Unease In the Middle East With Arrests In Jordan

Unease In the Middle East With Arrests In Jordan

Unease In the Middle East With Arrests In Jordan

The Middle East is a bit uneasy right now. Jordanian royals along with nearly twenty others have been arrested or detained per the order of King Abdullah II. Most notably, one of those under house arrest is the King’s half-brother, Prince Hazmah bin Hussein.

“In a video passed to the BBC by his lawyer, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, the half-brother of King Abdullah, accuses the country’s leaders of corruption, incompetence and harassment.

It comes after a number of high-level arrests said to be linked to an alleged coup plot.

The military earlier denied Prince Hamzah was under house arrest.

But it said he had been ordered to stop actions that could be used to target the country’s “security and stability”.

The move apparently comes after a visit by the prince to tribal leaders where he is said to have garnered some support.”

This move has definitely sent a ripple throughout the Middle East as well as around the world. Jordan has been, by far, one of the most stable Middle Eastern countries around. So, for this crackdown to suddenly happen, you can bet everyone is sitting up and taking notice. 

Keep in mind, Jordan has been a long and valued ally to the United States. Jordan played a pivotal role in both the Gulf War and the War on Terror. Jordan has also played pivotal roles in regards to multiple peace negotiations across the Middle East. 

So again, for this to happen, is cause for concern for the stability of Jordan as well as the Middle East itself. However, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, and others have already signaled their support for King Abdullah. 

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration response is, we are watching the situation. OH. That’s all? 

Never mind, I understand. The Biden Administration has other priorities. 

Those “indirect talks” involve Iran DEMANDING that all sanctions are lifted before they will come to the table for further negotiations. 

“No step-by-step plan is being considered,” Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh told state TV. “The definitive policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the lifting of all U.S. sanctions.”

The move could result in billions of dollars in foreign investment and revenue flowing into Tehran’s coffers, a regime rightly classified by the outgoing Trump administration as the biggest state sponsor of terrorism.”

Does anyone else envision MORE pallets of cash headed Iran’s way?? I do. Meanwhile, smaller pallets of cash are already in Palestinian hands. Yes, that’s correct, the Biden Administration is bribing Palestine. 

“The State Department, along with the US Agency for International Development, notified Congress of their intent to deliver nearly $75 million in aid to the region just one day after announcing a $15 million commitment publicly to vulnerable Palestinian groups.

The State Department declined to say whether the $15 million was included in the $75 million mentioned to Congress, or if the two were separate payments.”

As to what the Biden Administration expects from these bribes, who knows? One key reason why President Trump halted any aid to Palestine is that it is verifiable fact families of terrorists are paid handsomely if their terrorist husband, father, sibling is successful in blowing people up. Is the Biden Administration concerned about that? Are they worried that Israel will be adversely impacted with this bribe? Nope. 

Remember, Biden was Vice President when Obama decided that Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu got told to leave by the back door? How about when Obama rudely walked out of a meeting with Netanyahu? Now, Biden waited weeks/months before placing a call, if he DID place a call that is. 

While Biden praised the move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem on the campaign trail AND praised the Abraham Accords, now the rhetoric is to nix all mention of those two phrases. 

That was some SERIOUS tap dancing!!

In regards to Jordan and the Middle East, the Biden Administration’s foreign policy is that of appeasement, bribery, and a return to the status quo. What status quo? That of an apologetic United States. Thus, if the situation worsens in Jordan, what will the Biden Administration do? Throw down an Obama-style Gumby red line? That wouldn’t surprise me.

Feature Photo Credit: King Abdullah of Jordan with President Trump April 2017, official White House photo, public domain, cropped and modified

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