West and Marcotte: Witches of The Great Toilet

West and Marcotte: Witches of The Great Toilet

West and Marcotte: Witches of The Great Toilet

Amanda Marcotte sat down with author, Lindy West, for yet another Salon man-hating session to talk about West’s new full-length book entitled, “The Witches Are Coming“. One may remember Ms. West as the co-founder of the Shout Your Abortion Movement:

It is “kind of murder”, she says. Yeah, kinda, Lindy. You think?

Back to the interview. West’s book, according to Marcotte, is a collection of essays “about how all these crappy white guys, and especially Donald Trump, keep claiming that they’re being targeted by witch hunts, which were actually a thing that targeted women, who were killed by it”. And wait, there’s more:

It’s interesting to me because, like you said, the Donald Trump victim trip is something that we’ve seen on the internet for more than a decade now. And all these angry men that feel like they’re being persecuted, that they’re the victims of sexism, that they’re the victims of racism. Do you think that that sense of persecution is sincere, or do you think they’re just making it up?”-Amanda Marcotte

West basically calls this “propaganda” that is fed to the uneducated masses who don’t know any better. They, (West, Marcotte and their tribe) of course, are so much more intellectually superior and they want everyone to know this. They say Donald Trump plays the victim. Therefore, white men also like to play victims. All of sudden “telling it like it is” is “Trumpian” if you are a 19 year-old white guy. According to self-proclaimed feminists, Marcotte and West, white men are a bunch of sissies and they like to bitch and moan that nobody likes them. Especially white Conservative men. Because we all know they are not talking about their man-bun-styled, onesie-wearing, passive-aggressive, urban soy boys here.

West cites the #MeToo movement and a New York Times article that she penned as her motivation in curating this collection of essays. Okay, we’ll give her that. Weinstein and Woody Allen are creeps in every sense of the word. But to clump them in with the rest of the population of white men in our country and call their victimization a form of propaganda seems a bit absurd, if you ask me. And really, who are acting the true victims here? Which group invented the terms “white privilege” or “micro-agressions”? Which group of individuals claimed to be victims and not victors of rampant sexism in the workplace? Which group of people have stirred the pot on racial relations over the past few years? All of this isn’t “propaganda”, though.

The book is very full of very understandable anger over Trump, and all the crappy men, and the internet trolls, and the Hollywood directors that have turned this country into a toilet.”-Amanda Marcotte

(Sigh.) Spare me the theatrics, Amanda. Our country is a toilet? Really? Let’s examine this a bit, shall we?

In her little Q & A with Marcotte, West talks about her children. You know, the ones she chose not to abort? She tells the story of how they-should-be-in-school-ala-Thunberg but decided to take it upon themselves to print up stickers and plaster them all over Seattle:

My older daughter learned about hostile architecture, like benches with spikes on them so that homeless people can’t sleep, and so she has made a thousand vinyl stickers that are like, ‘Seattle doesn’t care about homeless people. This bench was designed to deny homeless people a place to rest. If you support this bench, you’re a monster.’ Whatever. It’s more eloquent than that, but she’s just on a rampage, vandalizing the city for justice.

She shouldn’t have to spend her time doing that, you know what I mean? Hey, what if, oh, I don’t know, the two richest people in the world live in Seattle. What if we didn’t have 4,000 people sleeping on the street so that my daughter didn’t have to run around putting stickers on everything, yelling at Amazon employees?-Lindy West

No offense to the kid. West’s daughter is being the good, little liberal activist that her mom wants her to be. I’m so glad, though, that she mentioned Seattle after Marcotte mentions “crappy men” yet again and how they turned this country is a toilet. West really thinks a thousand little stickers are truly going to help the homeless in Seattle? Because it’s all Amazon Employees’ fault that there are 4,000 homeless people living there? (By the way, Ms. West’s books are available on Amazon in case y’all wanted to know.) The homeless problem in Seattle has nothing to do with the fact that progressive lawmakers and a corrupt city council (whom I am sure she supports) have abused a system and have not addressed a rampant addiction problem amongst the homeless population. If we look closely, crappy women are responsible for this. West wouldn’t want send her child off on her little broom down to Pioneer Square to perhaps donate some clothing or proceeds from her writing ventures to Union Gospel Mission or something, would she? Nope, stickers plastered all over metro Seattle are the solution.

In short, according to West, feminists are on a “witch hunt”. It is completely valid for them to use this term. But (white) men are not to claim anybody is on a “witch hunt” after them. They would be exploiting victimhood and spreading “propaganda” if they did. Abortion is just “kinda” murder, vandalism takes the place of true, meaningful action. And…more twisted logic: Men are “crappy” and this country is a “toilet”, in the world according to Amanda Marcotte. Keep listening to this stuff and pretty soon, all grey matter is flushed away. Double, double toil and trouble. Pass the Poopourri.

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  • GWB says:

    She shouldn’t have to spend her time doing that, you know what I mean?
    She is absolutely right. She should be working her butt off to achieve success in this world.

    But, our society is dang rich that it takes very little effort to survive. And so, some people turn to activism to give their lives meaning and to struggle with something. So, this little girl – instead of learning and achieving – is putting her brain bytes behind coming up with catchy slogans and printing stickers. Just so she can participate in the Mighty Struggle of Life.

    progressive lawmakers and a corrupt socialist city council

    stickers vandalism plastered all over metro Seattle are the solution

  • Dietrich says:

    “Whatever. It’s more eloquent than that, but she’s just on a rampage, vandalizing the city for justice.

    She shouldn’t have to spend her time doing that, you know what I mean?”

    How, exactly, is she being forced to spend her time doing that?

  • CaptDMO says:

    I love it when “educated” women feel that the best approach to poor economic poli-sci is to break a few windows.

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