Elizabeth Warren Wants To Drop Kick The Electoral College To The Curb

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Drop Kick The Electoral College To The Curb

Elizabeth Warren Wants To Drop Kick The Electoral College To The Curb

Elizabeth Warren is in the news again. No, it’s not another story about her gaming the system to get into Harvard. Instead she’s jumped on the ‘abolish the Electoral College!’ bandwagon …because Hillary!

*Sidebar: is she trying to channel Robert Francis ‘windmill hands’ O’Rourke?

But I digress. Lizzie must’ve really wanted Hillary to win in 2016.

Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said she supports eliminating the U.S. Electoral College during a town hall broadcast on Monday night.

“Every vote matters and the way we can make that happen is that we can have national voting, and that means get rid of the Electoral College,” Warren told an audience at the historically black college Jackson State University in Mississippi.

Warren’s statement on CNN came after an audience member asked the Massachusetts senator about voting rights and so-called voter suppression laws.

Let’s talk about this for a moment. We already DO have national voting! It’s that wonderful right to vote that we LEGAL American citizens have per our Constitution! What Lizzie is talking about here is the popular vote. What she is talking about is having the vote total from the entire country count as getting one elected and dumping what our Founders put in place.

You see, our Founders knew that our vote and our voice matter. They ALSO knew that just because one state has more citizens than another, that states vote total shouldn’t trump who the voters in the less populated state elected.

For example, in looking at this Popular Vote/Electoral College HILLARY WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN! nonsense, let’s do a quick run through of the 2016 Presidential election results. Take a look at this map.

     Map courtesy of 270towin

Then, let’s take a look at the popular vote vs the Electoral College votes. Via Politico we can see the vote totals state by state.

  • New York’s popular vote went for Hillary, thus the Electoral College votes went to Hillary.
  • Colorado went for Hillary (dammit) and thus the Electoral College votes went her way.
  • Florida went for Trump (that was a shocker for sure) and thus the Electoral College votes went for Trump.
  • Maine’s popular votes went to Hillary, but per STATE law a member of the college can choose to cast for the other candidate, so one vote did go to Trump
  • Two of several states that Hillary never set foot in, WI and PA, went for Trump. Bad campaign choices

People can scream all they want, and they have been since that fateful night in 2016, about how the election was rigged. But like it or not, our Constitutional voting rights and the Electoral College performed exactly as our Founders designed it to.

Yet Colorado, who went for Hillary, decided that our votes don’t need to ever count again. It passed, and the governor sat on it for a couple of weeks until finally, against considerable objections from voters on both sides, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed CO’s electoral college into law on Friday night. He knew it was a bad move but did it anyway. Why did he know it was a stupid move? Because it was signed in the dark, no media, no photos, no announcements.

And guess what? Colorado voters are now realizing that this move is telling people to forget about voting because it will never count. In other words, if all this comes to pass, if Colorado votes for a Dem candidate but the Republican wins the national popular vote…. see where I’m going here?

But above all, every single Democrat Presidential candidate is against our Constitution.

Our Constitution matters. Our VOTE matters! It is and should never be a political bargaining chip just because the favored queen lost. Yet here we are.

This is one prime example among many as to why Democrats should not prevail in 2020.

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  • windbag says:

    It’ll never happen, but all these idiots advocating the repeal of the electoral college should be confronted by their local constituents as to why they want to nullify their votes and diminish their state’s influence in a national election. Time to teach civics on the campaign trail. I know, I know, it doesn’t fit into a sound byte, so it just won’t do.

    Lefties were smart to wait for decades while they dumbed down the general population before pushing for the obvious dismantling of our civilization.

  • George V says:

    Why are all the Democrats against Affirmative Action for less populated states?

  • GWB says:

    What she is talking about is having the vote total from the entire country count
    Yes, she is talking about the whole country, but what she means is that just California, New York, Illinois, and Michigan’s votes will count.

    They ALSO knew that just because one state ….
    Well, our Founders put together a country out of sovereign STATES. The people belonged to and were primarily governed by the STATES in which they resided. The federal government was only necessary to bind the whole thing together into one country – primarily for purposes of trade and war.
    But, we haven’t had truly sovereign states since at least the 16th and 17th Amendments, and arguably the 14th (not because of citizenship or slavery issues, but because of the incorporation doctrine that arose out of it).

    the National Popular Vote bill
    This is definitely un-constitutional, as it de facto deprives Coloradans of their vote. It also is a pact among the states (in violation of Article I, Section 10).

    The other big reason for the Demo’s to do this, is it makes fraud that much easier to conduct, since every single fraudulent vote, anywhere in the country, now counts towards that larger total. Right now, they have to get enough concentrated somewhere that it matters in moving the electoral college. They have to cheat overwhelmingly in a bunch of states, and they have to be places they don’t really already control.

    Essentially, the Demo’s are admitting (as you say, Nina) they really don’t want our Constitutional Republic to hang around any more. That makes them an enemy of the Constitution. When do we pass that tipping point?

  • rbj1 says:

    Not only do we need the Electoral College we also need to go back to the state legislatures appointing Senators.

  • Scott says:

    rbj1, spot on with the Senators being appointed, and GWB with the fact that this legislation is blatantly un-constitutional on multiple fronts. That being said, the people of Colorado are getting a very rapid education on what happens when you give all aspects of state govt over to the dims.. we will be lucky to survive till the next election cycle. To anyone not paying attention to this point Jared Polis is a militant gay leftist, who got rich off his parents achievements (and their company that he sold as soon as they were dead.) He also changed his name after facing charges of sexual harassment….So yeah, he’s the perfect demorat, as well as being poison for this once great state 5 years, 6 months, and 5 days till retirement, and we move out of here… not that anyone is counting..

    • Scott says:

      OOh yeah, and each and every one of the dim presidential hopefuls, as well as every single dim in the Colorado govt. is violating their oaths of office n a daily basis, but as windbag points out, the dims have done a great job ruining our educational system, turning the movie “Idiocracy” from a comedy to a documentary… after all, ignorant peasants are much easier to rule over than educated patriots..

  • sound awake says:

    it doesnt matter if its by the minority or the majority
    if it involves tyranny people like warren will always be for it
    just as long as theyre not on the receiving end of it

  • Rick Caird says:

    You can bet that if California and New York historically voted Republican, there would be no Democrats in favor of abolishing the electoral college. This idea is not born out of a principle of democracy, It is born out of a principle that the Democratic party should win.

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