Sammy’s Mexican Grill Targeted By Hateful Left For Trump Support

Sammy’s Mexican Grill Targeted By Hateful Left For Trump Support

Sammy’s Mexican Grill Targeted By Hateful Left For Trump Support

Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Tucson, AZ is getting slammed for having the audacity to support President Donald Trump. The anti-Trump hypocrisy is on full display here.

“The owners of a Mexican restaurant in Catalina are fending off social media attacks after appearing in the VIP area at Donald Trump’s Phoenix campaign rally last week.

A member of the Grupo de Palfeis Facebook group on Wednesday posted a screengrab image from the Feb. 19 rally that showed Sammy’s Mexican Grill owner Betty Rivas standing behind Trump, donning a red cowboy hat emblazoned with “Latinos Love Trump.””

The response to that post was quite negative, and from there the anti-Trumpers went to Sammy’s social media accounts and dropped multiple hateful and vicious comments against the restaurant and owners Betty and Jorge Rivas.

How dare they support a President everyone has deemed racist??!! Betty and Jorge were having none of it and they posted a video on their Facebook page addressing the backlash. 

“”Just because we are Latinos, it doesn’t mean that we have to feel like every other Latino in this country,” Rivas said in the video. “We are individuals and we feel that we have the constitutional right to meet and support whoever we want.””

He is absolutely correct! Yet the Democrats, left, and our media betters have spent the last three years and longer telling us that the ONLY people worthy of support are those they’ve chosen for us. Support a Republican and you should be shunned. Support a conservative nominee to the Supreme Court, smear all with vicious lies.

A rodeo clown gets fired and dragged through the mud because of an Obama skit during the rodeo. Meanwhile the Obama’s showed support for multiple businesses and restaurants. Were THOSE business owners subjected to vicious smears and calls for the business to be shut down? No. Were those businesses targets of vandalism as the Rivas restaurant was in 2016 for their Trump support? No.

You see, the hypocrites want to have it both ways. They want to dictate who can and cannot support Trump, believe it is completely fine to threaten and even vandalize those businesses. Moreover, it is also very ok for anti-Trumpers to scream like banshees at Senator Ted Cruz and his wife or demand, as The Red Hen did, that they leave the restaurant and never return.

Actions like this were supported by Nancy Pelosi who issued a weak call for unity, and good ole Maxine Waters.

““If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.””

We can’t forget about Eric “Kick ’em” Holder either. Never mind. It’s all good because the Democrats say it is.

If you support President Donald Trump then you must be shamed and your business shut down. Jorge and Betty Rivas are having none of that and are standing firm. Their interview starts at 22:30.

Kudos for their courage and grace during all of the screeching from the social justice media judge and jury.

And then President Trump sent out a tweet.

Such a swell bunch of folks aren’t they?

Keep in mind that Jorge and Betty are here LEGALLY and that Jorge is absolutely correct. Our Republic grants us the freedom to make our OWN choices as to who to support politically. Yet the hysterical left wants to shut down ALL choice and dictate who we can and cannot support. The hypocrisy is deep and wide here.

Through all of this, Betty and Jorge are staying positive. Sammy’s is hopping (their menu looks amazing!) and the Rivas are grateful for the support they’ve been given. 

“Online commenters said they should be leaving politics out of their business, but the Rivas’ say it’s their right of free speech.

“We fell that is very important for every person to say ‘this is what I stand for’ and in our case we are Republicans we are behind the president,” Jorge said.

With no plans of getting out of the kitchen, no matter how bad the heat.

“I came to this country for the freedoms and I’m going to stand by it,” Jorge said.”

AMEN. Words of wisdom that we should ALL live by no matter our political leanings.

Feature Photo Credit: Trump at Phoenix rally with Betty Rivas wearing cowboy hat in background. Gage Skidmore via Flickr, cropped and modified

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