Train at Kim Jong Un Compound Raises Questions

Train at Kim Jong Un Compound Raises Questions

Train at Kim Jong Un Compound Raises Questions

Satellite images revealed that a train belonging to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has been parked at the family’s Wonsan Compound. These images raise yet more questions about what is going on with Kim.

The monitoring group 38 Northwhich exists solely to provide analysis of North Korea, published commercial satellite views of a train on Saturday, reporting that it had arrived at the Kim family railway station on April 21. It looked like it had been readied for departure on April 23; however, 38 North could not tell when it would. But just because the train was present at Wonsan doesn’t give us any clues as to Kim’s health, although it does indicate that he’s probably at the his compound. Plus, a Pentagon official told Newsweek magazine its presence does add credibility to those rumors of Kim’s ill health.

We also know that China has sent a medical team to North Korea to advise on Kim’s health situation as well, even if for no other reason than to gather intelligence. Richard McGregor, senior fellow with the Australian think tank the Lowy Institute, adds that NK is also very suspicious of China and prefer to keep them in the dark as well.

The Kim family compound at Wonsan would be the perfect place to hide away the ailing tyrant. It’s immense, featuring nine large guesthouses, a recreation center, shooting range, and a dock for Kim’s yacht. NK officials could easily conceal him there until they had all security measures in place should power change in the country.

But the big question looming is this: if Kim Jong Un is close to death, or even dead, what happens then?

First of all, Kim’s demise won’t change anything about NK’s nuclear program. Its foreign policy and paranoia towards the West will continue as before. Plus, the poor nation will still depend upon China for trade and supplies. So it’s not likely that a new leader would change any posture towards the United States.

But the biggest question, especially on social media, is who will run North Korea should Kim die? After all, he’s only 36 years old, and his children are much too young to succeed him.

A successor may be a North Korean field marshal. Or — and this is what has Twitter all a-flutter — the reins of NK may fall to Kim’s sister, Kim Yo Jong.

For a look at Kim’s little sister, here she is meeting President Trump at the Singapore Summit in June, 2018:


Credit: Wikimedia Commons/public domain.

Forbes wrote a glowing report of Kim’s sister. They called her the “Ivanka Trump of North Korea,” noting that she attended school in Switzerland where she took ballet lessons. Plus, earlier this month she was named to the North Korean politburo, which means she’s gaining in power.

David Straub, a North Korean analyst, gushed over Kim Yo Jong giving side-eye to Vice President Mike Pence at the 2018 South Korean Olympics.

“I’ll never forget when she came to the South Korean Olympics and was seated just behind Vice President Mike Pence. Pence was officially and studiously ignoring her, but her eyes! If looks could kill!”

But Straub is not the only one to swoon over Kim Jong Un’s little sister. Lots of the Twitter blue check media types marveled that if Kim Yo Jong became head of North Korea, that nation would have its first woman leader before the United States. Yes, North Korea outdid the US of A! After all, feminist priorities, people!

To which conservative Emily Zanotti responded:

Lesser lights at Twitter made Kim Yo Jong’s name trend at the social media website. These included idiots who called her “hot,” and “queen.” Others created fan videos of her, set to rap music.

I swear, if Twitter had existed in the 1940’s, these numb nuts would be gushing over Hitler’s mistress Eva Braun.

But back to that train.

What does it mean? We have no answers at the moment, just satellite images and rumors of Kim undergoing possible cardiovascular surgery. Or, perhaps he’s even suffering from COVID-19. We know that Kim Jong Un isn’t the healthiest specimen — he’s overweight and smokes, plus he comes from a family with heart problems.

Or maybe he’s even dead, or in a vegetative state, as some outlets claim. Or just chillin’ at the compound, laughing at us all. Time will tell, though. Meanwhile, there’s a mysterious train at the Kim family compound, fueling even more speculation as to what has happened to Kim Jong Un.


Featured image: Kim Jong Un visiting Berlin/driver Photographer/flickr/cropped/CC BY-SA 2.0.

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  • Wfjag says:

    What do you expect from people who admire Eva Peron?

  • GWB says:

    Plus, earlier this month she was named to the North Korean politburo, which means she’s gaining in power.
    That one is, to me, an indicator he thought his surgery might not go well, and wanted to keep the family business in the family. Let’s make little sister is officially set up to take over if things don’t go well. (Also, perhaps to give her power to rule in his name while he recuperates.)

    I swear, if Twitter had existed in the 1940’s, these numb nuts would be gushing over Hitler’s mistress Eva Braun.
    We didn’t need Twitter. We had the NYT. And plenty of leading politicians were literally NAZI sympathizers. At least, right up until 1942.

    I think it would be funny if Un died of Winnie The Flu. Funny and ironic. Of course, no matter how he goes, I won’t shed a tear – except for the people of North Korea, who will still have to live under a brutal dictator no matter who takes over.

    (I am perfectly willing to entertain ideas about simply going down the line until there’s no one left to perpetuate Juche.)

  • Sadie McQueen says:

    Hopefully the sister and the wife get along well. Otherwise, should Dear Leader die, the sister will probably “suicide” the wife.

    • GWB says:

      I don’t know what power the wife has. After all, she’s married into the family, not born of it. (Juche is that whole Kim family cult thing.) So I don’t know if she needs to be suicided.

      Also, how confident the sister is in her own power/abilities. Based on her performance at the Olympics, I’d guess she feels pretty secure.

      But, this IS NK, so crazy is definitely on the menu!

  • Joe in PNG says:

    The answer is actually fairly easy- the next Dear Leader will be whoever Winnie the Dictator decides will best benefit China’s plans.
    The tough part is figuring out who’s best made their case to Beijing.

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