Cory Booker, Hero In His Own Mind

Cory Booker, Hero In His Own Mind

Cory Booker, Hero In His Own Mind

Senator Cory Booker is desperately trying to justify all of his completely unnecessary theatrics from this morning.

Yes, completely unnecessary, because he asked for the documents to be released last night.

His drama performance is now being roundly mocked.

There’s even fanfic now about how this happened.

Regardless, the senator’s spokesperson has officially released a non-explanation for what happened.

It reads:

“Senate Republicans are doing everything they can to distract from their sham process to rush through a Supreme Court justice who will overturn Roe v. Wade, demolish the Affordable Care Act, and protect President Trump from being investigated.

“Cory said this morning that he was releasing committee confidential documents, and that’s exactly what he’s done. Last night, he was admonished by Republicans for breaking the rules when he read from committee confidential documents. Cory and Senate Democrats were able to shame the committee into agreeing to make last night’s documents publicly available, and Cory publicly released those documents as well as other committee confidential documents today. And he’ll keep release them because Republicans are hiding Brett Kavanaugh’s record from the American people,” said Booker spokesperson Kristin Lynch.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Senate

So while the senator was playing hero for no one, the Trump administration got a few more judicial appointments confirmed.

Someone did some winning today, and it wasn’t Cory Booker.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Booker is the only person in Congress who’s eyebrows are higher than Nancy Pelosi’s (and she’s had so many facelifts that hers are attached to her butt). Maybe he thinks running as Crazy Cory will make him a more acceptable candidate than Crooked Hillary.

    • scott says:

      Wfjag, that’s only because Occasio-Cortez isn’t there yet… Cory is gonna have a hard time beating her for the “crazy eyes” crown!

  • John C. says:

    Always left unsaid is that the SCOTUS can not arbitrarily change existing rulings: it can only rule on cases presented to it, and there are no cases involving abortion wending their way upward through the courts, so Roe vs. Wade is not an issue and can’t be for years. Also left unsaid is that the SCOTUS has no jurisdiction over the POTUS: that is reserved for the House, in the case of impeachment, and the Senate, in case the House actually impeached the POTUS. It’s all political posturing, and they do it because there are those who will swallow it.

  • Dietrich says:

    Spartacus was a slave. Imagine the hullabaloo if a white senator had said to Cory “Are you trying to be Spartacus?” The cries of “RACISM” would have been deafening.

    • scott says:

      C’Mon now Dietrich, you can’t expect honesty, consistency, or even the ability to read or understand history from the left…

  • Robin H says:

    Well this now makes more sense.

    “In modern times, Spartacus became an icon for communists and socialists. Karl Marx listed Spartacus as one of his heroes and described him as “the most splendid fellow in the whole of ancient history” and a “great general (though no Garibaldi), noble character, real representative of the ancient proletariat”.[51] Spartacus has been a great inspiration to left-wing revolutionaries, most notably the German Spartacus League (1915-18), a forerunner of the Communist Party of Germany.[52] A January 1919 uprising by communists in Germany was called the Spartacist uprising.[49] Spartacus Books, one of the longest running collectively-run leftist bookstores in North America, is also named in his honour.”

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