China, The Iran Deal, and Biden

China, The Iran Deal, and Biden

China, The Iran Deal, and Biden

Biden needs to bring back the Iran Deal says China. In fact, they don’t just say it, that is their demand. Via Legal Insurrection we find out that this “request” was issued just four days ago.

““The US shall return to the Iran nuclear deal as soon as possible and without any preconditions, and the US should also scrap all sanctions imposed on Iran, other third-party entities and individuals,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a video conference with other four signatories of the 2015 nuclear accord.”

Just yesterday President Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act, citing China’s influence as a key concern in one of his five points of contention about the bill. Once I stumbled across this demand from China late last night, I have to believe that this was ALSO an underlying reason for the President’s veto.  

China isn’t alone in issuing their demands for the US to rejoin the Iran Deal. Europe wants the same thing. 

“EU foreign ministers have agreed not to set fresh preconditions on a revival of the Iran nuclear deal, believing Tehran and Washington should be able to come back into full compliance with the agreement without at this stage needing to accept to extend or strengthen it.”

Then again, Europe has never left the Iran Deal and still believes that Iran is not the scorpion it really is. What is telling about all of this is that CHINA is pushing for the Iran deal. Why? I have to believe it is because of their OWN deal they struck with Iran early this summer. 

It seems that this deal, the China-Iran Comprehensive Strategic Partnership puts a lot on the line for China. This deal, which is slated to run for twenty five years, involves bilateral economic, political, and military cooperation to the tune of a $400 billion investment. Said investment is purported to assist in improving the oil, gas, and transportation infrastructures within Iran. $400 billion is a significant pile of money. You can bet that China will want a significant return on investment for that. 

Which explains in part, why China is desperately hoping Joe Biden will summarily sign the Iran Deal with no questions asked. I would venture to guess that, with the US agreeing to the Iran Deal with no exceptions or exemptions, China would breathe a sigh of relief and see that their $400 billion investment (no pallets of cash here!) would bear fruit. 

Iran, in the meantime, is still pissed off that President Trump obliterated Qasem Soleimani from this earth earlier this year. So pissed off that they are continuing to threaten the United States with retaliation, and attacked our embassy in Baghdad last weekend. 

“The barrage of rockets launched at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad Sunday was the largest attack on the capital’s Green Zone since 2010, numbering 21 missiles, the top U.S. military commander for the Middle East said.

Iraq’s president has denounced the rocket firings as a “terrorist act” and said that the targeting of diplomatic missions had tarnished the nation’s reputation.”

President Trump was not amused. 

Iran is no friend of the United States. Period. President Trump did absolutely the right thing by pulling us out of the craptostic Iran Deal engineered by Obama, Joe Biden, and John Kerry. The fact that China now has an agreement with Iran is a gigantic red flag. 

China is no friend to the United States. We’ve written extensively about how China has stolen intellectual property from US companies, lied about the origins of the Wuhan flu virus, and has for decades placed spies in strategic positions – Eric Swalwell and Diane Feinstein are just two of many. 

Some people believe that China is faltering, which is why it is pushing for the Iran Deal. They believe China is faltering which is why China is finally allowing the World Health Organization into Wuhan to investigate the flu origins. 

China may be faltering due to many realizing that China is asshole, but that makes China even more dangerous now, not less. 

“For one thing, a China that realizes that its reach has exceeded its grasp is likely to do everything in its power to lock in whatever geopolitical advantages it currently enjoys, before its ability to Sino-form the world begins to wane. This includes redrawing the map in the South China Sea and Himalayas; transforming international organizations to reflect Chinese values and interests; and generally working to reorder the global balance of power in its favor.”

Hence a $400 billion deal with Iran and a strong push to get the US back on track with the Iran Deal. Big Tech, which has been all in on helping China with it’s internal censorship, also needs to understand that China is bad news. 

Big tech needs to realize that China’s deal with Iran plus their urgent appeal for Biden to rejoin the Iran Deal is bad news for EVERYONE. 

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  • Lloyd says:

    Biden and China are long time bedfellows. I have no doubt that Biden will sell us out to China. After all, China has the goods on Biden.

    • Larry Brasfield says:

      Xiden has already sold us out to China. China’s demand of their puppet is simply setting some of the details of the deal, and demonstrating to the world their power.

  • Lloyd says:

    To say it another way…Biden and his family OWE China. That puts the rest of us Americans in a dangerous position.

  • Citizen tom says:

    Definitely not a good situation. Biden should not be president.

  • Res40 says:

    “Big tech needs to realize that China’s deal with Iran plus their urgent appeal for Biden to rejoin the Iran Deal is bad news for EVERYONE. ”
    And here is a problem. You write that as if BigTech will suddenly realize how wrong they have been and then turn around and mend their ways. As if they are Americans that feel kinship with their fellow countrymen and have deep concern about the well being of our nation. As if they aren’t already fully aware of what they are doing and it is their intention and plan to do exactly as they are.
    The incentives for them are very obvious, and what they are doing is serving their ends very well.

  • nomen nescio says:


  • […] in mind, this is the Biden Administration who thinks terrorist organizations are just fine. This is the Biden Administration who stayed quiet […]

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