San Francisco School Board Recalled, Liberals Will Refuse To Learn Lesson

San Francisco School Board Recalled, Liberals Will Refuse To Learn Lesson

San Francisco School Board Recalled, Liberals Will Refuse To Learn Lesson

Three San Francisco School Board members were recalled last night. By overwhelming margins.

Keep in mind, those vote totals are in one of the most liberal cities in the country. The entire school board is comprised of Democrats. So, what led to the ouster of the three who were already facing reelection next fall? 

Their refusal to advocate for the kids. Instead the school board was laser focused on politically correct items such as renaming 44 schools after those who meet the woke narratives. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Senator Diane Feinstein didn’t make the cut. 

That happened last January 2021, and after much outcry the school board backtracked. The parents were consistently advocating for their kids to be back in school, and the school board refused to let the happen until September 2021, well behind the rest of the school districts in the state. 

The board members facing recall, the media, and many others tried to frame this recall as one pushed by white Republicans in order to get all the privileged kids into charter schools. Which completely ignored the fact that A. Mayor London Breed was firmly on board with the recall, and B. Most of the parents leading the recall are…Democrats. 

But parents among the around 100 supporters gathered in the Mission District on Tuesday insisted that support came from all walks of life.

“We wanted to show the diversity of the community behind this recall. I knew they were going to say, ‘Oh, isn’t it just a bunch of Republicans?’ and I’m like, do I look like a Republican?” David Thompson, a parent dressed in head-to-toe rainbow drag who called his persona “Gaybraham Lincoln,” told the outlet.

The San Francisco school board also came under fire for their arbitrary changes to admissions quotas for the highly ranked Lowell High School. The school, with predominantly Asian students, was told by the board that they were supposed to end merit-based admissions and instead go with a diversity checklist in order to make things more “fair.” 

It also didn’t help that board member Alison Collins tried to sue the parents and whomever else she could after racist tweets of hers were uncovered. 

Neither did the parents like the facts that the board wasn’t doing anything about a major budget deficit (nearly $40 million worth).

The board became the focus of national ridicule last February after a two-hour debate over whether a gay white dad was diverse enough to join an all-female volunteer parent committee. All the while, the district’s budget deficit ballooned to about $125 million last year, leading California education officials to threaten a state takeover. The California Department of Education sent an expert in last year to help the school board devise a plan to close the gap.

Yes, that debate really did happen. 

Here’s the thing, there are liberals across the country as well as school boards, administration officials, and the media who are failing to realize the ramifications of this recall. 

Look again at the vote totals. This is San Francisco. You can darned well bet 70-80+% of those voters are NOT Republicans. Yet the media is framing this as a Republican-led effort. 

What does San Francisco have to do with the rest of the country? It’s a valid question.

CNN’s Ronald Brownstein writes that schools are dividing Democrats and creating openings for Republicans.

He sees a cocktail of three distinct things driving the recall effort:

Genuine grassroots discontent over extended school closings during the coronavirus outbreak.
Growing division among Democrats over how to respond to the pandemic.
Massive funding from longtime critics of public education and some big supporters of Republican political campaigns, including an ally of Betsy DeVos, former President Donald Trump’s education secretary.

Yes, CNN along with APNews and others are ignoring the fact that this recall was started by the PARENTS because they wanted their children educated in reading, math, science, and history. They didn’t want the school board blathering for two plus hours about if a white father was ‘woke’ enough to serve on a school committee! They didn’t want the board focused on progressive crap like renaming 44 schools in the district. They wanted their kids back in school, and the board refused to listen. 

Will liberals learn and understand WHY parents in San Francisco lobbied hard for this recall? No, and tone deaf tweets from the Secretary of Education show a major lack of awareness over parents concerns. 

Dude, California’s student mask mandate is still in place! Meanwhile, suddenly David Axelrod kind of gets it. 

OUCH. That will leave a mark! Meanwhile, down the road in LA…

As noted here, this is the same superintendent who ran around maskless while working for the Miami-Dade school district. 

Will liberals learn from this recall? Some will. But too many others will dig in their heels and continue down their favored woke progressive paths. 

The liberals will ignore this lesson. They will ignore the teachers who WANT to teach and the kids who NEED to learn. It will take more recall elections before they will, reluctantly, get a clue. 

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  • Cameron says:

    They’re convinced that the next batch of liberals will do it right and not have to worry about those icky right wingers in their hallowed spaces.

  • kd6rxl says:

    For some reason only 3 board members were “eligible for recall”. Huh? If there’s a recall process for elected officials why isn’t any one of them eligible at any time? Soros DA Chesa Boudin is going to face a recall election, but only in June, almost 6 months after the petitions were certified.

  • rbj1 says:

    First Loudon County, VA, now San Francisco. I hope the Democrats don’t learn their lesson and get trounced in November.

    From what I’ve read, only these three have served long enough to be subject to recall.

    PS, there’s a Republican in SF? Talk about endangered species.

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