New Ambassador Nikki Haley Slaps UN Over Syria [VIDEO]

New Ambassador Nikki Haley Slaps UN Over Syria [VIDEO]

New Ambassador Nikki Haley Slaps UN Over Syria [VIDEO]

Nikki Haley, former South Carolina governor and now United Nations ambassador, put the world on notice this week. After eight years of ambassadors like Susan Rice and Samantha Power, Haley has shown in this last week that she – and the United States – mean business.

Ambassador Nikki Haley at the UN (photo: Getty Images)
First, she called Russia out on the carpet and publicly shamed them over the chemical attack that Assad committed. If Russia has any shame left, her speech left a mark.

After the US air strike on the Syrian air base, Bolivia requested a closed-door meeting of the Security Council to discuss Syria.

Here was Ambassador Haley’s response:

That epic thud you just heard was the rear end of Bolivia sitting back down.

But Haley was not done.

Pay attention, UN. Nikki Haley did not come to play nice. And she lit a fire in that Security Council meeting – one that Moscow is desperate to put out. However, UK Ambassador Rycroft backed up Haley in session.

While we should all keep a wary eye on events unfolding in Syria, we can all cheer on Ambassador Haley as she slaps down Russia, Iran, and Syria in such a public forum.

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  • James Bates says:

    Yeah, cause antagonizing a nuclear superpower and it’s allies is always a good idea. I’m legitimately scared right now, that my neighborhood will be radioactive glass next week.

  • VALman says:

    I’ve been impressed, thus far, with U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley. Her no-nonse, reasoned approach is what I expect to hear from a representative of our policies and interests. As the missiles into Syria indicated the resoluteness of this administration, so, too, may Ambassador’s presence and work at the U.N. do likewise.

  • Johnny says:

    Trump knew the US had unfinished business with Assad.
    The problem was Obama’s toothless threat years ago.
    Now that that situation has been, shall we say, “clarified” , Trump will likely sit back and let things unfold.
    Perfect response.

  • Katy says:

    How do you know the attack wasn’t a false flag? Look at the photos. People were handling the bodies freely with no protection against sarin contamination. I don’t have much truck with conspiracist but something doesn’t hang right with this whole thing.

  • Scott says:

    James, while Russia will support their client states behind the scenes against us, or openly against other small nations, they care too much about their own country to start a nuclear war over it. Putin is evil, but he’s not stupid, he has to act tough now, but there is a limit to how far he’ll go.

    Katy, I agree that there are no good actors in this fight, it’s Asaad on one side, and isis and their supporters on the other, and it’s equally likely that they both have and have used chemical weapons, but in reference to the handling of the bodies, Sarin is classified as a ” non-persistent” agent, meaning that it evaporates quickly, in theory so the side using it could advance and occupy the territory soon after the agent killed those defending it, without risk..

  • Johnny says:

    Katy may have a point, but I’ll go with Trump’s judgement on that – he has access to a lot more intel than we do (hopefully).

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