Questions About The Illegal Immigrants At The Border

Questions About The Illegal Immigrants At The Border

Questions About The Illegal Immigrants At The Border

Victory Girls own Deanna wrote a great post yesterday about Joe Biden trying to change the narrative on the border crisis. Reading her post, raised so many questions. If we had journalism in this country, the journos might be asking these questions, but we don’t, so they don’t.

You can read Deanna’s full post here. Deanna recounted the story of the three and five year old sisters who were dropped over the wall by the smugglers, who also dropped a bag with their passports and a cell phone. Their mother is already in the United States. Here are a few questions. Is their mother in the U.S. illegally? Did she condone, coordinate or pay the cartel to smuggle them to the border? Is this the kind of mother we want to turn children over to? This mother allowed her children to travel 3100 miles with drug and human trafficking cartels. We sentence mothers to jail for leaving their children in a car while they go for a job interview.

I have questions about the payment to the cartels. We are told that these migrants are desperate to get to the United States. They have nothing in their home countries. How much do they pay the cartels to bring them to the border? From Market Watch in 2019, here is part of one story:

When the doors of the semi-trailer in southern Mexico swung open to the crowd of waiting migrants, the 26-year-old Honduran man wanted to turn around and leave with his wife and 4-year-old daughter.

The windowless metal box was not what a smuggler had promised some 310 miles to the south in Los Amates, Guatemala, near the border with Honduras. There, $7,000 promised a care-free journey to the U.S. border aboard luxury buses with meals included.

Now he could only think of his daughter and the $4,000 they had already paid and couldn’t afford to lose.

“I risked my daughter because they told me that we weren’t going to suffer, that we were going to come comfortably, eating well, but it was all a lie,” said the man, who agreed to be identified only by his middle name, Jesús, out of fear for his family’s safety. “On the journey it’s another reality.”

That sounds like $11,000.00 to me. That’s a big chunk of change. Let’s assume they sold everything they owned to get that eleven grand. They don’t seem that poor to me. I know people who couldn’t raise one grand selling everything they own, here in the United States. And, they have cell phones. Those aren’t cheap. How do they charge them? Are there charging stations in the desert?

Where is our vaunted “compassion” for the people being trafficked? According to super reporter Lara Logan, these people are enslaved:

If you haven’t paid the cartels what you owe them when you get to the border, you still owe them. That’s why those hardworking immigrants have two jobs. As Logan said, the migrants wear wristbands that link to databases to track both them and their family back home. You want your brother in Guatemala to live, you better pay up. Different rates, too, for different parts of the border.

As Joe Biden prepares to open another 90,000 square foot facility for illegal immigrants in Eagle Pass, Texas, there are more questions. These children are checked for lice when they are processed. What other diseases are they checked for? We have to assume they don’t bring their vaccination records with them. The sheer volume would suggest that they aren’t being tested for Covid-19. Are they being checked for tuberculosis? Meningitis or Hand, Foot and Mouth disease? In addition to the tent cities being Covid super spreader centers, with people packed in the way they are, could they be super spreader centers for the stomach virus?

How do we know these male teenagers are teenagers? How do we know they aren’t already members of gangs being smuggled into the United States? How do we know young females aren’t brought here as part of prostitution rings? Answer: we don’t.

This, this is what the Liberals call compassion?

That doesn’t even begin to cover the questions. Think about the overwhelmed border patrol agents. Think about the emotional toll being taken on them. The kids they can save and the kids they can’t save. A nine year old girl drowned in the Rio Grande eight days ago. Border agents were able to resuscitate her mother and younger brother.

Why are the American people not asking themselves questions? It’s our tax dollars going to fund this human disaster at the border. We deserve answers.

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  • Humility says:

    If only we had an immigration process that would verify the immigrant was not sick, a criminal, being exploited, or coming here penniless with the goal of living off of welfare.

  • RDG says:

    We are asking the questions. The scum who stole the election don’t care what we think. Immigration is just another of their frauds. We have become a nation of laws selectively enforced by very lawless, but quite violent men.

  • rbj1 says:

    Then there are the illegal aliens coming not from Central America but from Africa and Asia. How do they walk from those continents to the western hemisphere?

  • GWB says:

    That sounds like $11,000.00 to me.
    No. The cost was $7,000, and they pre-paid $4,000 of it. Once they reach America, they will be in debt to these ‘people’ for the other $3,000. It’s entirely possible they will get funneled to some sort of sweatshop where they will be virtual captives while they pay off that $3,000. (And, you later link Logan’s video.)

    And, they have cell phones. Those aren’t cheap.
    Actually, “crappy” ones* are. Particularly the off brands you can get in foreign countries. (I will almost bet not a one of them are iPhones – unless they’re the ones you got a rebate for when you turned them in to get your new one.)
    (* They’re crappy in the sense that they don’t have all the capabilities ours do. They tend to be bare bones functions, without the power to run a lot of apps beyond browsers, phone, and text.)

    Are there charging stations in the desert?
    Actually, solar power. There are cheap solar chargers built specifically for poorer people in foreign lands without good electricity infrastructure. (I know someone who was working on a really cheap one as part of a college project.) You can get them on Amazon, too.

    If you haven’t paid the cartels what you owe them when you get to the border
    I’m sure … “arrangements” can be made with your wife and daughters, for some “piece” of that debt. Blecch.

    don’t bring their vaccination records with them
    BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! What are those?
    Actually, if they have them at all, they probably do bring them, as part of any identity documents they have. Remember that a lot of these sh*tholes source countries require passports as internal travel documents. Sorta like a “CoViD-19 passport”.

    We deserve answers.
    What you mean, ‘we’, kemosabe? A lot of Americans don’t deserve anything, because they keep their heads buried in the sand, willfully ignorant, voting again and again and again for the folks who claim to be “compassionate” but will bend or break or exploit anyone to achieve their globalist utopia.

  • GWB says:

    BTW, Toni, one of the ways these people often pay for their journey (or part of it) is that their extended family chips in. The idea is that even a few dollars an hour will pay for their living (slightly better than at home) AND will let them send money home for the rest of the family to live on. If they make US minimum wage, they can fully support an extended family back home.

    It’s a prime reason that taxing moneys sent out of the US (there’s a word for it that I can’t think of at the moment) is considered to be a de-incentivizer for illegal immigration.

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