Sarah Huckabee Sanders Vs. The Media [VIDEO]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Vs. The Media [VIDEO]

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Vs. The Media [VIDEO]

Let’s all agree to the caveat that the job of White House press secretary requires putting the best spin possible on whatever the day’s news is, in favor of the administration. With that being said, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is clearly enjoying sticking it to the media.

In the Obama era, Josh Earnest was often blithely ignorant.

Jay Carney’s ability to lie with a straight face was legendary.

The Trump administration’s first press secretary, Sean Spicer, didn’t last very long and got roundly mocked along the way. He was replaced by Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who is only the third woman to be press secretary.

And, quite frankly, she is living rent-free in liberals’ heads.

Liberal women hate her and mock her appearance. Liberal men do the same. April Ryan tried to prove that she couldn’t bake pie – and failed miserably.

And through it all, Sanders just keeps doing her job….

…and ignoring them.

Which apparently drives them even crazier.
And these were some of the printable ones.

On Thursday, President Trump delivered a pre-recorded message to the media during the daily press briefing.

Weird? Yes. Worth complaining about? Probably not.

But you don’t think Sarah Sanders noticed? She noticed. And she decided to have some fun with it at the next briefing.

The best part of the video is CNN’s chyron at the bottom of the screen while the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” This Star Wars nerd got a giggle out of that.

Press secretary is a pretty thankless job – and requires an incredibly thick skin. Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a thick skin. And she’s winning her battle against the media because she doesn’t care what they think of her, and she’s got a sense of humor. The media thinks they can handle being mocked, but they prove almost every day just how thin-skinned they truly are.

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  • Nina says:

    Slay them with humor, style, and grace.

    There’s a couple of other Press Secs that did that well in recent memory. Dana Perino and Tony Snow.

  • dc says:

    I will go out if my to watch or listen to Sarah
    Huckabee. She is the real deal and knows how to deal with lazy journalism.

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