Taylor Lorenz Loves To Fly And It Shows

Taylor Lorenz Loves To Fly And It Shows

Taylor Lorenz Loves To Fly And It Shows

This weekend’s comedy relief is brought to you by none other than “shoe leather reporter”, Taylor Lorenz. Now, it appears Taylor has to fly for a work assignment and she is petrified.

Taylor Lorenz, in typical flame-fanning fashion, took to Twitter to solicit responses.

I have to fly soon for work & as someone who is medically vulnerable I’m so scared. All COVID precautions that keep high risk people safe have been dropped. I plan to keep an N95 on my face for all 7 hours w/ zero water breaks, but I’m scared it may not seal perfectly. Any tips?”-Taylor Lorenz

Wait, what? Work? This chick is still gainfully employed? She does know the mandate has been lifted, right?

All that aside, Taylor has to fly and she is scared of all of those unmasked, diseased people she may need to sit next to. Peasant droplets may sneak into the little rich girl from Greenwich’s N95. She’s a delicate flower who may wilt if she catches the ‘Rona. But Taylor wants the world to know she is a victim. She is immunocompromised, though she does not say with what exactly. Still, some of her fans came to her aid with recommendations.

You are choosing between your job and your health.
I’m sorry to have to put it bluntly, but I don’t think flying is safe right now for anyone, let alone someone medically vulnerable.

Anyone who flies right now for any reason has to be not thinking clearly.
Your job is not worth your life, people. If you die, you can’t work anyway!”

Oh, Lordy. Someone has not read about HEPA filters on airplanes, now have they? Oh, Taylor! You’re so brave…you’re risking your life up there!

Then, there’s this guy:

A germicidal UV with 222nm lamp? Dear, God.

More suggestions. This one from Amie on Twitter:

When I needed to drink or take a bite of something when I flew last month, I inhaled with my n95 on, held my breath while I lowered the mask to eat/drink, and exhaled as I then put my mask back in place.

Also, I had my own personal fan to dilute any airborne virus around me.”-Amie

Is this like holding your breath when you go under water? Seriously. If you are even lowering that n95 to eat or to drink, you’re not that worried. And if you think your “breathing technique” is going to prevent you from an illness, you are something else. I’m sure she was a joy to sit next to.

Soledad O’Brien offered Taylor the suggestion to double-mask with a surgical mask over her n95. Lorenz responded in-kind:

Unfortunately that’s how a couple people I know have gotten COVID 🙁 Intermittent KN95/surgical masks just don’t cut it with these contagious strains and since I’m high risk the stakes are pretty high. I have to take it seriously so I don’t end up dead. Glad you’ve stayed safe.”-Taylor Lorenz

Some of the Twitterverse offered up some pretty epic suggestions for our dear Taylor:

And, of course, add the caulk and superglue:

The choice of mask is very, important, too, Taylor:

Other suggestions? The list goes on. A personal bubble. Fly First Class (away from the diseased peons). A hazmat suit, an inflatable dinosaur suit, lead gloves, riding on the wing, opening the window, riding in the cargo hold are just a few. But the question regarding Taylor Lorenz and her flying anxiety is this: does Taylor Lorenz have a physical medical condition or a mental medical condition? I would bet that it is more of the latter. The poor, attention-seeking 40-something, who talks and sounds like a teenager, wants masking and flying advice from the Twitter community. She has to throw out there that she is compromised. If Taylor Lorenz is this worried about getting on a freaking airplane, should she not be consulting a medical professional and not Twitter?

As with any decision in life, Taylor, come consequences. Remember how you had to reckon with the consequences of your actions just a little over a month ago? You were not “afraid” to doxx some “right-wingers” in your “fearless journalism”, now were you? You’re so utterly “fearless”, but you’re afraid to get on an airplane? Give us a break! As a “Journalist of The People”, you must go into the war zone of that Boeing 737 to fight for Democracy Dying in The Darkness and talk about how you live in a country where life, liberty and “all the rest of it” stand for something.

My suggestion? A mask of shoe leather held in place with some Gorilla glue. Maybe, if we’re lucky, it will remain there. It may also prevent Monkeypox, Taylor. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy your flight.

Photo Credit: Original Artwork by Victory Girls’ Darleen Click

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  • Robin H says:

    As more countries open up to the unvaccinated, and there are no more testing requirements to return to the US, we plan to start traveling again. I really hope I sit next to someone masked, I plan to cough the whole flight! Maybe I’ll wipe my nose and than touch the seat arm. The possibilities to annoy and worry them is endless!

  • Kim Hirsch says:

    Plastic bag over head, duct tape around the bottom. That’ll work.

    I’m going to hell.

  • Nabi says:

    The virus isn’t gone. The number hospitalized is down mainly because so many people are vaxed and consequently aren’t suffering as much as previously. But the system’s now analagous to ‘open borders’. Look for another big viral invasion in the fall. Taylor is correct to mask up, especially in airports and on a plane. About 10 percent of those I see catching it get ‘long covid’–something you want to avoid even if you’re the scoffing type.

    • Scott says:

      Anyone who feels the need to wear a mask definitely should. They should also be respectful of those who feel otherwise, and not act like Karens, trying to shame or ridicule them.

      • GWB says:

        And the whole idea of going to Twitter to ask about masking (instead of a doctor) is a form of shaming and virtue signaling. “See what these normies are making me do?! Why can’t they just obey and we can get this over with?!”

    • awakenotwoke says:

      The virus is never going away. The virus was never very deadly to 98% of the population and it is even more so now. The pseudo-vaccinated are suffering higher rates of hospitalization and deaths than the those who rejected the pseudo vaccine. The unvaccinated are far less susceptible to the new variations and comprise a smaller number of new hospitalizations and deaths. “Long covid” is an anecdotal myth. The notion that a mask will protect one from getting a respiratory disease in an airplane or airport more so than being unmasked has been debunked by scientific peer reviewed studies at a ratio of about 20 to 1.

    • Cameron says:

      And yet, we still live with other viruses like flu and the world didn’t get shut down.

      Of course, after “long covid” fizzles out, we’ll get “turbo covid”, “death covid” and probably “QVC covid” because panic sells.

    • GWB says:

      No, the hospitalized numbers are not down due to vaccinations. They are down primarily due to the normal course of a virus, where it burns out in the population. “Long Covid” requires therapeutic measures to heal but if handled properly (not rejecting treatments because “Trump liked that!” and such silliness) is not disastrous.

      (Seen the info on the “double-boosted” getting Covid at twice the rate of the non-boosted? Hmmmm….)

  • Jon says:

    Pretty sure she doesn’t need to do much of anything for we work any more.

  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    Why doesn’t she just use her broom?

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