California Says Schools Might Lose Masks in Two Weeks. Who’s Falling for It?

California Says Schools Might Lose Masks in Two Weeks. Who’s Falling for It?

California Says Schools Might Lose Masks in Two Weeks. Who’s Falling for It?

Monday, California outdid itself in the hypocrisy department by lifting its indoor mask mandate, but not for public schools for at least two weeks. I am convinced, liberals have lost their ability to be embarrassed by their own hypocrisy. They have also lost the ability to put any kind of timeframe on COVID mandates ending. It is never two weeks.

If anyone tries to convince you COVID is over and we can move on, don’t fall for it. Ask anyone who has kids in public schools in California. They’ve been locked up and/or masked up for almost two years.

By the time readers drink their Tuesday morning coffee, indoor mask mandates for the vaccinated will be gone. Not for kids! Those are in effect until at least the end of February.

“California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly announced at a news conference Monday that the statewide indoor mask mandate will be lifted today for vaccinated people, though it will remain in effect for schoolchildren at least through the end of the month.”

In the minds of parents, the words “WHY?” are reverberating in their heads. Great question. Vaccines! Get your kids jabbed and this all goes away.

“At a press conference last week, Governor Gavin Newsom announced masks are still required at schools due to low vaccinations – About 28 percent in 5 to 11-year-olds received the COVID vaccine compared to over 92% of those 18 and up, who have received at least one dose of the shot.”

I’ll be the bearer of bad news here. If Newsom wants that number to rise, it isn’t going to jump from 28 percent to 92 percent in two weeks. Sorry kids, I don’t think the masks are going away any time soon.

Science tells us that masks in schools have little effect on the spread of ‘rona in schools. Michigan compared schools with and without mandates and found out what we all know. They don’t work.

“Comparing COVID-19 cases at 20 mid-Michigan school districts — including those in Clinton and Eaton counties without mask mandates — paints a foggy picture of the rules’ efficacy…Charlotte Public Schools, which hasn’t had a mask mandate for most of the school year, saw a case rate of roughly 19%, nearly identical to DeWitt Public Schools, Waverly Community Schools and Webberville Community Schools, which all required masks. Meanwhile, St. Johns Public Schools, which didn’t have a mandate all year, had the lowest case rate among 20 mid-Michigan districts. Pewamo-Westphalia Community Schools and Ovid-Elsie Area Schools, both without mandates, the fourth-lowest and fifth-highest rates respectively.”

Enough about masks for a moment. Let’s talk about vaccines in kids—because science. At the 1:15 mark Dr. Jeanne Noble, from the University of California states,

“If kids were at a particularly high level threat for COVID, you could potentially make that argument [for tying vaccines rates to mask mandates for school aged kids.]”

Did her statement go flying by too fast? Let me rephrase for practicality: if kids were getting sick and dying from COVID, you could make the argument they need to get vaxxed and wear diapers on their face, but you can’t.

Parents are pissed, and rightfully so.

Did you hear about San Francisco’s school board navel-gazing while schools were shut down because of ‘rona? Politico, of all resources, pointed out the idiocy.

“Incredulous parents watched last year as the seven-member board spent hours worked to rename schools and discard merit-based admissions policies at a storied high school, citing equity concerns, as classrooms sat empty of students…Some San Franciscans grew angry enough to launch a recall drive that gained the support of deep-pocketed allies and prominent Democratic officials, vastly outraising the school board’s defenders.”

As you drink that Tuesday morning cup of coffee, San Franciscans will be placing their vote on the recall effort and we can hope a few seats flip. Sadly, those flipped seats will be a drop in the bucket of liberal hypocrisy.

A flipped school board in San Francisco cannot make up for the stupidity as the world watched the Super Bowl. Countless celebrities and big shots went without masks, while kids sat in schools with their faces covered the next day.

Twitter has some questions. Someone followed the money. The California Teacher’s Association is a contributor to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s campaign, and strongly support masks in schools. But not at indoor NFL games, when they attend.

To sum up, California is holding public schools kids hostage in a wait-and-see game regarding vaccines kids don’t need. The argument can be made the vaccine doesn’t work well in adults, but that’s for another day. Gavin is thinking about it, for now…

I could not have said it better myself.

Featured Image: Elementary students in masks line up for temperature checks 2 by Alliance for Excellent Education via Flickr, license CC BY-NC 2.0, cropped.



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