Trump And Certain Democrats Are Sore Losers

Trump And Certain Democrats Are Sore Losers

Trump And Certain Democrats Are Sore Losers

Tuesday’s results certainly weren’t what Republicans nor some Democrats wished for. However, did anyone expect that Trump and certain Democrat sore losers would throw temper tantrums because of the results? I did not have that on my bingo card.

Ok, maybe I did have Trump issuing some bombastic statement, but I guess he continually decides to dig holes. And, last night, he dug a big one for himself.

You know what? Trump does NOT and should not run in 2024. Believe me, he swept aside the curtain as Toni notes here, as to the corruption in DC. As we’ve written multitudes of times, Donald Trump laid bare how swampy the swamp was. Could he have done more to drain it? I think so, even with the advent of Covid. That said, these tantrums of his, and now this most recent doesn’t do him, his base, nor conservatives as a whole any favors. Furthermore, it just gives huge fuel to the Democrat fire as to how to craft their messaging. 

Messaging that left us not with a Red Wave, but with a Red Trickle. Some of that is, quite honestly, the fault of Trump and those within his camp who put up unseasoned candidates or candidates that just couldn’t close the deal. Additionally, it is the fault of the Republican Party for deciding some candidates aren’t good enough because they don’t check all the right boxes. 

Don’t get me wrong, BOTH parties have a criteria that a candidate needs to adhere to. Which I’ve long thought has been a detriment to this Republic because MUCH of the criteria doesn’t have a damned thing to do with how we all live our lives in this country. We need our government to do what WE tell them to 

I mean, suddenly Mitch McConnell is now pouring money into the Herschel Walker run-off. 

Mitch McConnell is tapping Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to help Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker over the finish line in his December runoff election — a contest that could decide control of the chamber next year.

NOW it’s ok to help a Republican win. NOW it’s ok to pour money into the race to make sure that slumlord Raphael Warnock doesn’t prevail. THAT is what pisses me off and has for years now. The candidate maybe a Republican, but if you don’t check off all the boxes, no help for you. Yet, it’s not just Republicans who do this.

To wit: even Democrat sore losers are whining about how the results could’ve been better. Cue AOC. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) slammed New York state party leadership on Wednesday after election returns showed the Empire State trending to the right, calling on the president of the group to resign.

“NYS Dem party leadership, which was gutted under [former New York Gov. Andrew] Cuomo [D], stuffed with lobbyists, works to boost GOP, and failed to pass a basic state ballot measure to protect NY redistricting, must be accountable,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote on Twitter.

“I called for Jay Jacob’s resignation a year ago and I still hold that position,” she added, referring to the New York State Democratic Party president.

Awww… just because not all the Democrats won in New York, AOC has all the sads and wants people fired. 

Meanwhile DCCC fundraiser and Democrat Sean “Chef Boyardee” Maloney knows exactly who he needs to blame for his loss. 

Democratic Congressional Campaign chairman Sean Patrick Maloney blamed Gov. Kathy Hochul’s poor performance at the top of the ticket for the loss of four House seats in New York.

“The governor is losing by double digits [in battleground House districts]. Our candidates have to outperform the governor by more than ten points, often more than 15 points. That’s a lot to ask of a first time candidate,” Maloney told MSNBC’s Morning Joe show Thursday.

Oh, so it wasn’t HIS fault for not working the newly aligned district, getting to know the constituents and making his case. Nope, it was Kathy Hochul who made him lose. Uh huh, can we say sore loser? Why yes we can. 

Is the media jumping on those revelations from Democrats? Nope. But they are ALL over Trump’s bombastic remarks like fat kids on cake. 

I do have to laugh about the fact that Jen Psaki was on that panel when, during election night, she was on this panel that decided to float the idea of Fetterblunder as a 2024 Presidential candidate! 

Republican leadership is now examining their navels as to why we all lost. Blame is being thrown around like it is confetti.

Here’s the deal. After action reports DO help. After action reports in which we take to heart lessons learned and put that to good use in the future? Right now it doesn’t look like Trump, the Republican Party, nor certain Democrats have learned that lesson. Instead it is whining sore losers who refuse to acknowledge their role in the 2022 midterm debacle. 

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  • Lewis says:

    What up with you ladies? It seems a lot of Trump bashing going on and I, as usual, wonder why it is the conservative right side of things can never stop this? So he’s bombastic and loud, self-centered a bit, and overly New York City. Just ask yourselves how everything was when he was in office, disregarding the Covid situation? It’s what he is, plenty worse from lots of other politicians along with no action! I, for one, just want someone in office who can get things done! So he had a bad group working for him, I have a feeling he’s got that in hand now! Just asking why we can’t stay together while the opposition constantly holds strong? For 50 years I have been watching this and it never changes!

    • Kevin says:

      What did he get done aside from issuing a lot of Executive Orders like any other President can do? What legislation did he support and get passed? Aside from toxicity, what is his legacy? Tell me that …What will he be known for? January 6th? Grabbing pussies? Supporting the hanging of his Vice President? How many Secretary of States did he go through, National Security Advisers, and others? He couldn’t get his nominees passed through the Senate so by the end a high number of high level positions were acting. Here’s the one thing he’ll be known for … ramming through conservative supreme court justices. Here’s one of the most recent Gallup polls concerning the supreme court … “This is slightly higher than the 40% approval rating the Supreme Court received in September 2021, which is the lowest rating in Gallup’s trend.” That’s his legacy.

  • Kevin says:

    I forgot the most memorable mark he left on our nation … the undermining of probably one of the most safest and secure election systems in the world. After all the re-counts, ballot inspecting, et. al., nothing was found. Democracy held even the person charged with protecting and upholding the Constitution failed in his duties.

  • Joe R. says:

    Trump has enemies, and we will help him defeat them.

    Gird yer loins beotches.

  • Joe R. says:

    Q: Why are wild animals caught in snares?

    A: Because they don’t know physics, and they can’t sense potential energy.

    Same problem with the MFRs who steal elections.

    “As a slightly tangential notion (to threat, but not to a society’s reaction to it), in translation to governance, and to the idea of the person in the circle (Figure 8 above); often, in the actions of the governors of the U.S. republic, it is remarked that silence [among the governed] equals consent to the actions of the governor.
    This is not so however. Silence can as easily, and perhaps even more readily, indicate equal incredulity. And in their silence, in an effort to shade mounting answer to the perceived threat; individuals are drawing swords.
    Silence, you will remember, is what you receive a little of, from the firing squad, before
    you receive an eternity of it.” – – J. M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012, Pg. 45

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