NY Dem On Inflation: ‘Let Them Eat Chef Boyardee’

NY Dem On Inflation: ‘Let Them Eat Chef Boyardee’

NY Dem On Inflation: ‘Let Them Eat Chef Boyardee’

When it comes to fighting inflation, the Democrats always come up with asinine ideas. In this case, Chef Boyardee plays a starring role. Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat Congressman from NY AND the fundraising head of the DCCC had his ‘let them eat cake’ moment yesterday.

Due to redistricting, Maloney is in a very tight race. As of this last week, it’s now considered a toss-up. Today, he went on NBC’s Meet The Press and informed viewers that Joe Biden has been getting a bum rap and has accomplished a lot more than anyone realizes. 

Let’s see, what has Biden accomplished thus far? No new jobs since he took office. The disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal. Our foreign policy in a shambles. The border is a sieve. And then there’s inflation. It seems Sean Maloney knows exactly how his constituents feel and this is his advice for them. 

“Yeah, well, I grew up in a family where, you know, if the gas price went up, the food budget went down,” Rep. Maloney said. “So by this time of the week, we’d be eating Chef Boyardee if that budget wasn’t gonna change. So that’s what families have to do. Here’s what we should do,” Maloney said before discussing actions that he says would lower inflation.

“We’re capping seniors’ out-of-pocket costs in the Medicare program. That’s a big deal. So now, only two thousand dollars a year will come out-of-pocket, rain or shine,” Maloney said. “That allows seniors to budget. We’re also negotiating, finally, in the Medicare program with the big prescription drug companies to lower the cost of everybody’s prescription drugs. That’s long overdue.”

OOF. That’s incredibly tone-deaf of him! His campaign tried mightily to spin this. Arguing that his full answer provided actual solutions, which is more so than his opponent or any Republican seems to provide. Except that none of the so-called solutions Maloney proposes will solve the problems of inflation. Instead, we will go into more debt, and per Maloney’s own words, draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve completely while denigrating the oil companies, is a smart move that will solve everyone’s problems. 

Oh but let’s not blame Maloney or any Democrat. Just the Republicans for all the inflation problems. 

“Don’t punish the people who are fixing your problems, and don’t reward the people who are trying to exploit the problems for their own political power,” said Maloney. “That’s really the difference right now. We’re engaged in the hard work of bringing our country forward. The other side’s working on their own power.”

The Democrats haven’t fixed a goddamn thing. They’ve only made everything worse. We all see it every single day. Mike Lawler, Maloney’s Republican opponent had some choice words after Maloney’s Chef Boyardee comment.

In regards to Maloney’s dismissive arrogance, Hudson valley voters should take note. Inflation hits seniors and working families hard. It doesn’t matter that he says healthcare costs will be capped as a supposed savings, NONE of that will take effect in the next few days or if ever. Lowering fuel prices by draining the SPR isn’t even a short-term fix. 


One last thing, prices of gas AND food are both way up compared to when Biden took office in 2021. Neither show signs of going back to 2020 levels as long as the Democrats are in power. Vote accordingly.

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  • Hate_me says:

    I remember specifically wondering,as a child, why I couldn’t have Chef Boyardee because it was more affordable for my mom to just make spaghetti and meatballs.

    Now, my mom isn’t Italian and (though she’s an incredible cook) her spaghetti never compared to that canned ravioli in my adolescent mind. Still, being able to feed the family on name-brand canned crap of any kind was definitely not her definition of tightening the belt. Chef Boyardee (along with Hamburger Helper and anything else that could afford a mascot) was a luxury.

    You want meat in your spaghetti sauce? See you in a few hours, and you better be carrying a white-tail. Dig up whatever ramps and onions you can find, too. Sweet-talk the neighbor into some tomatoes. Pot goes on the stove at 4; have the venison cleaned and butchered by then, or wait til breakfast.

    • Larry47460 says:

      Spaghettios and raviolios WERE made by chef boyardee aka Franco American. Now, magically history says by Campbell’s. Another of the thousands of real Mandela Effects

  • John says:

    Hey, Maloney, Why don’t you shove that Chef Boyardee you know where . You Democrats don’t care about the poor and middle class people.
    Why don’t you feed your family the Chef Boyardee You asinine

  • Stealth_LOL says:

    Inflation has also hit Chef Boyardee.

    Two years ago, cans of Chef Boyardee were 88 cents at the local Walmart.

    Now, they’re $1.24.

    That’s an increase of 41 percent (20 percent per year), most of it in the past year.

  • Keith G says:

    What’s wrong with Chef Boyardee? Are you too elite to eat that or something? The guy was giving honest practical suggestions about how to deal with inflation and you’re crapping all over him because I guess you want to eat filet mignon. Shame on you.

    • GWB says:

      I really hope that’s sarcasm.

    • BUZ CEDERLOF says:

      You ought to try the Great Value Mini Ravioli. It’s pretty good, as canned ravioli goes. It was almost unobtainable during the Covid lockdowns when all the chillens were at home.
      I remember Johnny Carson told a joke on the TS.
      “When I was a kid rich people ate hamburger, and poor people ate Hamburger Helper. We ate Helper Helper.”

  • NateRedshill says:

    I walk the supermarket (Demoulas’ Market Basket) at least once a week; prices of EVERYTHING are rapidly creeping or I should say scurrying up like mice. Chef Boyardee is NOT particularly good quality, small pieces of “meat” in tiny raviolis, thing like that–I bought some, that’s how I know–no more. Shades of Marie Antoinette wherein “cake” was a lesser grade of bread–a bit of wartime anti-Austrian propaganda. Cups of cream just crossed $2 ($1.99 to $2.09); surprising thing was a sale on Icelandic caviar at $8.99–not too long ago they were trying to get rid of it at $6.99–I have a good supply. Speaking of Icelandic Caviar–WalMart of all people had a great deal on it for years until just months ago. One of my tips: when you travel to other parts, check the WalMarts–no one back home will know you–for things that you don’t have back home. Hominy. Obscure Campbell Soups now getting rarer. Save money: if there’s a WalMart near your motel check their frozen foods for treats you can bring back to the microwave in your room–better and cheaper than a restaurant! Actually–any supermarket will do for these tricks!

  • Aslannn says:

    When the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is this bad at…you know…campaigning, Republicans can only smile, and look forward to election day.

    • Scott says:

      I’d agree with you completely if we could count on elections being free and fair.. but with 2am ballot drops…

  • Ward Dorrity says:

    Hey, Keith G, have you stood in a grocery checkout line lately? Pump your own gas? You’re basically an apologist for atrocity. You have neighbors who know exactly who and what you are. Remember that.

  • GWB says:

    So by this time of the week, we’d be eating Chef Boyardee if that budget wasn’t gonna change.
    Chef Boyardee (mmmmm, Roller Coasters) wasn’t cheaper than making your own. It was faster than making your own. I ate it when I was running from band practice to Boy Scouts to soccer.

    The bad part is that it is becoming cheaper, as the fresh ingredients are starting to go through the roof.

    BTW, the thing Mahoney misses is that Chef Boyardee is in no way, shape, or form a nutritious meal. It’s a few of the nutrients and foods you require, but it doesn’t include a lot of things (e.g., anything from the green vegetables). More comprehensive pre-packaged meals are a LOT more expensive.

    The other side’s working on their own power.
    Why is it always projection with these guys?

    Neither show signs of going back to 2020 levels
    Deflation? That will never happen. No matter who’s in charge.

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