Respect Me! Max Boot Scolds Conservatives [VIDEO]

Respect Me! Max Boot Scolds Conservatives [VIDEO]

Respect Me! Max Boot Scolds Conservatives [VIDEO]

Max Boot wrote a book, “The Corrosion of Conservatism,” that we profiled here. Yes, he has decided that Republicans are no longer conservatives because TRUMP! However, it seems that no one is giving Max the respect and adoration he feels he deserves. Thus Boot decided, on Friday night prior to his appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, to scold all the conservatives who haven’t read his book.

Well Max, just because Trump is in office, doesn’t mean that all Republicans are racist. Yet that is one of the key premises of your book!

You poor poor man. You consider yourself a non-person now because Conservatives don’t take your book and therefore YOU seriously? Dude! In your book you tell everyone that the only way to fix the conservative movement is to do it YOUR way because YOU know it all. Why the HELL would we want to listen to you or read your crap after that??!!

Max, according to you conservatism is now super tribal and CULTISH and the only way conservatives handle a debate is to sling insults! And then you demand respect. Uh huh…

Boot truly believes he is still a conservative. Yet every moment he has, he spends bashing Fox News, conservative media, and Trump.

And gushes over his meeting with Stormy Daniels after his appearance on Friday’s Real Time.

I’m gonna hurl.

Then the horrific attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue happened. Max proceeded to lecture us all in the WAPO. If we hadn’t elected Trump, this tragedy wouldn’t have happened.

In times of crisis, we look for the president to bind our wounds, to overcome partisanship, to unite the country. Trump is doing the opposite. He is deliberately exacerbating our divisions for partisan gain. He is risking widespread political violence so that he and his Republican supporters can hold on to office.

Compare that to what Ben Shapiro wrote today:

And that is the story of our civilization. An attack on the Tree of Life is an attack on all of us – those of us who wish to imbue our own children with a sense of Godliness in a dark world, a sense of eternal value in a society eating away at itself. Inside the sanctuary, all was peaceful on the Sabbath — until the gunshots rang out.

The only proper response is the same response Jews have given throughout time: to fight back. To stubbornly cling to that which stamps us with the image of God. To fight darkness with light, untruth with truth, and death with life.

Shapiro didn’t lay the blame at the feet of just one person. No, he makes it clear that the very fabric of Western civilization is being torn asunder and this tragedy is one of the results. Whereas Max Boot has determined that one person bears the blame.

So who created the environment in which right-wing terrorism has become far more commonplace — and, since 9/11, far more deadly — than Islamist terrorism in America?

President Trump — by championing “nationalism,” denouncing “globalists” such as Jewish financier George Soros, vilifying immigrants as “snakes” and “animals,” fearmongering about a refugee caravan and defending white supremacists as “fine people” — bears a substantial share of the blame.

Powerline’s Paul Mirengoff thinks Max might be having a mid-life crisis.

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Max, I am a conservative. I read your book. You lost my respect for five reasons.

  1. In your view anyone who voted or even considered voting for Trump must be banned
  2. Everything in your life that has gone wrong is somehow all Trump’s fault
  3. Everything in your proposed platform at the end of your book is Democrat Big Government
  4. You demand that conservatives, if they want to BE recognized as conservatives must do exactly as you say
  5. You demand we conservatives respect you, but you don’t respect us

Max, respect is earned. Lectures and video scolds won’t work. You cut and ran at the advent of Trump instead of digging in and fighting. It’s difficult let alone impossible to respect someone who now operates by slinging ad hominem attacks and insults on a 24/7 basis. Enjoy your time with the Democrat Left Max. BTW… pretty sure they don’t respect you either.

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  • Johnny says:

    Call me uninformed, but who exactly the he// is Max Boot?
    Or perhaps more specifically, who does he think he is?

    According to Wikipedia, “He is in favor of limited government at home and American leadership abroad”
    But he hates President Trump?

    Never mind. Don’t really care.
    Sounds like one of those pearl-clutching “lovable loser” Republicans who think we’re in some Marquis of Queensbury hold-hands-and-sing-songs situation here.

  • GWB says:

    Yes, he has decided that Republicans are no longer conservatives because TRUMP!
    Ummmmmm…. Republicans (at least most of the politicians) haven’t been conservative in a verrrrrrry long time. Most of them just want a leaner, more efficient, less costly giant national gov’t that sits well outside its constitutional margins.

    that’s not an invitation for debate. That’s a judgment.
    Actually, it’s a Hobson’s Choice – a “choice” where only one thing is offered.

    Boot truly believes he is still a conservative.
    Yeah…. no.

    So who created the environment in which right-wing terrorism has become far more commonplace — and, since 9/11, far more deadly — than Islamist terrorism in America?
    First, what “right-wing” terrorism? We got one guy so far. And he is nutso and incompetent.
    Second, “more commonplace”? WTF? Again, where?
    A lot of the lack of islamist terrorism is because they seem to mostly be morons and can’t seem to spot FBI undercover dudes.
    But, back to the “Where?” thing: I can name ONE “right-wing” terror attempt (chemtrail bad bomber dude), and THREE FOUR ACTUAL islamist terror actions just off the top of my head (Pulse nightclub, San Bernadino, Garland, TX, and Fort Hood).

    championing “nationalism,”
    So, you saying you don’t love America, Max? And you prefer a single World Government? Not terribly ‘conservative’, Boot.

    denouncing “globalists” such as Jewish financier George Soros
    So, you accept the idea that we should abandon correct descriptive language whenever some nasty person uses it as some sort of euphemism for their icky ideology? Not terribly ‘conservative’, Boot.

    vilifying immigrants as “snakes” and “animals,”
    Now you’re just lying (he was talking about the criminals who are “snakes” and “animals”. Not terribly ‘conservative’, Boot.

    fearmongering about a refugee caravan
    What fears is he “mongering”? The fear of an army division strong column of mostly military-aged men who have expressly stated they are going to invade our country, regardless of our wishes? Not terribly ‘conservative’, Boot.

    defending white supremacists as “fine people”
    This one has a fine-as-frog-hair bit of truth to it. Good job, Boot – one (and I’m being generous) out of 5.

    Everything in your proposed platform at the end of your book is Democrat Big Government
    Well, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on that one. It could be Republican Big Government. But still not very conservative.

    Max, respect is earned.
    Well, Max had earned some measure of respect from conservatives way back when. He was a pro-military guy who had some smart ideas and actually seemed to know something about the military.*
    But, his descent into stupidity began during the 0bama years, iirc. He’s just not happy with real conservative ideas and principles.

    (* I won’t say he was outrageously smart about the military. I found him to be very stuck in a Cold War mindset – meaning that once the Cold War was over, he stopped caring about foundational principles of foreign policy and military strategy. Or, so I recall – haven’t read him in a long time.)

  • Son of Rusty Shackleford says:

    He wrote a couple of books earlier this century that I found very interesting on military history, but I gave them to the recycler when he lost his mind; his books and Judas Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism.” A mind is a terrible thing for a never-Trumper to waste.

  • Max Boot has decided he is aligned with the socialists of the Democrat party and is peeved that conservatives don’t respect him. Sheesh. He’s making Occasional-Cortex look smart.

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