Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Jones, Embarks Upon Slippery Censorship Slope [VIDEO]

Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Jones, Embarks Upon Slippery Censorship Slope [VIDEO]

Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Jones, Embarks Upon Slippery Censorship Slope [VIDEO]

In recent months Twitter has been under fire for shadow-banning or tweet jailing conservatives for tweets that are, in reality benign, and only reluctantly banning heinous accounts such as those spearheaded by ISIS. Yet at the same time, many on the left and some on the right have called for Alex Jones to be booted. On Thursday Twitter responded by permanently banning Alex Jones and InfoWars from the platform. Twitter, by doing so, has embarked upon a very slippery slope of censorship.

Believe me, I am NOT a fan of Alex Jones. I think he is a dangerous fool who has brought harm and pain to many of the families who have lost loved ones during hurricanes, Sandy Hook, Houston, Parkland, Columbine, 9/11, and more. He is an absolute unequivocal JACKASS of epic proportions.

What got him banned? This exchange with CNN’s Oliver Darcy that he live-streamed on Periscope. 

“The ban appears to be related to a heated exchange between Jones and a CNN reporter Wednesday, which Jones live streamed on the Twitter-owned video service Periscope,” CNBC reported. “Jones ranted at the reporter, as well as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, following back-to-back congressional hearings where Dorsey addressed online election meddling, as well as accusations of political bias and conservative censorship on the platform.”

Furthermore the company had this to say:

Oh, OK. So, the exchange with Oliver Darcy endangered Darcy and everyone reading Jone’s tweets? It was abusive behavior?

Yes, it is quite unreal. You see, just this week, another hearing was held that did not involve any aspect of the Kavanaugh circus comprised of Kamala Harris, non-Spartacus Cory Booker, or the rest of the Democrat clowns. Nope, this hearing involved Facebook and Twitter, with Jack front and center.

As Congressman Scalise points out, Twitter itself was banned by Iran and China. In other words, the ability of those who wished to engage on that platform whether IN those countries or WITH people in those countries was banned by the governments running those countries. Scalise didn’t ask for a response, but I would be willing to bet that THAT kind of censorship didn’t or shouldn’t have sat well with Jack.

Yet shadow banning, tweet jail, and now outright censorship because of a contentious back and forth is ok? Twitter, you are embarking on a slippery slope that already has you caught in the net.

You see, given the backstory regarding Alex Jones and CNN’s Oliver Darcy, there’s something rather FISHY about all of this. To wit – Oliver’s OWN tweets about Alex Jones.

Something tells me that Oliver baited Alex Jones and Twitter, and Twitter swallowed the bait HOOK, LINE, and SINKER.

Twitter then bans Alex Jones for yelling at Oliver Darcy.

  • Did Twitter ban Alex Jones for his horrific tweets that honestly DID hurt the families of those killed at Sandy Hook or on 9/11? NOPE.
  • Did Twitter ban Alex Jones for his very strange comments regarding Congressman Marco Rubio? NOPE
  • Did Twitter ban Alex for his multiple diatribes against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey? NOPE.

Oh wait, what?? Twitter says that all of the above is AOK!! But when it is a CNN reporter it ISN’T?

Here’s that slippery slope folks. Twitter is under fire for not banning the right or wrong people. They then hear from those leading the pack – Democrats/leftist/SJW’s/harpies/etc.

“Let’s punish the right!” they scream. “Let’s DO SOMETHING so the right will finally toe the line!” they holler.

End result, they go after batshit crazy Alex Jones whom everyone to the left believes is beloved by all conservatives (hint: HE IS NOT) and then wonder why their super duper stupendous Social Justice Signaling of the Century is met with a fizzled party balloon.

Twitter: LEARN HISTORY. Censoring one or several because of the outcries and supposed “influence” of a few never EVER ends well.

Again, I am NOT and NEVER WILL BE a fan of tinfoil hat wearing Alex Jones. But Twitter’s censorship of him because of an exchange with a CNN reporter is wrong on all accounts.

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