China Claims Get Repeated Ad Nauseum In Media

China Claims Get Repeated Ad Nauseum In Media

China Claims Get Repeated Ad Nauseum In Media

Guess what, everyone! China has beaten COVID-19, their own special Wuhan coronavirus! They have no new cases, they say! And if you believe that, I would like to have you look over this bridge I’m selling.

The news that the United States had surpassed China in total number of COVID-19 deaths was spread far and wide over the media, who seem to have no problems simply accepting China’s numbers at face value, even though this entire debacle SHOULD have taught people that NOTHING that China says should be accepted at face value. Also, the World Health Organization, which was happy to repeat China’s party line about coronavirus initially, should really examine their own role in this mess.

The best guess as to why China no longer has new cases? There are anecdotal reports – from Asian news sourcesthat China has simply stopped testing for COVID-19. It’s amazing – no test, no new cases to be reported! It’s a miracle! With a complete lack of skepticism, NBC has truly swallowed China’s propaganda hook, line, and sinker.

Also happy to repeat communist Chinese lies about lack of new cases while slamming Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton. (Oh, dear, mislaid my shocked face.)

China is busy reporting that all is well and life is going to return to normal and all is hunky dory here in happy communist world. Well, no.

Leaving the internal strife within China aside, there is absolutely no reason that any claims coming out of the communist Chinese government should ever be taken at face value. This is the same regime, now being lauded by NBC as some kind of “world leader” after unleashing this plague upon us all with their incompetence and inability to shut down the wet markets, who also sold Spain and the Czech Republic thousands of faulty test kits.

China is now saying that the firm that sold the test kit wasn’t licensed to actually do that. Tell that to Spain, whose numbers are starting to spike in a manner similar to Italy. The testing delay only kills more people, so, way to go, China!

The amount of naiveté involved by the media in simply taking China at its word at the moment is just gobsmackingly stunning. It’s little wonder that the media poll numbers regarding their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic are cratering right now, even while the liberal media’s most loathed target, President Trump, is rising in the polls. The media has been full of bad actors from day one, not just for their blame of the president at every turn (and it should be noted that while Trump has not handled this situation perfectly, the media was busy blasting him at the very beginning for “overreacting” by shutting down travel from China and for not being “diverse” enough when assembling a coronavirus task force), but for their willingness to believe a communist dictatorship without any critical thinking involved.

To put it bluntly, the media sucks right now, and they deserve every single bit of their ranking at the bottom of the polls as they tiptoe around the truth and sing China’s praises.

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  • Anna A says:

    Anyone who has worked with chemicals and either sold to or bought from, would know that you do not trust China any more than the average person could throw a Sherman tank across the room.

    The safety documents that they want are detailed enough to almost copy a product. I’ve heard of shipments of a chemical that is used in making polyesters where the outer bags were white and the inner ones were brown. They are supposed to be the same lot, so should be the same color. That has to be deliberate because not all bags could be tested before it was accepted by the buyer.

    Need I mention the baby formula diluted with an industrial chemical to give a false protein value, or our pets dying due to contaminated food.

  • Willie Crosby says:

    Could it be that therected are no new cases because they had the antidote all along

    • Joe in PNG says:

      Nope. Unofficial word coming out is pretty grim.

      It’s the exact same propaganda situation as in the Soviet Union after Chernobyl. Tyrants always turn to the lie, and destroy themselves in the process.

      Think about the situation they are in- a LOT of businesses are about to shut down their plants in the PRC. A combination of that, plus a lot of sick people, plus an inactive work force may be enough to push an already ailing Chinese economy further into collapse they were already heading for. So, they have to pretend that everything is fine, FINE! to try to starve that collapse off, and to keep President Trump from using this opportunity to strengthen the US in the process.

  • comatus says:


  • Excellent piece Deanna. Bravo!

  • DEEBEE says:

    The biggest fear is that we open partially and allow Chinese traffic to come in again. They should be blocked till the end of Trump’s second term. And tariffs should be upped to pay for the US economic loss. Nationalize their US Treasury holdings.

  • Karen Myers says:

    We could just shave all their heads, for collaboration with the enemy. Start a whole new fashion trend for network TV news…

    Doesn’t seem like it’s possible to shame them any other way.

  • Cameron says:

    Best bit of snark I saw.

    “China has no new cases of COVID-19!”
    “You mean you admit that Hong Kong and Taiwan aren’t part of China?”

  • […] interesting… as we are emerging from a global pandemic that started in Wuhan, and China has been close-lipped about just how much of their population has died. China claims via Worldometers that as of right now, they have only had 4,636 deaths from COVID-19. […]

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