Brandon Biden Gets Liberal Golden Touch For The Fail

Brandon Biden Gets Liberal Golden Touch For The Fail

Brandon Biden Gets Liberal Golden Touch For The Fail

The three brothers at The MeidasTouch super PAC thought they were oh-so-clever when they put together an ad spinning the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant into actual achievements of Joe Biden as President. Take a look:

The ad was designed to put a positive spin on the G-rated “F— Joe Biden” NASCAR chant, “Let’s Go Brandon”. The chant that has now become code for affinity between anyone who is dissatisfied with the Biden Administration. Seems the Meiselas brothers, who have started The MeidasTouch Super PAC, are triggered. More on them in a touch. Now, about this “Let’s Go Brandon” ad.

This was not intended be a joke. Yes, the Meiselas brothers were serious about cheering on “Brandon Biden” with botched-up, barely audible snippets from the President. Why, in the world would they have to put bullet points on the screen for viewers to read if old man Joe’s audio was loud and clear? I mean, Brandon sounds like he’s got marbles in his mouth and appears to be the usual lost and babbling buffoon. So much for having an “Emmy-Award-Winning video editor and digital media strategist who worked with The Ellen DeGeneres show for over five years”. Ellen DeGeneres. Heard she’s super nice.

The bullet points spelled out BRANDON:

Broadband Lines
Roads, railroads and bridges
Airports, freight rail
No lead pipes
Deliver clean energy
Our jobs, jobs, jobs!
Network of charging stations

These are enough to get some scratching their heads. or, at the very least, garner a side-eye or two. Broadband lines so the Russians can’t hack us again, Brandon? Roads, railroads and bridges, Brandon? Like the ones that are not being plowed or serviced because of labor shortages due to vaccine mandates? Airports, freight rail, Brandon? (See previous comment.) No lead pipes, Brandon? But, by all means, mask up your Kindergarteners and have them wallow in their own snot for six-plus hours a day because that’s healthy. Deliver clean energy, Brandon? At what expense? Our jobs, jobs, jobs, Brandon? Surely, you jest. Yes, the jobs are there but the BIDEN voters are too afraid to take them and are actually making more money staying home. Network of charging stations, Brandon? Funny you mention that, guys. I have tried one of these with my hybrid the other day. Didn’t work. Thank God there’s a gas station on the corner!

Sorry, boys. You lost us with the bios on your website. Especially Ben’s bio. Ben Meiselas is an attorney for Geragos & Geragos and defended Colin Kaepernick in his lawsuit against the NFL. If Geragos & Geragos sounds familiar, you can see their notable client list here. The firm has defended fine, stand-up citizens like Scott Peterson. And, let’s not forget, Michael “the sleepovers with underage boys were not sexual” Jackson and Jussie “I beat myself up” Smollett.

We won’t get into the shady finances of The MeidasTouch except for this. I will leave this right here. Exhibit B.

At the heart of MeidasTouch’s opaque finances is an arrangement with a Virginia company called Prestige WW Inc. — a reference to the Will Ferrell comedy Step Brothers. Prestige received more than half a million dollars of Meidas’ donor money, FEC filings show. Prestige is run by Adam Parkhomenko, Meidas’ political strategist and a former aide to Hillary Clinton who later did political work for Michael Avenatti, a onetime anti-Trump hero who was convicted last year of trying to extort $20 million from Nike. (One of Ben Meiselas’ law partners, who was a witness to the events at the center of the extortion scheme, was subpoenaed in Avenatti’s criminal case in Manhattan, and Ben Meiselas is listed as an interested party in the case, as is Nike. According to Meiselas, he was listed as a result of being a managing partner in his firm at the time of the subpoena to his law partner.”-Rolling Stone

Hell, even liberal Rolling Stone thinks these guys are shady A-F, pinkie-ring-wearing, elitist sleeze balls. Harvard degrees can’t dress this ambulance-chasing trash up.

What’s funny on top of all that is that they think it’s some kind of great success that they got it on Fox because apparently none of these geniuses even looked at their work and thought ahead about what it was going to look like, or how it would be taken.”-Nick Arama, Red State

We know the Meiselas boys (who claim to be “lifelong Democrats”) toiled hard over this ad put together by iMovie. But we think they got the bullet points on “Brandon” all wrong, so we took the liberty to doctor this up a bit:

Bad foreign policy
Running the press out of the Oval Office
Afghanistan under Taliban control
No in-person classes for marginalized, at-risk children
Denial, denial and more denial
Our enemies are laughing at us right now
Network of shady, career politicians and super PACs trying to rip this country apart.

There, lifelong Democrats, I fixed “Brandon” for you. Everything they touch turns to gold by the MeidasTouch Douche Stooges? Talk about an over-inflated self-esteem and egos amongst these three, whiny liberals. Newsflash, guys: Biden is still out doing Biden things. Never underestimate Brandon’s-err-Biden’s ability to eff things up. Right, Barack?

Let’s Go, Brandon. Preferably right out of The White House.

Photo Credit: Original Artwork by VG Darleen Click

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