Tweets Gone Wild: Liberals’ Over-the-Top Responses to Trump’s #SOTU

Tweets Gone Wild: Liberals’ Over-the-Top Responses to Trump’s #SOTU

Tweets Gone Wild: Liberals’ Over-the-Top Responses to Trump’s #SOTU

It goes without saying that liberals are in a rough spot right now in terms of public opinion, and they are pretty sensitive about it.

They know the American people largely hold Dems in congress responsible for recently shutting down the government. That’s not a good look.

A much worse look is the fact that there’s a major corruption scandal brewing in Washington about potential FISA abuses that could implicate the Mueller investigation, the FBI, the Justice Department, and even the Obama administration.

Also, Hillary’s in hot water because it looks like she, back when she was running in 2008, failed to fire an aid who was sexually harassing her female staff. She says now that she should have fired the guy… but you’re a day late and a dollar short there, Hill.

Moreover, a litany of liberal celebrities look complicit in a storm of sex abuse allegations in Hollywood.

On top of all that, Trump’s tax cuts seem to have been a success and the economy is in a sweet spot. People look around every day and realize that, despite Trump being president for a year, the country didn’t actually devolve into a bankrupt nuclear wasteland like every liberal warned.

In short, right now, libs don’t look good. They actually look bad. And when you know you look bad, you feel insecure. And when you feel insecure, you lash out at anything that triggers you to feel insecure.

In the case of modern liberals, every word that comes from Trump’s mouth has the capacity to trigger them to feel insecure.

Liberals might say that, in responding so vehemently to Trump, they fight for (what they perceive to be) righteousness. But let’s get real here: they know Trump’s mopping the floor with them and they’re not happy about it.

In his State of the Union address last night, Trump gave a warm, presidential, inspiring, well-written speech crafted to appeal to all Americans in some way or other. To most people, it was a success (CNN, of course, still tried to make it look like a train wreck). The speech was certainly reasonable.

But for liberals, every word apparently made them want to spontaneously combust.

Liberals took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the address (i.e. compensate for their burgeoning political insecurities).

We had the familiar Russian collusion accusations:

We had the tired “orange Nazi” ad hominem attacks:

We had “Trump is a classless idiot” and “look how amazing the Kennedys still are” tweets:

The ACLU said Trump was using Dreamers opportunistically. In response to the SOTU, they tweeted this video of their director of immigration policy and campaigns talking about Dreamers and DACA in Spanish:

The Huffington Post toed a similar line, except instead of Trump using the Dreamers opportunistically, he used the address to pit American citizens against Dreamers:

We had a rare comparison of Trump to Mussolini (it’s usually Hitler)!:

We had this “Trump is headed to prison” tweet. Yes, you read that right. Trump’s the one who’s going to prison, according to Aparna Nancheria. Not the woman who wiped 30,000 emails from her private server, deceived the federal government about her handling of classified material, and covered for numerous sexual predators including her own husband:

We had “#RESIST” tweets. This guy in particular had a very sour message. I guess there’s nothing quite like a common enemy to bring liberals together:

We had tweets praising the Democratic heroes of the night. Here, a guy salutes Luis Gutierrez for walking out during Trump’s address.

Just so you know, Gutierrez walked out during chants of “USA! USA!”

That’s where we are as a country now, sadly:

And the winner of the Most Insane Tweet in Response to Trump’s Address Award goes to… *drumroll*… Planned Parenthood!:

Gif Credit: Giphy

What in the heck is wrong with Planned Parenthood’s PR team? Don’t they know how ridiculous they look tweeting out stuff like that? It would be no less ridiculous to see reps from Exxon and BP scold a litterer.

And do we all live in the same country as Planned Parenthood? Because I’m pretty sure that, in America, women, legal immigrants, people of color, and LGBTQ members all share the same rights as white men. Maybe we conservatives live in a parallel world from PP (and other liberals), and our two sides are only able to see each other through an invisible film that divides our distinct realities.

So, as you can see, Trump’s very reasonable SOTU address brought out some unreasonable responses from the left.

Of course, many people on Twitter had Trump’s back.

Many people noticed that the Dems attending the address refused to stand at times when anyone in their right mind would have stood, even if they were in stark political opposition to Trump:

This is my favorite tweet from the whole night. This video demonstrates the power of the bandwagon effect. It shows how the spite of a group can overpower the good-naturedness of an individual:

That was really sad, wasn’t it?

But I’m not too sad, myself. Trump seemed like he did a great job tonight. And I’m smiling at the prospect of him vouching for a bunch of conservative policies over the rest of his term. I used to have my doubts about how conservative he would be as a president, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by so much that I dare to dream.

And let’s all enjoy the fact that it wasn’t Hillary up there giving the address.

Talk about something to smile about!

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