What Can The United States Do About Syria? [VIDEO]

What Can The United States Do About Syria? [VIDEO]

What Can The United States Do About Syria? [VIDEO]

The news broke over the weekend that yet again, there are civilians in Douma, Syria, who are dead as of a result of a suspected chemical weapon attack. The Syrian government, under the control of the dictator Bashar Assad, denies it was their doing.

But the results of the attack have left at least 40 civilians – including children – dead, though some reports have the death toll as high as 100.

Those in the rebel-held Syrian enclave of Douma say they immediately knew their region had again been assaulted by chemical weapons — and something stronger than just chlorine.

Ahmed Saleh, a 26-year-old volunteer with the Syrian Civil Defense — also known as the White Helmets — told Fox News that the suspect rockets landed in an area called Al Shohada Square around 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

“There was a strong smell, and we entered one of the shelters to help the civilians there, but I couldn’t go all the way because I felt the symptoms of suffocation, difficulty breathing; my tears began to fall profusely,” he recalled. “We, paramedics, saw everyone in the shelter lying on the ground. I do not know whether they were dead or alive, but none of them were moving.”

The images being tweeted out of the dead and injured via The White Helmets’ Twitter account are simply devastating.

While Assad’s government claims they didn’t do this (backed by Russia, naturally), the question becomes what does the United States do about this? Remember that Syria is an Obama administration problem, complete with red lines, that never got any kind of resolution before he left office. Assad is still in power, backed and aided and abetted by Vladimir Putin. The Trump administration, especially UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, has consistently called out Syria and Russia in open forum. But here we are all over again.

Despite Senator John McCain’s complaint that Trump is withdrawing from Syria while it is still a wreck (while also pointing out that Syria is part of Obama’s legacy)…

“President Trump last week signaled to the world that the United States would prematurely withdraw from Syria. Bashar Assad and his Russian and Iranian backers have heard him, and emboldened by American inaction, Assad has reportedly launched another chemical attack against innocent men, women and children, this time in Douma. Initial accounts show dozens of innocent civilians, including children, have been targeted by this vicious bombardment designed to burn and choke the human body and leave victims writhing in unspeakable pain.

“Crimes against humanity have become Assad’s trademarks in his relentless campaign against the people of Syria that has killed more than half a million people and forced 11 million from their homes. President Trump was quick to call out Assad today, along with the Russian and Iranian governments, on Twitter. The question now is whether he will do anything about it. The President responded decisively when Assad used chemical weapons last year. He should do so again, and demonstrate that Assad will pay a price for his war crimes.

“To be sure, President Trump inherited bad options after years of inaction by his predecessor in Syria. History will render a bitter judgment on America for that failure. But no one should believe we are out of options. We can and should change course – starting with a comprehensive strategy that lays out clear objectives for our mission there. It’s not too late to stop Assad’s impunity and begin to rewrite this terrible chapter in our history.”

… the problem is that we are not actually at war with Syria, and Trump may have been on shaky legal ground when he bombed a Syrian airfield last year. So, what do we actually do? Is Congress prepared to commit American troops and American dollars to remove Assad and then…. ???? This sounds dangerously like Iraq, the sequel. And it won’t be just one Saddam Hussein to take down. Assad is quite well protected between his Russian and Iranian friends. This has all the potential of a worldwide conflict.

In the meantime, someone has started bombing a Syrian airbase.

But it wasn’t the United States….

Odds are good that these airstrikes might have been the handiwork of the Israeli Defense Force.

That emergency meeting that is being called at the UN today to address the chemical attack just got a whole lot more interesting.

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  • David Lentz says:

    There is only one person about whom Bashar al-Assad cares, to wit himself. Make him an offer he can not refuse.

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