Trump on Kim Jong-un Health Mystery: I Know How He’s Doing

Trump on Kim Jong-un Health Mystery: I Know How He’s Doing

Trump on Kim Jong-un Health Mystery: I Know How He’s Doing

Mystery surrounds the health and whereabouts of the Hermit Kingdom dictator, Kim Jong-un. Over the past several days, reports of Kim Jong-un’s health status have ranged from recuperation from routine surgery, a cardiac event that left him in a vegetative state, that he’s died, and then yesterday both that he was injured during one of his frequent missile tests, and that he’s in good health, having penned a proof-of-life thank-you note to North Korean workers.

From author and columnist Gordon Chang, on the missile injury theory:

Oh, the irony of that scenario.

Then during his daily coronavirus presser yesterday, President Trump was asked about Kim Jong-un, and then specifically about the letter allegedly authored by the dictator thanking those working on a “coastal tourist area.” His answers to both were curious:

And, of course, the brain-dead leftists on social media, and over at CNN where critical thought goes to die, had a field day because mockingbirds never look any deeper than the ends of their beaks.

But back to President Trump.

While he didn’t say much about the North Korean dictator, if we read between the lines about what he did say, it’s quite telling in my oh-so-humble opinion.

Firstly, his initial statement is without ambiguity: Trump says he knows Kim Jong-un’s condition. He was adamant about that. What he didn’t offer was that Kim is either fine…or otherwise. If he’s simply recuperating from routine surgery, then I’d think the president would say as much and let the world know he’ll be back shortly and that their nuclear weapons-reduction talks would soon resume. But on the other hand, if Kim Jong-un is incapacitated, it’s understandable that the president would refrain from sharing that, as the ramifications of a dictator on his death bed or worse are significant, including a dangerous civil war, amid a pandemic no less, resulting from the potential familial power vacuum.

Secondly, President Trump says he’s certain that Kim didn’t pen the note thanking workers for their construction efforts.

So in one breath Trump knows how Kim Jong-un is doing, and is certain he’s not the author of the letter.

Couple that with the other reports slowly dripping out of North Korea, and the fact that Kim Jong-un’s sister—a stone-cold sociopath—has become more prominently displayed as of late, and I think we can surmise, whatever the cause, that Kim is either in a vegetative state—yet still “alive” as South Korea has asserted, although certainly not “well”—or he has died or soon will. Either of those scenarios would prompt the Powers That Be in North Korea to head-fake the world—in the form of a letter—in an effort to try to tamp down the rumors of his ill health, and that all is well in North Korea, so please cease and desist the Dear Leader Is Dead rumors; we got this.

But if that’s the case, then why the increased military readiness drills reportedly occurring inside North Korea? And, as rumor has it, is China really sending troops to the border between the two communist nations over fears of a potential civil war (or for other, more nefarious reasons)? And if Kim Jong-un is permanently incapacitated, is his military in charge of North Korea, and most importantly, are they minding the nukes and other weapons of mass destruction?

And speaking of nukes and bioweapons in the hands of lunatics: neither China nor North Korea value the fairer sex. And if Kim Kim Jong-un is no longer capable of performing his dictatorial duties, would that patriarchal system really allow his sister to take the helm in any way that cedes her, as her brother has enjoyed, vice-grip authority over all of North Korea, her brutally oppressed people, and said nukes?

I doubt it.

She’d either decline the role or cede it to Kim Jong-un’s uncle, be a place-holding figurehead for the North Korean military (and perhaps Kim Jong-Un’s now ten-year-old son), or be assassinated, or some combination of the three. Whatever her fate, I wouldn’t want to be in her kitten heels right now, as we all know that political assassinations are routine within and without North Korea.

Whatever is transpiring in North Korea, it’s clear from Trump’s not-so-vague remarks yesterday—and his corresponding body language suggesting he’s withholding something significant—that he likely knows what’s up and exactly what’s at stake.

…a worst-case scenario is suggested by Van Jackson, who considers the possibility of a dangerous power struggle inside North Korea escalating into a military clash between the U.S. and China if North Korea were to become destabilized. He notes the prospect of internal unrest – even civil war – within North Korea, must raise the issue of the security of North Korea’s nuclear weapons. If civil order breaks down, U.S. forces in South Korea, and the South Korean military, might be forced to intervene north of the DMZ to secure these weapons. A U.S. move closer to the Yalu could then easily trigger a response from Beijing.”

Aside from the obvious TDS emanating from Mr. Jackson’s twitter account—and my personal daydream of a united Korea with its citizens living in relative freedom and firmly in the 21st century—his assessment is otherwise, I think, pretty spot on. Someone fill in the pea-brained social media and CNN dodos.

I predict in the next few days the rest of us will learn the condition of Kim Jong-un as well. And if the situation is as some suspect, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the world, because, yes, Kim Jong-un is a brutal dictator who deserves the same suffering inflicted upon Otto Warmbier and then some. But the alternatives—his vicious, sociopathic sister who’d be looking to show the world she’s as tough as the last three North Korean dictators, or a military dictatorship controlled by China—are far more dangerous options for a world already in turmoil.


Feature Image Credit: Shealah Craighead, Chief White House Photographer; Wikimedia; public domain; image cropped.

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  • GWB says:

    head-fake the world—in the form of a letter
    If he were really doing “well”, there would be a photo or video of him, at least greeting his sister or something in his recovery bed. While the NorKs are a bit inscrutable, they would play the “Look! See how rosy his cheeks are!” card. If, however, his cheeks aren’t rosy, and he’s looking bad, then they’re going to keep him in isolation.
    (Unless, of course, it’s all a head-fake to draw out some subversive element and punish them.)

    would that patriarchal system really allow his sister to take the helm in any way
    No. While Juche is patriarchal, that is not the primary focus. The primary focus is on the Kim family. While some might find it difficult to embrace, a true follower (and all the military leadership had damn well be true followers in appearance) would accept the shift to a woman – as long as she’s appropriately descended from the Founder (Kim Il-sung). While some may disagree, I think the cult of personality will overcome the cult of gender.

    A U.S. move closer to the Yalu could then easily trigger a response from Beijing.
    I really hope Trump has looked critically at MacArthur’s answer to that problem. It should be an option on the table.

    I don’t know that a military dictatorship run by Chinese puppet masters would be significantly more dangerous than what we’ve had for almost a decade. It would probably be more predictable. And we could be assured that the nukes would be in the control of the CCP. More dangerous would be a military coup that locks out China. THEN we would definitely see China cross the Yalu. (Unless the NorKs went MacArthur on the Yalu. There’s an interesting thought.)

    Either way we’re likely to see NK continue to be used as a pawn by Commie China in its West Pacific power games.

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    Ignoring the real danger of the nukes and bio-weapons for a minute, North Korea represents the same kind of economic opportunity that China was many years ago. It’s a bunch of starving folks (except for the Party Elite, of course) who will do just about any job to give their kids a better life. No wonder China is very interested; they need their own source of low-cost, grateful-to-have-any-opportunity labor.

    President Trump sees this economic opportunity and has commented on it during his meetings with KJU. You can bet Xi Jinping does too.

    • GWB says:

      China has used them for cheap labor for decades. It’s one of the prime income streams for the NorKs. (It’s also about the only way North Koreans defect.)

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