting an elderly woman and her companion and labeling her a NAZI for having the audacity to attend an event discussing …free speech.

Antifa refuses to listen to any speech they’ve deemed problematic How very…fascist of them.

How many times do I need to point out that Antifa wanted free speech SHUT DOWN?

In other words, FilthySJW is pointing the finger of blame at an old lady because she was trying to take the shortest route into the building. According to FilthySJW, if she hadn’t done so, no one would’ve screamed at her!

This is where we are folks. Antifa thugs threatening people because of speech they don’t like.

I’ve never heard of Daisy Cousins before, but she is spot on. Antifa has ZERO moral high ground. I have one quibble. It isn’t that Antifa wants to shut down dissent. No, they want to shut down everything and everyone that they deem ‘disagreeable.’

Toni just wrote an excellent post about the Hong Kong protests. The protestors there are doing everything they can to keep ALL their freedoms that were agreed upon by the British and Chinese governments. The Chinese government is working hard to take ALL their freedom away.

Does Antifa realize that they themselves are acting like unhinged dictators? If they do realize this, it’s evident that they don’t give a damn. It’s obvious that Antifa doesn’t want freedom, and they don’t want Free Speech.

Antifa is claiming that the threat was an elderly lady with a walker. NO, HELL NO and HORSE SHIT. It was Antifa’s choice to put on masks, surround and bully an elderly woman, and scream that she is a Nazi. It was THEIR choice to act like thugs. No one else.

Update: Her response is brilliant!!

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Feature Photo Credit: Screen Shot from Sky News Australia, cropped and modified

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  • rbj1 says:

    This is how ordinary Germans could be concentration camp guards, or Russians run Gulags or Chinese students the Cultural Revolution. Same mentality. Antifa just hasn’t gotten to that point yet, though they are well on that road.

  • NITZAKHON says:

    My sole thought was that they need high-velocity lead poisoning attitude adjustment.

    • ArmedandDeplorable says:

      So tempting. But we resist that impulse because we’re better than that, and that is the one and only reason an Antifa event doesn’t look like one of those Matthew Brady photos from the Civil War.

      This is America: honest people do not wear masks. Criminals wear masks. At the very least you’ll be treated with derision and disrespect. Worst case, you’ll get shot.

      • 370H55V says:

        Problem is that if we keep on thinking “we’re better than that” they win every time. NITZAKHON got it right, and I live for the day when it happens.

    • Don says:

      My thought exactly……especially with all of the FEMA camps that have been built……and I agree with the author in that they’re the result of poor parenting and bastardization of child rearing by liberals for the last 60 or so yeaes.

  • GWB says:

    “If they (PPC) weren’t allowed to speak at Mohawk, that wouldn’t have happened,”
    This is called EXTORTION and is a crime.

    Antifa hides behind masks and physically attacks people
    When you add in “for political purposes”, that’s called TERRORISM and is a crime, even if you don’t kill people.

    And, when you do it as an organized group, it’s called RACKETEERING.

    Why isn’t anyone enforcing these laws?
    Maybe the citizens should take the law into their own hands?

    But this woman chose to wade through the centre of the protest.
    This woman chose to exercise her natural rights to go where she wills, a*hole.

    It’s obvious that Antifa doesn’t want freedom
    They’re a bunch of COMMUNISTS formed to fight their fellow MARXISTS who happened to be FASCISTS. They formed because they didn’t want to divide the pie with the other totalitarians! Of course they don’t want freedom!

    The lot of them are lucky they’ve never stood in my way.
    I keep hoping some of them will be stupid enough to do so.

  • Chaz says:

    I am 70 y.o. male. These clowns will try bullying an elderly person one of these days, when they get the hat handed to them, oops!!.. P.s. Don’t you dare bleed on my lawn!!!:-)

  • Mary Anne Borg says:


  • Taco Tommy says:

    I’m glad I wasn’t there, as those three brownshirts would drinking pizza though a straw for the next 6 months.

  • NateWhilk says:

    “How many times do I need to point out that Antifa wanted free speech SHUT DOWN?”

    COMRADE! Hate speech is NOT free speech! Report to the concentration camp, er, I mean, a re-education center! /sarcasm

  • BeckyJ says:

    Classic abuser language. “Don’t make me hit you!”

  • NotaNazi says:

    The one individual with the orange shirt has been identified as Alaa Soufi and is the owner of the Toronto eatery Soufi’s With Love. On their restaurant page, critics of his behaviour are being blasted as racists and Nazi’s. As a Syrian migrant, one would think he would be more appreciative of his new home and the not be actively working to strip others of their freedoms.

  • Suburbanbanshee says:

    If the Antifa thugs had reacted like humans and been courteous, they would not have gotten their sweet, sweet dopamine of anger. And how can anyone expect addicts to act decently?


  • Buffalo1 says:

    Democrat brownshirts.

  • direwolf says:

    The time draws nigh when these black-clad cowards will get theirs. A hard rain is going to fall.

  • Old NFO says:

    And the cops were, as usual, nowhere to be found. Dammit…

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