Salon Gets Trump Supporters Wrong Yet Again

Salon Gets Trump Supporters Wrong Yet Again

Salon Gets Trump Supporters Wrong Yet Again

Are they dense or is this intentional? Stupid question. It’s both. Salon Magazine, which along with MSNBC, CNN, the Washinton Post and the New York Times, et. al, regularly assesses Trump supporters and ascribes the worst possible motives to us, is at it again. Salon writer Chauncey Devega regularly drools his inner most musings out onto his typing device and unleashes that drool onto anyone who reads the article. Devega told us that Trump voters are RACISTS and VIOLENT, but now he says that we are old and nostalgic for what never was. Oy vey!

Devega is really mining played out claims with this latest “What does MAGA mean in 2022? An aging movement longs for an America that never was”. Mr. Devega begins with the usual, that we see Trump as a god-king. That he, and we, are violent and narcissistic. Blah, blah and more blah.

Three paragraphs in, he gets to the central thesis of the piece:

Seven or so years on, what does MAGA mean now? And what have Trump and his movement accomplished? By any humane, reasonable or moral standards, nothing worth doing, or in any way “great.” They pushed American democracy to the brink of chaos. They normalized right-wing political violence, culminating (for now) in the Jan 6 coup attempt and attack on the Capitol. They strove to reverse the civil rights and human rights progress of the 20th and 21st centuries in America.

It wasn’t MAGA types that burned down cities in the Summer of 2020, screamed people out of restaurants, attacked Senator Rand Paul and wife and commentator Dan Bongino and his wife in the District of Columbia, or staked out the homes of Supreme Court Justices. Who has been launching attacks on Pro-Life centers? The Left still thinks January 6 was a coup attempt. We ask who was Ray Epps and why hasn’t Ashli Babbitt’s murderer been charged?

We MAGA types don’t want to reverse civil rights and human rights progress. Mr. Devega must be quacking about the right to murder the unborn. There are about 15 types of birth control and that doesn’t include the morning after pill or any of its iterations. Abortion is one of the high sacraments of the Left, because they love spilling the blood of the innocents. Maybe Mr. Devega is talking about Trans kids. To which we say, keep your grooming meat hooks off of our kids.

In the next paragraph he writes:

They elevated conspiracism, anti-intellectualism, a rejection of empirical reality and science, Christian nationalism, white supremacy, misogyny and hostile sexism, and a total disregard for the rule of law. America’s global reputation as an “indispensable nation” and the world’s greatest democracy (which was already damaged) was permanently stained by the Age of Trump. At least a million people died in America because of how the Trump regime and the Republican Party willfully sabotaged public health and relief efforts in response to the COVID pandemic.

Holee hippo poop. When historians look at the Age of Faucism, they will scratch their heads at the anti-science. As a matter of fact, telling people not to question the science is anti-science. We love empirical reality and science. Does White Supremacy include only Whites or does it include White allies and White adjacents or the pure of blood only? The rules change hourly.


What does the MAGA movement actually mean in 2022? Who are its true believers? It is crucial for defenders of democracy to have answers to these fundamental questions. A new poll by Grinnell College and Selzer & Company offers a number of important findings:

Fewer than half of all Republicans (42%) describe themselves as “MAGA Republicans,” and that group is noticeably older than other Republican voters. A majority of MAGA supporters (55%) are age 55 or older, as compared to 37% of non-MAGA Republicans, and an even larger majority are male, almost 60%. MAGA followers are highly likely not to have college degrees (a super-majority of 76%) as compared to 61% of other Republicans.

NBC News reports that MAGA followers are mostly Protestant (61%) and disproportionately Southern (46%). In an age of declining religious observance overall, 40% say they attend religious services at least once a week.

Oh my stars and garters. We are not wet behind the ears. We have experience and we go to Church. Sounds like we think for ourselves. But, the best part is this:

Trump’s followers disproportionately work in skilled trades and other blue-collar professions. They tend to have average or above-average incomes but lack college degrees. That social cohort, according to social science research, feels a high degree of alienation and resentment toward “elites” and others in society perceived as passing them by, culturally or economically.

Ew, icky, blue collar types who probably shop at Walmart or worse, buy American. The “elites” that MAGA types don’t like are the condescending twats. And, as we have seen in recent international elections, Blue Collar Conservatives are on the ascent:

Common sense. Keeping the government out of our lives. Sounds like a World-wide Movement.

Remember Chauncey DeVega and Salon Magazine hate us more than they hate Donald Trump.

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  • GWB says:

    Toni, you missed the closing tag on the last blockquote, I think.
    Other than that, I’m just surprised you can even get through one of Chauncey’s pieces.
    (And I will repeat that the Peter Sellers character was smarter by far than the writer here.)

  • Bruce says:

    “Salon writer Chauncey (Gardiner) Devega regularly drools his inner most musings out onto his typing device, with only one hand on the keyboard”….

    There, fixed it for ya’.

  • Cameron says:

    Trump’s followers disproportionately work in skilled trades and other blue-collar professions.

    Chauncey, bigotry is an ugly color. Try to stop wearing it.

  • windbag says:

    Sometimes (Ofttimes) when I’m talking with a lefty, they say something that lets me know that any further discussion is a total waste of time, emotion, and energy. These are good examples of that very thing.

  • Skillyboo says:

    A great experiment would be for all those skilled tradesmen and women along with those blue color sorts to withhold their services and goods from the Devega types while they do the same and let us all learn who really are more important and not just self important.

  • Mark Gist says:

    Remember Peter Strzok texting his mistress about how he could smell the Trump supporters in Walmart? That’s how the entire Left sees us.

  • SeedtickinOhio says:

    As a December 2015 entrant onto the Trump train who holds a post-graduate degree having graduated cum laude and having achieved an elite post-graduate position in law school based on my grades, I throw the bullshit flag on all of his “musings”. It is a sorry place to be where he is as he is ruminating on those he views as less worthy and then populating his narrative with more elitist delusions of his “inferiors” in support of himself. The arrogance coupled with stupidity is overwhelming. I’ll take 250 tradesmen who work their asses off over 1 college credentialed idiot any day of the week. I would be surrounded by the less credentialed the rest of my life not to read or hear one more moment of drivel from these sorry losers. I’ll leave you with the observation of the best economy in the history of our country coupled with energy independence. Unleashed and supported that dynamic creates prosperity over the economic spectrum. The breadth of corruption alone that Trump exposed in addition is more than has been accomplished by anyone I assisted to attain a government position in all my years of life by vote or contribution.

  • Kreskin says:

    Sorry, but at least one person – me – thinks the Civil Rights Act ought to be repealed to the extent it applies to non-government entities.

  • EdwdLny says:

    They really don’t have a clue. Their fever dreams about what MAGA and Trump supporters are is classic projection. Were we even a tiny fraction as awful as they presume they would be scared sh**less. They, every single one of them, should thank their lucky stars ; be on their knees praying and thanking what ever deity they worship that we are not what they purport us to be. Were it true the country would be a far, far more brutal and dangerous place for them. Well, those that were still alive at least.

  • Patti Jo says:

    If I see Chauncey Devega’s name ascribed to the piece, I already know it’s going to be some narcissistic pile of leftist trash peppered with lies and salted with heavily with his own delusions of grandeur.

  • elmer says:

    Salon is a business. It gets ad revenues from Trump-hate page-clicks and nothing else. Their stable of writers have been publishing the same essays day after day since Trump descended the escalator. Everything from “Trump’s Finished Now” to “Bake This Easy Trump-Shaped Carrot Cake”. Computer scripts will soon replace them. They seethe with envy at Maggie Haberman, Pulitzer-prize winning Trump essayist, who can churn out 2-3 Trump essays per day and now has a blockbuster Trump expose’ skyrocketing up the best seller’s list.

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  • Al B says:

    StammeringNan calls it the “wrap up smear”
    but, most know it as “one Lefty lies and the rest swear to it”.
    MAGA thymes love America and that drives the Left insane!

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