The Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Is A Three-Ring Circus [VIDEO]

The Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Is A Three-Ring Circus [VIDEO]

The Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Is A Three-Ring Circus [VIDEO]

The confirmation hearing today for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court of the United States has been every bit of the circus many of us thought it would be. Although, did anyone realize it would be THIS kind of a circus?

First we have Democrats acting like children and rudely interrupting since Senator Grassley started the opening proceedings. Then we have harpies screaming the place down.

Democratic senators were not the only faction acting like children during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. According to Politico, almost two dozen protesters (mostly feminists) were arrested.

“Capitol Hill police say they arrested almost two dozen protesters who disrupted Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing on Tuesday,” reports Politico. “The demonstrators were initially charged with disorderly conduct.”

Most of the unruly protesters were women, many of whom were lamenting that Kavanaugh would take away abortion rights or outlaw homosexuality along with the thousands of Chicken Little declarations that have hijacked this SCOTUS nomination.

I’m still waiting for someone ANYONE to show me exactly WHICH case is winding it’s way through the courts that could overturn Roe v Wade. But see, according to the Left/Democrats and the harpies from today, piddly little facts like that don’t matter. So yeah, the evil that is Planned Parenthood is gonna do their thing.

Moving on. The Kavanaugh family attended the hearing for a time. That includes their young daughters.

As Democratic senators fought to delay the hearing of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and as spectators jarringly heckled the process Tuesday, his two young daughters were rushed from the hearing room, according to sources.

The two, Margaret and Liza, were taken out by their mother, Ashley, as the hearing got “hot,” said one insider.

Keep in mind the girls are 13 and 10. I’d say the lesson they learned is that grownups who should know better have no manners at all.

Then again, I wouldn’t expect Linda Sarsour to have manners or act like a grownup. Would you?

Well Bless. Her. Heart. It’s gonna really chap her hide when she realizes that no matter the amount of screeching she does, SCOTUS and Brett Kavanaugh don’t care.

Senator Cory, wannabe President, Booker (D-NJ) demanded MOAR documents and MOAR time to review said documents of Kavanaugh’s case load.

Only one problem.


Democrats knowing how to work efficiently? HA! In fact, Democrats knowing what WORK is? BWAHAHAHA!

By the way, this isn’t a good look for Booker either.

Meanwhile Kamala Harris, yet another wanna be President, had to do her thing as well.

Kamala, you really really need a new act, and a mega dose of reality.

The circus clown show is indeed something to behold. We could point and laugh at the Democrats all day given the fact that their plan to disrupt and halt the hearings is failing epically.

I’ll leave you with one more act to ponder. It seems that Fred Guttenberg is at the hearing. His daughter Jamie was killed this spring at Parkland. This is what he had to say.

Oh, ok. So of course, others piled onto Kavanaugh about it.

Shannon Watts piled on, as you can see here. And then Kamala had to jump on the bandwagon.

Here’s the problem with Fred Guttenberg’s story. It’s incredibly misleading and in fact, false.


Agreed. One can feel sorry for the loss that Fred Guttenberg is enduring, but that doesn’t give him leave to make stories up for political points.

Is this a confirmation hearing or a circus? I really can’t tell. [Photo credit: San Francisco Chronicle]
All in all, Brett Kavanaugh held up admirably well today given the contentious hate-filled, table-thumping, drama clown show the Democrats put on. He is to be commended for keeping his cool while the Democrats turned somersaults in a sad SAD! effort to keep his nomination from becoming a reality.

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle

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  • Wfjag says:

    It isn’t a circus. It’s a clown show.

  • Kathy says:

    The Dems admitted to planning all this mess. Result = they look like fools.

  • GWB says:

    Thanks for showing us your courage yet again, @Fred_Guttenberg
    Oh, FFS. He’s not courageous. He’s a strategic progressive simp and dupe. And he’s a political operative.
    Honestly, he had no business even being there, except as a plain ol’ citizen. His pain and suffering at the hands of a madman has ABSOLUTELY DIDDLY to do with Kavanaugh’s nomination. Except for the grandstanding, of course. If Kavanaugh were swayed by emotionalism from a victim, I’d want him barred from the court for life.

    how can we believe he would give gun violence victims a fair shake in court?
    Gee, do you think maybe that moment was stage-managed? Just a bit? *eyeroll*

    I saw several people suggest that Grassley should have stopped the hearing. Just cut it all off and declared the vote would be in 5 minutes. Let the Dems stew in another Harry Reid moment (of getting exactly what they asked for).

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