Kamala Harris Couldn’t “Senator” If You Paid Her

Kamala Harris Couldn’t “Senator” If You Paid Her

Kamala Harris Couldn’t “Senator” If You Paid Her

It’s like the movie “Groundhog Day” or the John McCain Funeral. “It” being the Brett Kavanaugh Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. And “it” just goes on and on. One stupid Senator after another speaks. And, speaking of stupid Senators, Kamala Harris.

Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee, in its Advice & Consent role, conducted a marathon enhanced interrogation session that lasted at least twelve and a half hours. They tortured poor Brett Kavanaugh by methods that must be enumerated somewhere in the Geneva Conventions.

Republican Senators bored everyone stiff. They asked questions that sounded like, “How much do you love fluffy puppies?” Senator Richard Blumenthal, the war hero from Connecticut, accused Kavanaugh of using the term “abortion on demand” as a dog whistle to signal his opposition to abortion. And of ruling in the immigrant abortion case “Garza v. Hargan” in order to get himself on President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee list. Who knew that the war hero Blumenthal was telepathic? Or maybe it was just projection. Maybe that is the craven kind of thing Blumenthal would do? Hmmm?

And speaking of craven, Kamala Harris is using the bull horn of this Senate Hearing to signal her interest in being the Democrat Presidential nominee in 2020. Harris was the last Grand Inquisitor to torture Kavanaugh late in the night, so it is possible I was one of the few poor souls to watch the pain.

As “CNN.com” reported, she asked Kavanaugh about a statement Donald Trump made last year after the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia:

After questions about laws protecting minorities’ voting rights, she also pressed Kavanaugh on whether he agrees with Trump’s claim that “both sides” were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville last year.

“Are you saying you cannot answer that simple question?” Harris said.

Kavanaugh responded: “I am not here to assess comments made in the political arena, because the risk is I’ll be drawn into the political arena.”

How in any reading of Article Two of the Constitution is that Advice and Consent? Hastings Law School must be so proud.

But, for sheer mean, ignorant cruelty comes this exchange late, late last night after about eleven and a half hours of questioning:

Kasowitz, Benson and Torres has at least 259 lawyers from the quick Google search that I did. And you cannot swing a Senator without hitting a lawyer in Washington, D.C. Sweet Georgia Brown. How should he know if he spoke to a lawyer in passing at one of his girls’ basketball games?

And, one more thing!

Photo by “Brownsville Herald.” No copyright infringement intended.

Those protesters in the gallery are not “democracy in action.” They are a mob of cretins. Most of them are there at the invitation of Senators. Either remove the cameras as Victory Girls’ Deanna suggested yesterday—read it here—or, have the Senator who invited the protester docked pay. Yes, they are responsible for the actions of their guests.

The fiasco will continue today. Twenty minutes of questioning per each Inquisitor/Senator. Brett Kavanaugh is a strong man mentally with a great judicial temperament.

Can you believe we pay people like Kamala Harris to Senator?

Feature photo: Courtesy Cosmopolitan, No copyright infringement intended

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  • Robin H says:

    My favorite part of that whole thing was Senator Lee’s reference to rabbits and the laughter behind him. And her question was along the lines of When did you stop beating your wife? If he answers yes, than it looks like he’s influencing an ongoing investigation, and if he answers no and they find out he talked to some lawyer in the hallway about current events that works at the firm they have a “gotcha” moment.

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