“Biscuit Brain”, Chelsea Handler Calls Sarah Sanders a “Biscuit Face” Because Women’s Empowerment or Something

“Biscuit Brain”, Chelsea Handler Calls Sarah Sanders a “Biscuit Face” Because Women’s Empowerment or Something

“Biscuit Brain”, Chelsea Handler Calls Sarah Sanders a “Biscuit Face” Because Women’s Empowerment or Something

When Chelsea Handler is not blaming President Trump for her mansion burning down, she partakes in another one of her favorite hobbies (besides rockin’ the ganja): shaming Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Last week, she claimed Donald Trump was “like, setting the world on fire” because she had to evacuate her Southern California home. Last week, the “I-think-I’m-so-funny” Handler, during an exchange with Lanny Davis—longtime bootlicker-lawyer and fixer for Hillary and Bill Clinton—she inquired about the “harlot with whore lipstick” the Republicans are “trolloping” out every day. Now this makeup “tutorial”:

“This is foundation and just like the foundation of America, it’s Republican, it’s strong, and it’s white.”-Chelsea Handler

And all of this brings me to my story today. While the new feminists of Hollywood fat-shame, over-sexualize and are unnecessarily brutal to women who do not fit into their political mold, girls are getting beat up in schools, called names and become so depressed that they are put on suicide watch. It happens every day. Pick a school, any school across the United States. It happened in my community this past week. I remember girls like you, Chelsea. Girls like you pulled chunks of hair out my head in seventh grade. Girls like you shamed my early developing body to the point that I changed for PE in a private bathroom stall because I was embarrassed and you all then told all of the boys that I was “hiding something” and stuffing my bra. Girls like you smoked pot, got drunk, whored around and made fun of the girls that did not and started rumors about girls like us. You wrote about us on bathroom walls and called us “lezzies” because we wouldn’t give it up to some horny senior. Girls like you got pregnant at 16 and had a subsequent abortion. You went through life stepping upon other women, badmouthing them, sleeping your way to the “top” (I worked in the media field, I know this) and you still try desperately to hold on to what little, pathetic lives you have by cutting other women down.

I do not have a daughter, but I do have a son. My hope for him is that he does not end up with a girl who is a mean girl like you, Chelsea. I would much rather him end up with a college-educated woman with a “biscuit face” and decent morals, something, sadly, the girls of today are not walking away with when you and the likes of your crowd impart your wisdom. Girls like you lie, Chelsea. And you are not a woman, you are indeed an overgrown girl in a used-up body. Now, don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house…or a burning house, for that matter. Sorry, not sorry.

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