U.S. Crafting Plans To Hold China Accountable For Coronavirus Pandemic

U.S. Crafting Plans To Hold China Accountable For Coronavirus Pandemic

U.S. Crafting Plans To Hold China Accountable For Coronavirus Pandemic

The U.S. is crafting plans designed to hold China accountable for their actions regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Senior U.S. officials are beginning to explore proposals for punishing or demanding financial compensation from China for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic, according to four senior administration officials with knowledge of internal planning.”

Don’t get me wrong, as the article points out, a lot of this is speculation at the moment. However, I wouldn’t put it past many government officials to have been working up a slate of ideas over the last few weeks and months. 

The WaPo warns us that this could splinter already damaged relations between the United States and China.  You know what? At this point, I don’t really care. 

As we’ve pointed out numerous times, China kept their knowledge of this virus a complete secret from the world for MONTHS. Oh sure, they locked down Wuhan from the rest of the country. However, the government let Wuhan citizens jaunt all over the world from October to February. 

Should we believe their numbers? No. Why? Oh I don’t know, perhaps its because China lies? Perhaps it is because China already has a reputation for theft of intellectual property, patents, and hacking into networks all over the world?

What would this retaliation look like? That is unclear at the moment. When asked yesterday afternoon, President Trump didn’t name specifics, but did say that there are multiple ways to have China held accountable for their role in this pandemic.

We do know that China did blink several times at tariffs. And now, with many companies crafting plans to divest themselves of operations in China, additional economic sanctions and tariffs could seriously hurt the country, but more so hurt the government’s standing around the world. 

What is China doing right now in regards to all the understandable backlash the government is receiving? Writing government sanctioned editorials extending a hand to the states. 

“The US federal government is way too mean toward China. President Donald Trump and his cabinet members and high officials have intensified their efforts to slander China. China needs to take necessary actions and express its strong dissatisfaction.

My advice is to focus China-US anti-epidemic cooperation with US states, while giving the federal government a cold shoulder. Specifically, China should fulfill US states’ purchase orders for emergency medical materials before dealing with those from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under the US Department of Homeland Security. This is a price that the Trump administration needs to pay.”

Oh, well. Isn’t that special? Oh, but China didn’t stop at an editorial. At least one state legislature, Wisconsin, went public with China’s ask. It seems the Chinese consulate sent a request asking for the legislature to write and pass a resolution lauding China’s response to the virus. The Wisconsin legislature was having none of it and crafted a resolution of their own slamming China for acting so irresponsibly. 

““I think this is that moment now, where the Communist Party of China is stripped naked, and everyone can realize what they are willing to do to their own people. And just like Chernobyl led to the downfall of Communist Russia, my hope is that this will begin to bring an end to the Communist Party of China, so that the great people of China can rise and live in freedom and liberty like we do here in the west.””

Meanwhile CA Governor Newsom should be buyer beware regarding his secret China mask deal.Why? Oh perhaps because Italy, Spain, the U.S., Netherlands, and multiple other countries have already received completely defective medical equipment and tests from China? At this point, when it comes to any medical supplies from China slated to “help” battle this virus – I’d stay far far away. 

None of that has stopped China from a full worldwide propaganda campaign. Australia has been threatened by China with economic coercion. No visitors and no buying of Australia products warns China until Australia stops its push for an investigation into the Wuhan virus pandemic. Former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer is right. China’s reaction definitely indicated the government is cornered and lashing out. 

What else is China doing to try and save face? Crafting videos for kids in France. 

That’s one helluva piece of propaganda. Where are they showing this video? To school kids in FRANCE.

The media is providing massive levels of cover for China. As are many Democrats, liberals, and loons.

China is definitely responsible for this Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic. The Chinese government SHOULD be held accountable. How that is accomplished is the question. 

Feature Photo Credit: mmi9 via Pixabay, cropped and modified

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