Swamp Watch: 5 Reasons a Candidate Joe Biden Could Become a Lot Less Popular

Swamp Watch: 5 Reasons a Candidate Joe Biden Could Become a Lot Less Popular

Swamp Watch: 5 Reasons a Candidate Joe Biden Could Become a Lot Less Popular

Joe Biden is playing it coy. He’s like the teenaged girl who wants to go to her prom, but not sure she’d say yes even if her biggest crush asked. With the exception of Frankie Bobbie O’Rourke, he’s all anyone’s talking about. Will he? Or won’t be? And when will he make the decision?

Well, if Biden follows O’Rourke’s lead, he’s believing his own I’M THE BOMB, BABY! hype and will likely hop into the already-overfilled pond of Green New Deal Huggers, and he’s trying his best—as well as one can at 76 years and counting—to convince Democrats that he’s the guy who can beat Donald Trump. And should he take the dive, there are at least five hazards he’ll face right off the bat:

1. His history. Is there any candidate running who is swampier than Joe Biden? He’s run for president twice and lost. He helped send our young men and women to war, a big no-no to the Left. He claims he’s the most “progressive” of anyone “running” (which he’s not yet), yet he opposed gay marriage, championed segregation

…and chaired the Senate committee that grilled Anita Hill. Plus, in the weaponized #MeToo era, Biden has a nasty habit of on-camera groping of other men’s wives and daughters, which will make that secretly-recorded Trump Bragging About His Sexual Prowess tape pale in comparison. Not to mention Biden’s a prolific race-baiter. Bobbie O’Rourke has already swayed some of Barack Obama’s campaign staffers. And can you blame Obama for not jumping on to the Uncle Joe Train given Biden’s “articulate and bright and clean” description of his eventual running mate? It’ll take Obama’s magic wand to shake off all that sludge.

2. The liberal media. Seems it’s actively running interference for Kamala Harris. She has more baggage than Imelda Marcos on a month-long holiday, yet most of the stories written about her were published early on following her announcement. Those have dried up, even though they are of extreme significance. Conversely, the media has “suddenly” unearthed some rather disturbing stories about Joe Biden and his decades-old embrace of racial segregation. In a political environment hyper-focused both on skin color and that sees racism everywhere, that’s a dog that’s gonna bite. These newfound stories are not a coincidence. And it smells to me like Kamala Harris. Woof woof.

3. Creeping Socialism. Trump was the first GOP nominee to win Wisconsin in decades. And the state is doing well—that is, until it placed a nutty Dem in the governor’s seat. That dude is now doing this:

You know what that spells? V-O-T-E-R  F-R-A-U-D. Couple that with the latest poll showing Biden’s fellow angry, gray-haired Muppet polling ahead of Trump—and thus we can infer that voters may behave similarly during the primary, choosing Bernie Three Houses over Biden—and he has himself a struggle, even in the rust belt of which Biden is trying to convince voters he’s a member. Which brings us to point four:

4. Middle Class Creds. Biden is not the “Middle Class Joe” he wants voters to buy. While he asserts he has no “savings account,” just a “pension” (which is six figs annually; don’t we wish!), he’s reportedly raked in the dough since exiting the White House. Like millions and millions in dough. Soooo NOT like the Average Joe, with his pension coming from the pockets of you and me. And speaking of the White House…

5. The Russian Collusion Narrative. People on both sides of the aisle know that the status quo is the problem with D.C. It’s THEE reason that Donald Trump is president. (Yeah, sorry, Hillary; Russia collusion is not the reason you’re wandering around in the woods instead of the White House.) Joe Biden was part of the administration that actively worked to keep its political foe from becoming president, and then created an “insurance policy” designed to hamper his presidency if he somehow won. And should Biden become the Democratic nominee, he can bet his sweet Amtrak ticket that Trump will remind him. All Day. Every Day. Until no one can ignore it any longer.

More like: the liberal media has failed to brainwash at least half of America. Oh, and, Joe, when was the last time you did something like this?

So there you have it; five reasons Joe Creepy McCreepster Biden will have a tough time even climbing out of the primary (and we’re not even talking the overwhelming majority of Americans who believe the economy is hummin’, which elections are all about, stupid). He’s already shown his spinelessness, plus expressed concern that he’ll be pummeled relentlessly by a hard-charging Trump should he be the nominee (well, welcome to politics, sweet cakes!); he’s going to find himself battered and bruised by his own party the moment he sticks his toe into the swamp; and he has the energy of a dying Duracell battery and the originality of a washed-up D-lister. He brings nothing new to the table, and represents everything that’s wrong with D.C. And should he take the plunge, I predict he’ll find out the hard way just how unpopular he’ll become. The Fake Mexican/Kamala Harris-loving liberal media will make sure of it.


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