Anti-Trump Conservatives Howl At The Moon

Anti-Trump Conservatives Howl At The Moon

Anti-Trump Conservatives Howl At The Moon

Even more sad than the Democrats, who hate Donald Trump because he is tearing down their dreams of government run everything, are the anti-Trump Conservatives. Insane in the membrane, these poor, benighted zombies howl at the moon and think that they can convert those of us on the Trump Train. Hard pass, numpties. Though they invoke President Abraham Lincoln to try to shame us, it’s a ruse that cannot work. Donald Trump is a Republican President in the mold of Lincoln, William McKinley and Ronald Reagan.

Reed Galen, head of the Lincoln Project, John Weaver, former adviser to John McCain and John Kasich, and Rich Wilson, a GOP strategist, have written a joint Op-Ed for The Atlantic, in which they lament the loss of principle and morality in the (now) party of Trump. As anti-Trump types, these zombies are par for the course. The Trump Derangement Syndrome that has infested in their brains is of the same virulent strain that has afflicted Liberals. Orange-man has bad character. Those on the Trump Train idolize him. Orange-man is an autocrat who is leading us down a dark path that will drive a stake through the heart of the Constitution. Yawn.

Galen, Weaver and Wilson titled their column “The Party of Idolaters”. After first heaping praise on Abraham Lincoln for his anti-slavery stance, which helped create the Republican Party, they mourn the loss of “their” party:

Today, the United States faces a different threat, and as in Lincoln’s day, it is a threat not from abroad, but from within. The Republican Party, which some of us still hope to reform and which others have left, no longer deals in principle, morality, or the pursuit of the common welfare. It is no longer a party driven by a commitment to the rule of law, the preservation of individual liberty, or adherence to the Constitution.

Oh my, the howling at the moon in that paragraph. We are doomed. Here is another howler paragraph:

In the past several decades, America has experienced a steady dilution of the power, competence, and value of our institutions, and the near collapse of what we once called political discourse. Public trust in government, business, religious institutions, and our faith in the idea of America is strained to the breaking point. As Lincoln understood on the eve of the Civil War, we need a clarion call to hold the line against a tyranny from within.

Yes, let’s talk about Abraham Lincoln. Donald Trump, rightly in my opinion, calls out the media for its lies and fake news. Lincoln went much further. He shut down opposition newspapers. Is that a Republican value? However, you feel about protectionist tariffs, Republicans have, generally, set them high and Democrats lower them when in power. In 2017, Trump quoted Lincoln on protectionism:

In his address to a joint session of Congress this week, President Trump quoted President Lincoln’s views on international trade: “The first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, warned that the ‘abandonment of the protective policy by the American government [will] produce want and ruin among our people.’ Lincoln was right.”

Hello, anti-Trump howlers. What say you to that?

Howler Rich Wilson, has a new book out, “Running Against The Devil”. A couple of weeks ago, he sat down and talked about the Devil aka President Trump. His language is telling:

Trump ate the Republican Party “inside out, like a parasite”. Donald Trump is an “evil clown”. “Bloodthirsty” and ‘ride or die”. Good thing this guy doesn’t have a flip-top head because it would be a frightening thing to see.

Here is what the anti-Trump types forget. Donald Trump is not the Republican Party. Donald Trump is not leading us. He is a reflection of us, of you and me. These people, the anti-Trumpers, are just furious that we are not waiting for their received wisdom. We the unwashed, smelly, Wal-mart shopping Deplorables don’t give a fig what they think.

The writers of The Atlantic article may cover themselves with the Lincoln name, but they ignore Lincoln’s true history. Donald Trump, William McKinley, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln are men of similar values in Conservative/Republican milieu.

Go ahead and howl at the moon. The moon doesn’t care and neither do we.

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  • Scott says:

    Idiots like this don’t seem to understand that instead of advancing the ideals they profess, attacking the President like this actually aids and abets the left.. To more accurately describe them, I thing you should have Conservatives in quotes, because though they claim to be, their actions are anything but..

  • Jack_of_Spades says:

    If the principles and values Wilson is mourning are embodied by the George Bushes, Bob Dole, John McCain and (wait for it) Mitt Romney, then thank God for Donald Trump. It’s that bunch, aided and abetted by people like Wilson, who cost the GOP the faith and good will of its rank-and-file.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    These people just want a comfortable position as the token opposition, as the pets of the Democratic party.
    But those days are over, and have been over for a long time. California has shown that the Dems won’t tolerate even the squishiest of GOPe tame doormats- they want single party rule and ruin for anyone who won’t toe the party line.

  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    When every social or economic issue gets framed as an uncompromisable moral one that the government must enforce or subsidize, personal liberties disappear. “Live and let live” becomes “our way or else”. Those who disagree with us are considered evil & morally bankrupt, deserving of whatever we do to them (because we are certain that’s what they want to do to us).

  • Matthew W says:

    “Reed Galen, head of the Lincoln Project, John Weaver, former adviser to John McCain and John Kasich, and Rich Wilson, a GOP strategist,”
    Which of these are Conservatives????

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