Harvard Clown College and Kyle Kashuv

Harvard Clown College and Kyle Kashuv

Harvard Clown College and Kyle Kashuv

Kyle Kashuv’s unconscionable treatment at the hands of the petty Leftist apparatchiks at Harvard should serve as yet another warning to Americans. The Left hates America and it hates you.

Victory Girl Kim Hirsch covered the dirty details yesterday. To rehash them is an exercise in giving you, dear reader, and myself, rage-induced ulcers.

Harvard’s mendacity

To borrow an old-fashioned expression – the President of Harvard, Lawrence Bacow, should be taken out and horse-whipped. The buck of this debacle stops at his desk and he should be held responsible.

This clown college has no shame, so there’s little use in saying “shame on you.” That has been easily demonstrated as they have doubled-down on their blatant racist discrimination against Asians.

If Harvard is a racist institution, it’s not because of its past actions. It’s because of its current actions. Look no further than Harvard’s unjust, unfair, and implicitly racist treatment of Asian American applicants. Harvard still puts people in racial categories and judges their merit on those categories. That strikes me as far worse, and far more dehumanizing than Kashuv’s admittedly disgusting childhood remarks.

The difference between Kashuv and the Harvard administration is that Kashuv has apologized and stopped. Harvard defends and continues its practice. And while Kashuv made those remarks when he was 16 years old, the Harvard administration is made up of seasoned adult cynics who should know better.

Oh, they know better. They just don’t care. They have an agenda and allowing WrongThink™ by WrongPeople™ on their campus isn’t a part of it.

Leftwing terrorists are allowed to be university professors. But a young man who survived a domestic terrorist attack, whose experience forced a maturity that replaced the callow youth he was a few years prior?

Kashuv is of the group of people Ayers wanted to obliterate.

Remember and act accordingly.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    Amusing cartoon. Nice artistic work.
    Maybe NEXT time, start with the “official” name on the bottom of the contract withdrawal letter, move on to the “committee” they claim to represent. Be SURE to include the procto-scope report of that committee, and any issues with an “at will” removal of them. Those might make hilarious allegorical “book titles” for the traditional “academia” photo-op background .
    Maybe THEN climb the ladder up to the individual institutional “President” with amusing book titles on the desk.
    What IS Oberlin’s long standing, originalist “Mission Statement” again?
    How has inevitable entryism, and subsequent change of by laws, altered that?

  • CaptDMO says:

    In contrast, what IS Oberlin’s …..

  • GWB says:

    the President of Harvard, Lawrence Bacow, should be taken out and horse-whipped
    Nah. But the institution SHOULD be abandoned by businesses, lawyers, and government as a source of employees. Let them become the Evergreen College of the East Coast.

    They took ‘Camera’ Hogg over Kyle Kashuv – as a moral issue. That’s gotta be one of the dumbest takes ever.

  • Wfjag says:

    Harvard – You missed a chance to indoctrinate a future libertarian leader, and you made an enemy and provided him with the facts to expose and humiliate you in the future. Coming on the heels of the exposure of your racist bias against Asians – because they work hard and succeed – you’re making a lot of future enemies.

    The history of our Republic is littered with the mummified husks of institutions that were so arrogant that they believed they were too big, or too important to fail.

  • Billy Twoknives says:

    If the Leftists ever gain total power in this country, they will start out by demanding Conservatives sew big yellow C’s on all our shirts. The Concentration Camps will follow. Those people are very dangerous.

  • JJ Stokers says:

    This is Dean Fitzsimmons’ decision. I know Bill a little and from my dealings with him he has the perfect temperament for his job. I have met many Deans of Admissions at many elite universities and he stands out as the classiest and best of them all. It is obvious to anyone who has worked with him why he has remained in his position for decades.

    He also has remained in his position because he plays the political game of his position, which is true of the position at any university, with great tact. There are small parts of the admissions game that are unsavory to anyone who learns of them, and he plays his role in this. Any fair understanding of the complex nature of universities as functioning institutions would understand his role in its complexity and nuance and trade-offs and see he is as fair a steward of the admissions process as there can be, given the complexities.

    Having said that, I have 2 things to add:

    1. Though yes, I agree that the buck stops at the top, Lawrence Bacow is not responsible for this decision. It is Bill’s decision, supported by a vote of the Admissions Committee (the result of which we know nothing about). I doubt Bacow had nothing more than a head-up notification role, by design and with respect to the reality that he just started his position as President of Harvard and to reverse the decision made in democratic fashion by a committee headed up by a revered decades-long custodian of Harvard’s gates would be striking, especially given how quickly this all went down. Remember that 2 years ago this same Dean of Admissions, using the same committee process, rescinded the admissions of 10 admits for spreading racist, albeit comedic, memes on Facebook. The uproar then was a squeak compared to now. This is Bill’s call, so it is imprecise to call out Bacow, and in matters as hot as these I think precision is more constructive.

    2. We do not have all the facts about Kashuv’s case. We might know about what he wrote when he was 16 but we do not know what he wrote, or those who wrote on his behalf in recommendation letters, in his application to Harvard. That is private and known only to Kashuv, his recommenders and counselor, and Harvard Admissions. Maybe if Kyle released his application we would have a better idea, but as of now it is irresponsible to suggest that viewpoint bigotry is the reason for the decision. For example, Kyle may have written somewhere in his application or essays, or one of his recommenders in their letters, that he has always fought for racial inclusion or against bigotry in any form, particularly racial. He may have written about his efforts to be inclusive or understand those who are different from him, their experiences and hardships. Those words would have been written AFTER the shooting at his school, meaning AFTER his supposed maturation as a result of the shooting. If that were the case, then his writing, or those words written on his behalf, would point to him being misleading at best, lying at worst, and many negative possibilities in between. That would, in effect, disqualify him.

    I know of several cases over the past decades of Harvard rescinding admissions to students for misleading, misrepresenting, lying, lying by omission, and other such disqualifying actions. While I agree that Kyle should be given chance to redeem himself, to show growth and maturity, and that if the recision has no basis other than the words he wrote when he was 16 it would be wrong, I hope people withhold judgment on this decision because the facts are not known. Certainly, making sweeping generalizations about the decline of the university based only what is known, is not helpful either.

  • Bandit says:

    Kashuv will be better off in the long run. Otherwise he’ll be in for 4 years of non stop harrassment while the Harvard admin looks the other way.

  • Matthew W says:

    Yeah, I get that going to Harvard makes you an instant success for your future (regardless of your actual intelligence or accomplishments) but why would a serious conservative want to spend 4 plus years there when everyday there is figuratively a target on your back?

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