San Fran Elections Commissioner Canned Because He’s White

San Fran Elections Commissioner Canned Because He’s White

San Fran Elections Commissioner Canned Because He’s White

The top elections commissioner in San Francisco is out of a job after twenty years, and overseeing four successful elections in 2022. Why? Because he’s white.

Yes, you read that correctly. Elections Director John Arntz no longer has a job solely and exclusively because of the color of his skin. 

Elections director John Arntz, who oversees one of the few San Francisco departments that unambiguously accomplishes its core mission, has not been renewed for his post by the city’s Elections Commission.

By a vote of 4-2 after a lengthy Wednesday closed-session meeting, the commission opted to not re-up Arntz for the position he has held since 2002. The position will come open in May 2023.

The vote to not renew Arntz’s five-year term came not quite eight days after the city’s fourth election in the calendar year and fifth election in one year’s time.

The elections commission has reasons you see. Very good reasons as to why John Arntz will no longer have a job. It’s about equity and fairness. It’s about diversity! 

“Our decision wasn’t about your performance, but after twenty years we wanted to take action on the City’s racial equity plan and give people an opportunity to compete for a leadership position,” commission President Chris Jerdonek wrote in an email Monday to Arntz. “We also wanted to allow enough time for a fair and equitable process and conduct as broad a search as possible.”

Commissioner Cynthia Dai said in order to do more than just pay lip service to Mayor London Breed’s push for racial equity, “you have to actually open up your senior leadership roles… otherwise you get in a situation where you are literally waiting for someone to retire for those positions to open up.”

Keep in mind, of the four elections that Arntz oversaw just this year, one of those resulted in Chesa Boudin getting kicked to the curb because of his progressive and dangerous views. The other election of the four that Arntz successfully ran this year ended up with a near complete overhaul of the school board. 

Furthermore, John Arntz has been applauded for twenty years of running a solid operation. But progressive diversity must be bowed down to. Therefore, an incredibly qualified employee is being booted out the door because of his skin color. 

We USED to call that racial discrimination. Now, however, it’s par for the course because the new narrative says it’s ok to discriminate AGAINST white people because of their skin color. For example, several Oklahoma universities are in trouble because of their discriminatory policies against white people and Asians. 

Oklahoma universities created a specific program called the OK-LSAMP program to ‘increase recruitment, enrollment, and retention of minority students in STEM programs’. They specifically exclude white students, students from middle eastern countries, and Asian students. This program is proudly announced on University websites but it is illegal to engage in such discrimination based on race.

Two major cases were heard in front of the Supreme Court last month because of the racial discrimination practices at Harvard and other colleges. 

Now, in San Francisco, progressive values trump actual work ethic and qualifications. 

Getting woke and acting upon that wokeness is evidently far more important than keeping qualified people in their jobs.

Here’s the kicker in all this. Even though Arntz contract wasn’t automatically renewed because racial equity was more important, he’s told he’s completely welcome to REAPPLY for his job next spring! Oh yes, boot a man from his job because of his skin color, but then inform him he’ll still be allowed to reapply next spring? Given how the Elections Commission has acted in this case, would YOU want to try to get your job back? I don’t think so as the commissioners have bluntly stated that they want someone of the NON-white skin color in that job. Qualifications for that job are evidently of little importance, but the color of one’s skin is the deciding factor. 

Now, I’m not one to advocate for a lawsuit, but it sure seems that John Arntz has a major case for one here. He was shit-canned from his job because of his skin color. The elections commission bluntly stated that John Arntz was shit-canned from his job because of his skin color. It sure seems that he has a solid reason for a discrimination lawsuit.

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  • This affair has little to nothing to do with anti-white racism.

    It IS a matter of competency – as you noted, the DA continuing the fine family tradition of domestic terrorism was ousted, as were a number of the groomer enabling school board members. He absolutely failed at his job of guaranteeing a win for their operatives.

    The cardinal rule: “If a Leftist is speaking – he/she/they/them/xir/xod/xit is lying.”

  • SDN says:

    Of course he has grounds for a lawsuit. What ought to scare you is that the Board knows that and just doesn’t care. Either an OJ jury/ Obama judge will toss the case, or the taxpayers will pay. Why worry about the law?

  • Mike F says:

    Running fair elections that turned out badly for the woke team probably didn’t help either.

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