Violent Trump Supporters Dreamed Up By Left

Violent Trump Supporters Dreamed Up By Left

Violent Trump Supporters Dreamed Up By Left

Life is so very different for those who are for Trump and those who hate him with every fiber of their being. Trump supporters lay awake at night worrying about house payments, gas prices and whether their kids read at grade level. The Trump haters cuddle their pillows and dream of violent Trump supporters set to their destruction of cities by “criminal mastermind” Trump himself. Salon writer Chauncey DeVega interviewed former Moonie and cult expert, Steven Hassan, to share their hopes and dreams for violence divorced from the reality of actual Trump supporters. The article is “Cult expert Steven Hassan sees 95% chance of worsening pro-Trump violence” The subhead says fully one third of us are ready to commit violence. I doubt one third of us could get the time off work.

I am not a violent person. Most Trump supporters are not, trust. The closest we get to violence is threatening to lob our drinks at the screen while we listen to the January 6 Committee with their Impeachment 3.0 Show Trial. According to Chauncy DeVega and Steven Hassan, we sit around and wait for orders from “EVIL” Donald Trump. From the article:

The coup plot also involved premeditated political violence and terrorism as seen in the attack on the Capitol by right-wing paramilitaries and thousands of other Trump followers. Trump’s coup plot also involved proposals to invoke martial law and use the military and other security forces to “confiscate” voting machines and presumably engage in other nefarious tasks as ordered.

Okay, so the only “paramilitary” types at the Fedsurrection were the Feds. Thousands of other Trump followers, oh boys, if thousands had breached the Capitol, you would have known it. Remember how dumb they told us Trump was? Psych:

In total, as outlined by the House select committee during their first public hearing on Thursday, the unifying theme so far is that Donald Trump is a criminal mastermind, with a remarkable ability to corrupt the people around him by ensnaring them in a web of antisocial and pathological values and behavior. Donald Trump is a political cult leader, an apparent sociopath and an incipient fascist strongman who commands the loyalty of tens of millions of Americans.

“Criminal mastermind”? Go ahead and I will wait while you laugh. I am going to try to explain this one more time: We are not a cult for Donald Trump. Trump just said what we have all been thinking. And, we still think both parties hate us normies.

DeVega reports these thoughts about Trump supporters from Hassan:

In this conversation, Hassan discusses Trump’s enduring power over his followers and why it has outlasted his presidency. He argues that right-wing Christian churches, Fox News, conspiracy theorists, right-wing social media and other propaganda machines are keeping Trump’s cultists loyal and further radicalizing them. He warns that the cult is actually bigger than Donald Trump and may outlast him, because “today’s Republican Party is part of an authoritarian cult movement that hates democracy and freedom.”


I agreed to write “The Cult of Trump” with the knowledge that Trump was a malignant narcissist. He fits the stereotypical profile of a cult leader. I viewed him as the leader of a cult of personality. His business is also part of his cult. As I began to do the research for my book, it became very clear to me that he would not have been elected president if not for the thousands of new apostolic reformation ministers supporting him and then telling their millions of followers to believe in Trump as someone doing the work of God. They represent a right-wing Christian religious movement that does not believe in equality under the law, or in civil rights for women and those not of their faith. These right-wing Christian leaders want to destroy any type of organized effort to advance liberty and freedom and knowledge. Trump as a cult leader and authoritarian is a perfect fit for their beliefs.

My dudes, Trump voters are not the ones who shut down your states, closed your beaches and mandated masks and vaccines. We heart freedom, bigly. Don’t make Christian women mad, by the way, we won’t process your loan or give you a job. We won’t be violent about it either.


That is why it is important for the Department of Justice to prosecute Donald Trump and the other top Republicans who were involved in the coup attempt. A message needs to be sent to the cult members that reality exists and that there are consequences for criminal behavior. Right now, these Trump Republican cult members believe that manmade laws do not apply to them, because they exist on some higher plane or alternate reality.

There was no coup attempt. If there had been, you would have known. We Trumpers love the law. We want it applied equally. Equally.

Now, let’s talk about the Summer 2020 violent riots, death and destruction. That was Antifa and BLM. That same Summer there was a riot at the White House and Rand Paul and others were terrorized by Antifa types.

Very recently, protesters have violated Title 18, Section 1507 of the U.S. Code to protest at the homes of Supreme Court Justices, nutcase egged on by Chuck U. Schumer tried to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. And, then there was Shutdown D.C. which was protesting this morning hoping that the abortion decision would be announced by the SCOTUS this morning:

The Left is comprised of people ready to do violence. The Right pays the tax bills to clean up the mess. Go cuddle your pillow and dream of violent Trump Supporters. That’s as close as you are going to get.

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  • Scott says:

    Never forget.., anything and everything that the left accuses us of, they are guilty of. If we do not stop this soon, the Republic is lost.
    Up is down, wrong is right, this is Orwells 1984 and Animal Farm… The movie Idiocracy was intended as a comedy, not as a “how to”..

  • Hate_me says:

    They need boogeymen to distract the populace from their offenses. The audience eventually gets bored with any given topic, so a new form of misdirection must be manufactured.

    I’m pretty sure this is why the murder hornets narrative didn’t pan out – a few decades ago, it was Africanized honeybees and… nobody really cared. A hornet’s just a bigger bee in the layman’s mind, and people didn’t really care.

    They believe they have a goldmine in the dual phantoms of Orange Man Bad and white supremacy, but the goat rope is obvious to anyone who isn’t already a sheep.

  • Skillyboo says:

    If January 6th was a coup foreign countries bent on destroying us must be marveling at simple it was for an unorganized bunch to almost take over the Capitol building. They are now probably planning on sending their own trained agents to show what an organized group can do.

  • DC says:

    Why don’t some of the other SCOTUS judges have a sleepover for the judges that are being protested?
    A team-building show-of-support thing?
    Asking for a friend.

  • — Trump supporters lay awake at night… —

    But who, pray tell, is this “Awake” whom Trump supporters are supposedly laying? Is he / she / it particularly attractive? Nicely dressed and groomed? And by the way, did he / she / it give CONSENT?

    The verb should be “lie.” Oh, for a Max Perkins for the World Wide Web!

  • DavidM says:

    There was in insurrection in Jan 2017. Its when Biden, Obama and Comey came up with Russian collusion.

    No one has been held accountable yet, either.

  • bflat879 says:

    There was less damage done to the Capitol, during the “mostly peaceful” protest, than there was to St. Johns Church, and no fires.

  • Joe R. says:

    Violent Trump Supporters Drummed Up By Left

    There, fic’d it fer ya.

    Shi7 show meet SHI7 STORM, in 3, 2 …

  • Sam L. says:

    Democrats are nuts. WHAT have they been smokin’?

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