Bill Maher is Over the Covidians on the Left

Bill Maher is Over the Covidians on the Left

Bill Maher is Over the Covidians on the Left

Comedian Bill Maher is no conservative. However, he’s through with the pandemic porn mongers — let’s call them Covidians — on the Left. And he took them to task to kick off the 20th season of his HBO show, “Real Time.”

He told his audience:

“It’s just gone on too long, nobody cares anymore. I don’t want to live in your mask paranoid world anymore. You go out it’s silly now: you have to have a mask, you have a booster, they scan your head. Like you’re a cashier and I’m a bunch of bananas. I’m not bananas, you are.”

I’m no fan of Bill Maher — he trashes my Christian faith, and as a result I won’t subscribe to HBO. He has the right to express his disdain for Christianity, of course, and I have the right to refuse his opinion on the service that supports him. Fair enough.

But I like what he said in his monologue from Friday night.


Bill Maher Isn’t Alone

But Maher isn’t the only liberal who is pushing back on the Covidians. Writer Bari Weiss, formerly of the New York Times, appeared on Real Time and declared that “This is going to be remembered by the younger generation as a catastrophic moral crime. . . It’s a pandemic of bureaucracy.”

Not only did Weiss tell Bill Maher that she’s “over Covid,” but her Substack blog, “Common Sense,” has featured stories about how the Left has destroyed lives because of the pandemic. Weiss published an article by a Canadian high school teacher who wrote, “I’m a Public School Teacher. The Kids Aren’t Alright.”

“Our students were taught to think of their schools as hubs for infection and themselves as vectors of disease. This has fundamentally altered their understanding of themselves.”

The teacher ended with this:

“When we look at the Covid-19 pandemic through the lens of history, I believe it will be clear that we betrayed our children. The risks of this pandemic were never to them, but they were forced to carry the burden of it. It’s enough. It’s time for a return to normal life and put an end to the bureaucratic policies that aren’t making society safer, but are sacrificing our children’s mental, emotional, and physical health.”


Liberal Doctor Who Pushes Back

And then there’s Dr. Vinay Prasad. He’s an Associate Professor of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California, San Franciso. And if you see those credentials and think, Yeah, he’s a liberal, you’d be correct. He told Bari Weiss of his political leanings in a podcast that I listened to when I flew to Phoenix in September (and, ironically, returned with Covid).

But Prasad would also agree with Bill Maher that enough is enough. Prasad even defended Joe Rogan’s right to interview vaccine skeptics Drs. Robert Malone and Peter McCullough for his podcast.

Now Prasad disagrees with much of what they said from a scientific point of view. However, as he wrote in a recent article in UnHerd:

“More generally, I strongly disagree with efforts to censor scientists, even if they are incorrect, and no matter the implications of their words, as I believe the harms of censorship far exceed any short-term gains.”

Not only that, but Dr. Prasad was one of four San Francisco area physicians who sent an online petition to CA Gov. Gavin Newsom. They want health officials to stop using the word “pandemic,” and refer to Covid as “endemic.” Plus, they want California to work for “an end to all remaining restrictions, particularly as they apply to children.”

In case you’re a Californian who wants to sign this petition, you can find it here at


So Why Don’t Bill Maher and Others Jump Ship?

Unfortunately, conservatism continues to be a third rail to thoughtful liberals. Why?

Douglas Murray, a British conservative, wrote in UnHerd that liberals find the Right “so unattractive” because too many conservatives are too, well, Christian:

“. . .the idea that a conservative movement can succeed while being intrinsically tied to religion — let alone one particular denomination — is a steer into the political wilderness.”

But Murray is a Brit, as well as an atheist who also calls himself a “cultural Christian,” however that works. I look more to the media as the culprit, especially social media, who view conservatives this way:

Bill Maher, conservatives, covid

There you have it, from left to right: Conspiracy kook/white supremacist/anti-science/racist/insurrectionist. And MAGA supporters, too. It’s the entire Basket of Deplorables right there. So liberals who might be leaning to conservatism consider those images and think, Nope, not going there. Those aren’t my people.

But we can also appreciate liberals like Bill Maher, Bari Weiss, and Vinay Prasad for peeling back the façade covering the Covid fraud. They’ll probably never join the Republican Party, but voices like theirs may help to finally destroy the “mask paranoid world” which has been ruining our lives for the past two years. After all, as Maher said, we’re not bananas, they are.


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