Adams Wants Federal Help For Subway Attack, Ignores Victims

Adams Wants Federal Help For Subway Attack, Ignores Victims

Adams Wants Federal Help For Subway Attack, Ignores Victims

Eric Adams wanted to be front and center regarding the vicious subway attack, but that darned covid diagnosis got in the way. This was quite the sympathetic headline.

New York’s public safety mayor faces subway attack while in Covid quarantine

Oh that’s just too damned bad. Never mind the victims in this attack, they are mentioned just ONCE in that article. 

Almost two months later, Adams finds himself responding to a horrific shooting in a Brooklyn subway station that injured at least 16 people during the morning rush — all while the mayor is quarantined with Covid-19.

That’s just fabulous. The report I linked to spent 99.9% of the time propping Eric Adams up while completely ignoring the current and past victims of subway attacks on his watch. Furthermore, the very next line in the article was quite astounding. It seems that good ole Eric has earned a national reputation as a “tough on crime Democrat.” 

I’ll admit, it took me a significant amount of time to stop laughing and look for my eyeballs they rolled so hard! 

If Eric Adams was tough on crime, then the cameras along ALL of the subway lines were working, right?? 

Look, Adams had already promised additional police patrolling the subway and platforms. Now, today, he suddenly promised more police. However, additional safety comes with ensuring that ALL security cameras are working 24/7. If it turns out that none of the cameras were working, Adams has some questions to answer. As does, frankly, those running the subway and the NYPD.

As for many of the subway attackers leading up to yesterday morning, how many are in jail and how many are either let loose or are out on bail? Too many. 

Meanwhile, as the hunt for the shooter continues, the Mayor’s security detail has been increased. 

“There are some postings possibly connected to our person of interest where he mentions homelessness, he mentioned New York, and he does mention Mayor Adams, and as a result of that abundance of caution, we’re are going to heighten his security detail,” Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said at a press conference Tuesday evening.

I can tell you this, it’s probably easier to increase the Mayor’s security detail than it is to make arrangements among the precincts to staff up the subway system without leaving gaps in public safety elsewhere!

Eric Adams promised in January that the subway system would have a larger police presence. He promised more platform barriers at the station, and to deploy law enforcement combined with homeless outreach to deal with those issues as well. 

Here’s the problem with getting all of this done. It really seems that nothing has changed. 

Tuesday’s shooting came amid a rise in violent crime across New York City, and fears from some pandemic-weary New Yorkers to return to the subway system. Last week, the city’s police commissioner released new figures showing a 36 percent increase in major crimes and a 16 percent rise in shootings over the past year.

Furthermore, a recent survey by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) found that 90 percent of New Yorkers who stopped riding the subway said that fear of crime and harassment was the main reason they left the transit system, according to The New York Times.

Now, as we go into the next morning after a vicious attack on a major portion of NYC’s subway system, all we have is the Mayor making more promises, while New Yorkers wonder when the next subway crime will be committed. 

I get that it takes some time to ramp up police and security, IF there was absolutely nothing in place prior to January when Adams took office. However, even as he made promises, he also whined that the magical federal dollars would solve everything 

He said his administration has launched several initiatives to bring crime down, but that the problem was systemic and also required federal action.

There you go. There’s the money quote. More federal dollars would’ve stopped this shooter, Adams is certain of that. 

Federal dollars are the magical fix that would’ve ensured the city’s subway cameras were working. Federal dollars are the magical fix that would’v ensured that NYC didn’t see a 44% increase in crime from January to March, plus a 72% increase in shooting incidents compared to 2020. Federal dollars will solve all and keep people safe! 

The hunt continues for the shooter, who likely didn’t buy his weapon legally, while those shot and injured work hard to recover. What is Eric Adams doing? Pulling a Joe Biden:

“If I was not quarantining in Gracie Mansion … I would be on that subway system,” Adams said in another local TV interview with News 12.

Cheers to you brave Sir Eric! May I interest you in some shrubbery, a participation trophy, and a reality check?  

Feature Photo Credit: Adams on NYC subway via Shutterstock, cropped and modified

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  • Scott says:

    Like any god dem, he just blames guns.. Don’t dare consider what might have happened if the people of NYC actually had a right to self defense, and could have shot back.. or even just the fact that it wasn’t a gun free zone would likely deter some of this crap. but since dems are all about control, and absolute power, they’ll never look at the actual causes / fixes..

    • GWB says:

      god dem
      I’m pondering which of those words actually has the typo in it.
      “God dem!” has an interesting thought in it, I think.

  • GWB says:

    an NYPD captain made the decision not to stop trains and let the shooter escape
    Ummm, this person does realize that stopping the trains would simply trap a bunch more victims with this guy? And now, if he doesn’t simply shoot all of them, the police have to deal with a hostage situation in a subway tunnel?

    also required federal action
    Nobody wants to take responsibility. Everyone wants to pass the buck higher – for both action and money.

    Killers are using weapons of mass destruction to kill innocent people.
    WHAT? Is there something to this story we don’t know? He used chemical weapons or nukes?
    Wait, no? He didn’t? Then shut your piehole about “weapons of mass destruction”, jacka**!
    (No, smoke bombs are not WMD. Even tear gas isn’t. Ricin, maybe [Tokyo subways]. Mustard gas, maybe. A nuke, yes. But not smoke bombs or firearms.)

    the peace we deserve
    You don’t deserve any peace, Adams. You deserve exactly what your principles and choices bring you – which is going to be more crime and more violence and more death. There might be people in NYC who deserve peace – but your choices impact them, too.

    (In general, no one ‘deserves’ peace. Sorry, but you’re all sinners who deserve death. Only God’s love can give you peace by taking away your sin. And even then, the only peace you’re guaranteed is in your own heart and after you depart this world. It’s Holy Week – you’re going to get a sermon from me when you preach an anti-Christian religion like that Progressive claptrap you spouted, Adams.)

  • Scott says:

    “WHAT? Is there something to this story we don’t know? “.. Just the dems latest attempt to demonize standard capacity magazines…

  • Joe R. says:

    City’s been broke for years because of corruption.

    Time to drag it into bankruptcy court and appoint a trustee.

  • Joe R. says:

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Grab

  • American Human says:

    Apparently the gun was purchased legally.

  • jbspry says:

    What a worthless dud Adams has proven to be.


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