Media Wrings Hands Over “Wuhan Virus” Label

Media Wrings Hands Over “Wuhan Virus” Label

Media Wrings Hands Over “Wuhan Virus” Label

The biggest threat of the COVID-19 outbreak isn’t the transmissibility of the virus, or the severity for at-risk populations, it’s the… RACISM.

While the left squee’d themselves with sheer glee over the news that a CPAC attendee had a positive test for COVID-19, they absolutely went into orgasmic delight over the news that Senator Ted Cruz had come into contact with this person, and would self-quarantine out of caution. (Seriously, never read the replies on Twitter unless you want to lose all faith in humanity.)

Then, Representative Paul Gosar of Arizona (a dentist by profession, which is why he uses “Dr” in his Twitter handle) also announced that he, too, had come into contact with the same person, and would self-quarantine as well.

Except he committed the apparently unforgivable sin of RACISM by referring to COVID-19 as the “Wuhan virus.”

The replies and reactions on Twitter were absolutely unhinged as the woke-scolds descended on the tweet to proclaim just how wrong and racist and evil it was to call this particular virus, which began its notorious spread in… Wuhan, China.

Why, if only the Chinese were more ENLIGHTENED and non-racist about… themselves.

And if ONLY such enlighted outlets of media such as *checks notes* CNN had watched their language months ago!

And just wait until the Twitterati discover that the Spanish flu didn’t actually come from Spain, but is called that because Spain produced the best data during the pandemic (thanks to their neutrality during World War I) and therefore got the dubious “honor” of having that particular strain of influenza forever connected to them.

Or that Ebola is named after a river in Africa, or that a multitude of other viruses (West Nile, anyone?) are actually named after locations, and this is a fairly common practice.

But because some people are righteously stupid and have blamed random Asian people for the current outbreak, the self-appointed media “saviors” are running to defend the honor of communist China for this outbreak. The term “COVID-19” was created by the World Health Organization, in an effort to not “stigmatize” China, which of course China fully approves of. (Why we didn’t just lean into it and call it “kung flu” seems like a missed opportunity.) I have zero sympathy for communist China, and I have zero sympathy for their continued censorship of data and news about the severity of this virus. My sympathy belongs with the Chinese people who are suffering from both this virus and from communism.

I am currently living at COVID-19 ground zero in the United States. The greater Puget Sound area has seen multiple deaths in a vulnerable population, and my grandmother is currently quarantined in her nursing home because a worker has tested positive for COVID-19. My children’s school district is closed down and shifting to online school (this will be especially problematic for my three sons’ special education programs). After the initial panic over toilet paper and bottled water (seriously, people), there have been a lot less people out in public – which gives one the odd vibe of being in a low-budget remake of “28 Days Later.”

So the self-professed enlightned Twitter and media leftists who are gasping in horror about the use of the term “Wuhan virus” can just suck it up and accept the reality check that this is not racist. Sparing communist China’s “feelings” by calling this virus COVID-19 instead of “Wuhan virus,” “Wuhan coronavirus,” “Wuhan pneumonia,” or whatever indicates its region of notoriety, if not origin, is just virtue signaling and pandering of the highest degree.

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  • Wayne M. says:

    Surprised that Pelosi and her henchman Schiff haven’t found a whistleblower to claim collusion between Trump and the Wuhan Bat Soup Chef to spread Covfefe-19 around the World.

  • GWB says:

    (Why we didn’t just lean into it and call it “kung flu” seems like a missed opportunity.)
    We’ll have to wait on one to come out of Hong Kong for that (Hong Kung Flu).
    (And, I’m betting these people think Hong Kong Phooey(sp?) was so racist an entire generation should be burned at the stake.)

    Best of luck to you, Deanna. Your population isn’t getting a lot of sympathy (nor the LA/SF area) because of the stupid people there. Have you got your oak bat with the nails pounded into it and the barbed wire strung, yet? ‘Cause any day now it’s going to be Walking Dead ’round there.

  • david says:

    If they’ve got their panties in a knot about “Wuhan virus,” listening to Tucker Carlson go on about the “Chinese coronavirus” will *really* get them chapped!

  • Drew458 says:

    Let’s just cut to the chase and call it Shi Zhengli virus, given that she is the person who created it. Right here in the USA at UNC in 2015, although she probably fine tuned it some once she went back to Wuhan. All of this info is out there, in published scientific papers, for anyone who wants to look. It is not a loony conspiracy theory. So is her quote that it’s “punishment from nature for unclean living”.

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