Salon Goes For Another Spin: U.S. Homeless Problem is All Trump

Salon Goes For Another Spin: U.S. Homeless Problem is All Trump

Salon Goes For Another Spin: U.S. Homeless Problem is All Trump

All roads lead to Donald Trump. Yesterday, Salon decried Trump and General Mattis’ plans to send troops to the southern U.S. border to get migrant caravans under control. Because these migrants do not pose a threat to national security at all:

The liberal media and its sycophants have been attempting to draw a comparison between the “peaceful” migrant caravan and serial nutjob, Cesar Sayoc since they’ve discovered the stickers on the man’s car. Now, serial bomber, Cesar Sayoc and his homelessness is the result of Donald Trump and his policies, according to Salon:

Initial press reports indicate the bomb making suspect, 56-year-old Cesar Sayoc Jr., was part of the growing underclass of Americans, unmoored from work or family, living on the margins, moving the vehicles they live in as required.

In 2009 he reportedly lost his home to foreclosure. Three years later he filed for bankruptcy and in his middle years moved back into his mother’s house.

His criminal record in Florida includes a 2002 bomb threat to which he pled guilty. In 2014 he was arrested after he allegedly got caught trying to steal $239 worth of stuff from a Walmart.-Bob Hennelly, Salon

In 2011, it was reported that Sayoc was “flat broke”, according to his bankruptcy attorney.

The only way to solve the problem is improving the economy. Letting a bunch of migrants would not do much to improve the economy, however, Salon does not focus on this. Instead, they focus on the plight of the homeless and how President Trump is “obsessed” with not allowing these migrants into our homeland. They’ve neglected to point out that Cesar Sayoc lost his home to a foreclosure in 2009 and filed for bankruptcy in 2011 (during the Barack Obama years) and lived at one point in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District in his van, (Debbie Wasserman Shultz). Nope, they’re still yammering on how the homeless problem in the United States and the violence stemming from these unstable homeless people on the street should be Trump’s focus, instead of deploying military forces to stop a mass of individuals (some of which, I am sure have mental issues) attempting to enter this country by illegal force.

What most outlets fail to mention when tackling the homeless problem is that most homelessness is a result of poor State and governmental policies and the lack of discretion of the government officials who are at the helm. Take a look at Nancy Pelosi’s 12th congressional district in San Francisco. Real estate and taxes have priced even those who are able to afford sky-high housing costs out of the city. If high cost of living doesn’t do it, the poop will. Law enforcement does not feel empowered to handle criminal activity because of “jurisdiction”. And, let’s not even get started on the homelessness and garbage in Maxine Waters’ District 43 in Los Angeles. California is an economic disaster of a State. Government spending on the local level is often used to only put a band-aid on the problem, rather than tackling it head-on. Seattle is an example here where Mayor Jenny Durkan’s proposed budget sets aside $1.3 million dollars for a safe heroin injection site.

What we end up with is the perfect storm of chaos. People who need medical attention and are in need of mental health treatment are left to their own devices out on the streets, which in some cases, is drugs. These big city policies and the general corruption of those governing generates a ripple effect to neighboring cities and towns. As a resident in a suburb of the greater Seattle-Tacoma area, I can attest to this daily. Homeless encampments have cropped up near the shopping centers we frequent. Unsavory characters are showing up in parking lots, and our subdivisions. They’re knocking on doors in the middle of the day, peeking in cars parked in the driveways at night. These same characters are lingering around our elementary schools. Neighborhood watch pages snap pictures of them, telling participants to “warn the kids”.

Yet, some of these same people who cast caution to the wind on neighborhood watch pages will continue to be comfortably numb, deluded and oblivious to the fact that the infection is oozing and throbbing. They will continue to vote for these corrupt and incompetent politicians who are allowing this to happen in our State and our cities, allowing these people to live this way-enabling it. Who suffers? Everyone. I say go ahead and pour the peroxide on the oozing wound. They say nothing and sit silently clutching their coffee with no comments (probably calling me a bigot) because I don’t want our kids stepping on heroin needles.

But, go ahead, Salon, and tie Cesar Sayoc, his demented view of the world (and his homelessness) to Donald Trump if that makes y’all feel better. Drum up sympathy by throwing in mentions that military forces are being sent down to our border to defend our republic from an (illegal) migrant caravan of mostly “harmless” individuals. Will any of these migrants have homes or jobs when they get here or is each member of your editorial board going to sponsor a family or better yet, a single man? Omit the reports of the child abductions and how the men are reportedly pushing women and children aside for assistance and rides to the border. These guys will be fine, upstanding citizens here, no doubt. And, please…don’t mention the obvious that most homelessness arises from corrupt local politicians who are too busy outlawing plastic straws and soda to actually take steps to put their feet down and offer mandatory rehabilitation and treatment to addicts who are free to roam. Nope. Trump and Trump alone failed Cesar Sayoc, not his local government officials or President back in 2009, 2011 and 2014. Spin, spin, Salon. Go for some donuts in the parking lot while you’re at it.
Spin away.

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  • CaptDMO says:

    Are we STILL on track with Mr. Obama’s reminder of “Guess who STARTED all this!”
    I wonder how many of those that are living in tents, in relitively warm climates, have defaulted on “student” loans for
    Title IX parameter humanities degrees, of assorted tiers of intellectual credentials?
    How many are sitting in the shadows, waiting to be handed that BIG BREAK in entertainment/ ‘puter app traffic supervision.

  • GWB says:

    the “peaceful” migrant caravan
    Which is not “peaceful” (as at least some of them have been robbing locals as they march through), nor full of “migrants” (which implies a return home when the seasonal work is over), nor a “caravan” (it’s an invasion column).

    the growing underclass of Americans
    how is that ‘underclass’ growing if unemployment is down (including the folks who drop out of the labor market)?

    In 2009 he reportedly lost his home to foreclosure.
    Gee, and why did the housing bubble pop? Oh yeah, progressive politics (specifically mortgage affirmative action).

    they focus on the plight of the homeless
    Honestly, I’m surprised it took them this long. Every Republican president see homelessness rise (according to the media, anyway), and they all magically get homes and disappear from the news when a Democrat is in office.
    (I’m sure they were distracted from their normal anti-Republican memes by the heinous nature of Trump’s collusion and such. *eyeroll* )

    The only way to solve the problem
    Well, actually, there is NO way to *solve* the problem. You can only mitigate it to some level. But, running some gov’t program is never going to even mitigate it, and likely to make it worse. *points to San Francisco*
    (Oh, look. Lisa pointed that out, too.)

    lived at one point in Florida’s 23rd Congressional District in his van
    That may explain the lunacy. Or, perhaps, the lunacy means there’s something in the water there – after all, DWS is nuts, as must be the people who voted for her.

    attempting to enter this country by illegal force
    Pfft. You’re still on about that? It’s not illegal if it’s what progressive leadership wants. And progressive violence is just speech, you know. You’re anti-First Amendment if you don’t want to let these people in!

    or is each member of your editorial board going to sponsor a family
    Sponsor? Hell, no, they need to let them move into their house! Otherwise they’re complete hypocrites.

  • Debi says:

    If he was homeless and went thru losing his home and bankruptcy and had no job, where did he get the money to buy all the materials to make and package and mail the bombs?? How we he able to get all the private addresses if he’s living on the streets or in his van?? Very suspicious and wonder if he had an accomplice and,If So, who is it??

    • GWB says:

      How w[as] he able to get all the private addresses if he’s living on the streets or in his van?
      I presume the same way you and I would – the internet. You don’t have to have a house for that, nowadays.

  • Bandit says:

    It’s a lot easier when you keep in mind that proggies are h8r’s and h8rs gonna h8. Homelessness is only a problem to be rediscovered when there is a GOP president.

  • David Longfellow says:

    It’s no coincidence that all these homeless enclaves are in liberal cities. Democratic party principles are designed to create poor people who are dependent on the government.

  • We have 22 million illegal aliens in this country (according to Victor Davis Hanson). Most of them are likely living in low-income housing. Send them home and millions of housing units would open up for our own poor.

  • Dianna says:

    just gets crazier & crazier! I’m really getting tired of all them (whatever they are) blaming every single problem in America on Donald Trump! all of this crap he inherited from previous administrations! round up all “illegals” & let AMERICANS live in housing that these people that aren’t here “legally” are living in! I’m tired of paying for people (some AMERICANS) & illegals for their health care, food, housing, education that most of us can’t afford! have to open & eyes & clean up our nation!

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